Radha Mohan 19 May 2023 Update On Friday

Radha Mohan gives an update on Zee World on Friday, May 19, 2023. In it, he says that the Trivedis have let out all of their rage toward him, but he also says that he will not leave them because they will have to pay for what they did.

He will start with Radha because they will get married, but he wants to celebrate the first night with her today. As Radha leaves, she notices that the weather is changing, so she considers what Hriday jee, who is drinking in the room, would like to discuss with her.

Radha thumps on the entryway calling Hriday, he on the double conceals the container and even places a cleaner in his mouth prior to applying the antiperspirant, he opens the entryway. Radha exclaims that she came because he wanted to talk to her, but she wants to know what he wanted to talk about.

Radha inquires as to why he is speaking in this manner, prompting Hriday to request that she enter the room. While he is closing the door and staring at her from behind, Radha steps in. Hriday follows Radha as she slowly makes her way to the center of the room.

He even tries to touch her with both hands, but she immediately turns away. He apologizes for what happened today, saying that he didn’t feel nice seeing her in Mohan jee’s arms. They are both about to get married, so he feels it is his right. He declares that he really likes her because she doesn’t stop anyone from doing anything; a crazed person wouldn’t let her go so easily. He exclaims that she wants to know, so he is going to say that he is ready to marry her.

When Hriday thinks that the real situation of celebrating the first night has arisen, the lights suddenly go out, and he tells her that there is nothing to be concerned about and that she can come close to him if she feels cared for. He slowly approaches her, but she keeps turning back. He tells Radha that there is nothing to be worried about and gives her a hug. She asks him for a moment and keeps asking him to leave her, but he doesn’t listen.

Radha tries her best to push him away, but he doesn’t listen, so she has to push him away out of frustration. She even slaps Hriday, who thinks that now he won’t leave her. Hriday wipes his face clean of sweat.

Mohan recalls how he saw Radha enter Hriday’s room and is taken aback when he sees Mohan standing in front of Radha and Hriday. Mohan continues to hit Hriday, asking him how he dared touch Radha. He then pulls Hriday away, assuring him that he will teach him.

Kadambari tells Dadi that Radha did not commit any wrongdoing because the girls stand up for their rights and never do anything wrong.

While Mohan pushes Hriday and beats him, everyone rushes to separate him and asks what happened. Mohan pushes him, Radha and Kadambari both try to stop him, and even Lata jee wonders what he might have done to make this happen. Mohan pushes him, which is shocking to everyone.

Mohan is questioned by Kadambari, who responds that they must inquire of Hriday because he does not even respect Radha. Lata Jee wonders what took place. Mohan mentions that her son was acting inappropriately toward Radha. Mohan tells Kadambari, who is stunned, that her religious son was behaving badly and that he had to slap him to get him away. Mohan exclaims that he had been saying this from the beginning, and who knows what Hriday might do in the future if he continues to do this.

Mohan turns to Dadi and tells her that she said she had looked at the family, but is this the family she wants to connect with? Dadi is furious and asks Mohan how he could have dared to touch their Radha. Hriday guarantees that he had no such expectation and simply needed to illuminate Radha he needs to wed her. Kaveri goes to Radha, who tells her that Hriday jee hugged her in excitement, but she didn’t know what to do and accidentally slapped him. If Damini doesn’t do something, their entire plan will be ruined.

When Damini says that there is nothing to be afraid of and that Hriday didn’t do anything else, Radha stops talking. Mohan is annoyed and asks her, “What should Radha have done after he had taken advantage of her?”

Lata jee claims that he claims to be modern, but even then, he blames the individual who is about to marry her. Mohan shouts they way he contacted her was off-base. Although Lata jee declares that Radha did not slap him in the Mandir when he picked her up, Mohan became enraged when Hriday did so.

Lata asks Hriday to come because they have to leave because Mohan isn’t a good person to mess with. Mohan is blamed for killing his own wife, so it doesn’t matter if he kills Hriday out of rage. When Kadambari asks Lata jee to calm down because Mohan made a small error, Lata jee insists that this is what happened to her son and is coercing him to come. If she is referring to ending the relationship, Kaveri whispers that Kadambari requests her to end this immediately.

Kadambari going to Radha requests that she express it with next to no trepidation assuming she has an issue in wedding Hriday. Radha recalls the time Maha Acharya jee visited their home and claimed that her father had forgotten about his responsibilities and was working to increase his wealth.

Radha reviewing about the embarrassment won’t utter a word, Kadambari then, at that point, turning inquires as to whether he actually wishes to wed Radha even after everything that has occurred. Kadambari exclaims, “If both the bride and the groom do not have any problems, then what is the need to wait for this ritual?” She mentions that their engagement would take place tomorrow, that the Mehndi would take place the day after tomorrow, and that after a gap of one day, the marriage function would take place and she would depart the same Trivedi house for her new home.

Gungun appeals to Dadi to prevent this marriage because Hriday is not Radha’s ideal match. When Kadambari asks Ajit to bring Gungun to her room, Radha and Mohan both let go of her hand before Kadambari does the same. Kadambari asks both Dadi and lata jee in the event that they have an issue so they can begin the customs. Lata Jee claims that she believes her unhappy son would prevent this marriage.

Kadambari says that Mohan is hers to take care of, but lata jee says she can’t believe her because she hasn’t been able to do anything yet. Kadambari puts his hand on Radha’s head and makes him swear that he will not interfere with her marriage or even be a part of it in any way. Mohan is unable to speak because he feels helpless, so he keeps quiet while everyone else is shocked.

Mohan is made to swear by Kadambari that he will not attempt to halt any of the wedding rituals and will not participate in any of them. Lata jee smiles knowing that her plan will now work, despite the family’s shock. When Mohan once more explains that Hriday is not the right person for Radha, Kadambari inquires if Lata jee is content. Mohan is coerced into entering the house when Damini takes his hand.

Because Damini does not comprehend that Hriday is not Radha’s best option, Mohan asks Damini what she is doing. Damini explains that if he thinks that Hriday hugging Radha is bad, then it should also come between them because that’s how normal couples do it. However, Mohan is always worried about Radha and doesn’t realize how much it hurts her feelings. He has consistently attempted to help Radha however never thought often about her sentiments.

Damini holds her in her hands and asks him to stop making her wait because he has to see that she has been waiting for him for twelve years. Damini goes to leave while Mohan plunks down thinking about what has gotten into her. As she enters the room, Kadambari exclaims that this was going to happen because how could a girl watch her fianc√© take care of someone else? Mohan makes sense of she isn’t understanding that Hriday isn’t the best decision for Radha as they are attempting to turn her life in an obscurity.

Kadambari responds that his stubbornness will be to blame if anything happens. He is warned by Kadambari that he must now choose between his mother and the attitude. Tulsi wonders why they should be concerned about Bhagwan because she would never allow Damini to marry Mohan because he only belongs to Radha. Damini believes that now even Bhagwan cannot prevent this marriage from taking place.

In the romance, Radha is working on something because she thinks she doesn’t have much time and wants to keep her promise. Mohan is likewise truly strained in his room considering how he couldn’t see that she just wished to see him cheerful, Radha shouts it isn’t his slip-up as he endured a ton of agony throughout everyday life so how is it that he could have contemplated her, Mohan considers how he can see the value in her for how she has helped him and Gungun. Radha finally gets the flute ready once more.

Gungun exclaims that Radha is about to tie the knot, but Mohan is seated, so would they be unable to do anything? Gungun accuses him of cheating, ending the relationship. She says she knows he won’t care if she’s sad, so she turns and walks away.

Mohan stops her making sense of he is irritated a great deal yet would she break the commitment of her mom. Gungun responds that Radha is her only mother and that she would never let her go again. After Radha leaves, Mohan wonders if he will lose his daughter once more.

Tulsi remaining adjacent to him shouts it could never work out, in light of the fact that father Trivedi is limited by the promise yet she is still allowed to do whatever is conceivable neither will she let his little girl disappear from him nor will make any end his joy.

Gungun in the night asks Kadambari not to let Radha marry Hriday because he is unfriendly. When Gungun explains that Radha is content to remain in their home, Kadambari instructs her to sit and states that she is confident that Hriday will make her happy.

Kadambari explains that the engagement is the first step in cementing a relationship, which is why they wear rings on this finger because it is associated with the heart. Gungun leaves when she learns about this, but she promises to prevent Radha and Hriday from carrying out the engagement ceremony. Tulsi expresses her full support with a smile.

When Gungun inquires about Radha’s crying in the morning, she responds that she is crying because she will not be able to attend her Bhagwan Mohan jee’s wedding. Gungun guarantees of finishing this issue. Mohan taking a gander at her inquiries what is she doing here as she, at the end of the day, broke the organization, Gungun answers that it is as yet finished yet Radha is yearning to see the substance of her Bhagwan Mohan jee and is in any event, crying.

Mohan returns to his seat and contemplates his mother’s vow. Gungun responds that he can enter the room, but he was prohibited from participating in the rituals. Mohan inquires as to whether she wouldn’t come yet Gungun says she is somewhat occupied, she drives him out.

Radha sitting considers what is going on with this event where her Mohan jee can’t be a section off, she ponders who is thumping on the entryway. Radha is dazed seeing Mohan jee in the window, she is paralyzed asking what is he doing here when he answers that he confessed all to the windows, she says she would herself clean it. Mohan out of resentment shouts that he came to meet her.

Radha asks then for what valid reason did he not utilize the entryway, he answers since then he would have been gotten, she questions what might be said about the promise so he illuminates that it is for the capabilities yet he can in any case come to meet her in the room. Mohan with a grin says he would clearly have Gungun turned into a legal counselor since she can track down such provisos.

Mohan enters the room and inquires whether she has canceled the engagement plan. When he inquires as to why she is not ready, Radha wonders why he is speaking in this manner. When Radha asks him to stop, Mohan explains that if she doesn’t get ready or wear nice clothes, she would like a monkey.

Mohan makes sense of that she can never terrible search in any dress, she would without a doubt be the most gorgeous lady. When Mohan says that Radha doesn’t have any cosmetics, Radha responds that it’s not a problem because Damini has enough for the entire city. Mohan begins strolling towards the entryway however at that point understands in the event that he was permitted to stroll through the entryway, what was an ideal requirement for him to utilize the window, he begins grinning asking what could they at any point do now. Mohan asks Radha to stand because he sees the Diya in front of the Bihari jee.

He then covers Radha’s eyes with black makeup. After that, Mohan chooses the Sindoor to apply to his hand, but he stops and tells her to apply the Tika. She asks him how it looks, and he tells her she looks really beautiful and even helps her wear the jewelry. Mohan says that because she looks so good, Bihari jee might also agree to marry her.

Gungun is taking Hriday to Radha to meet her. When he asks Hriday how she is taking him when she doesn’t even like him, she tells him that she loves Radha even though she doesn’t like him. Gungun takes him to the store room. Hriday doesnot accept she requested that he come here so he is stressed.

Gungun makes sense of he asks a ton inquiries which are not by any stretch of the imagination reasonable. Hriday dismisses so Gungun seeing the open door attempts to close the entryway however he figures out how to stop her adage now he won’t leave her.

Mohan asks Radha about the box when he sees it on the bed. She answers the ring has a place with her mom yet isn’t her size. Mohan says with a grin that he has the answer to every problem; He realizes how big it really is. Dadi called Radha as he knocked on the door, so Mohan panicked and forced her to wear the engagement ring on her finger.

After seeing it, Tulsi starts smiling and says that the engagement has already taken place. Radha, in shock, says that Mohan made a big mistake and is also tensed.

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