Radha Mohan 20 May 2023 Update On Saturday

On Zee World’s Saturday, May 20, 2023, update, Radha Mohan forces Radha to wear the engagement ring on her finger. Tulsi declares that Radha and Mohan have already tied the knot and inquires if Dadi knows why she wanted to meet him. Dadi explains that they are running late for the event.

He responds that since he is similar to her Bhagwan, she would have desired to receive his blessings. She responds that she has something else to attend to, so she moves away to bring the flute. Radha says that she made it herself and that she wants him to have a second chance at happiness. She also prays that he won’t break it because this could be her last gift to him. Mohan slowly removes it from her hands and places it in his back after she asks if he won’t break it.

Radha rushes to open the door because Dadi keeps knocking, but she sees the ring in her hand and tries to take it off, but she opens it anyway. Dadi inquires as to whether she was in the restroom however at that point shouts Radha is looking truly gorgeous, she supplicates that nothing ought to come to pass for her so they need to leave as it is the ideal opportunity for the commitment.

Gungun is going to close the entryway, Hriday inquires as to whether she thinks he is that inept as he is definitely going to deal with Radha yet presently it is her move. She says, “It wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t tried to resist,” but Gungun hits him on the head before closing the door with all her might. He even hurts his hand. Hriday in dissatisfaction promises to make her compensation as she has committed an error.

Shekar seeing Mohan descending the stepping stool shouts he didn’t do something like this when he was youthful however is presently going to get beaten for it, Mohan gets terrified when Shekar inquires as to whether came subsequent to meeting Radha.

Mohan explains that Gungun informed him that Radha wanted to meet her, but Gungun tells him that since they are no longer partners, he should not even talk to her. When Mohan inquires about Shekar’s activities, Shekar smiles and responds that he was invited to the party. Mohan, on the other hand, exclaims that he will stand with Shekar on the balcony.

Ajit requests that Dulari pick up the pace as every one of the enrichments should look the best since it is the commitment of Radha. Standing on the balcony, Rahul and Ketki declare that it is not good because they must prevent this engagement because if Damini and Kaveri are happy for anything, there must be something wrong.

Kaveri exclaims that she has been waiting for this moment since Radha will leave, so there won’t be any problems when Damini and Kaveri enter the hall. Damini hopes that everything goes according to plan.

When Kadambari brings the gifts for Hriday and Lata jee, Dadi and pandit jee are standing. Pandit Jee inquires about the significance of everything, to which Kadambari responds that even Radha is like her daughter.

Damini exclaims that she had been waiting for this moment for such a long time. As Kaveri holds her hand, she is tensed, wondering if she might notice the ring on her hand. Dadi brings Radha, and they are all very impressed.

Radha asks Gungun, “What is she doing since she promised to stay in all of her functions?,” to which Gungun responds, “She had some important work to take care of.” Gungun asks why they are all so happy that Radha is leaving.

When Pandit Jee asks Rahul where Hriday is, they all begin looking for him and even attempt to call him when Rahul returns, explaining that his phone was in the bedroom. Ketki shouts he could have taken off, Kadambari stops her when she answers she was simply kidding as Radha resembles her sister.

Once more mohan attempts to flag Gungun yet he inadvertently hits Dadi so stows away, Mohan hits Gungun who then, at that point, questions how did she respond, she flags that he dealt with him. Mohan grins at her, Shekar questions what is he flagging when Mohan answers that she is his little girl so said that she dealt with him.

Damini sees her so question where is Hriday, Kadambari likewise gets some information about it, Damini answers since her closest companion can do anything for her joy. She is standing when Hriday abruptly announces that he is here.

Everyone is stunned to see him, and he apologizes for being late because he went to the mandir before the function started. Dadi assures that praying before such a significant event is beneficial.

Radha and Hriday are standing when Dadi asks her to raise her hand for the engagement. Radha is worried about what people will think when they see the ring on her hand, so she hesitantly raises her right hand. Damini explains that girls always wear rings on their left hand. Dadi also asks her to do so, so she raises her right hand.

Mohan is also worried about why she didn’t remove the ring because it would cause another problem for them all. Lata Additionally, Dadi mentions that she may have worn it on this occasion, but it is no longer coming off. Dadi also tries her best but is unsuccessful, and Radha, after trying for a while, declares that it is not working.

Damini offers to help, shouting Radha could have gotten somewhat weighty in view of the commitment yet she begins pulling it and sooner or later Gungun requests that she be quiet as she is harming Radha, yet Damini continues to pull the ring so Mohan likewise shouts how it appears she could take out her finger.

Damini responds, “They have to take off the ring otherwise how would the engagement happen.” She applies the oil and keeps pulling the ring, so Mohan exclaims that she might have gotten mad because Radha is hurting. Kadambari even asks Damini to be careful because she is hurting her.

Damini asks for what reason is the ring not falling off, Tulsi is holding the ring energetically and remaining between Damini shouts she can attempt all she needs since the commitment wouldn’t occur as she has previously gotten connected with to Mohan. Damini suddenly turns and becomes extremely concerned after Tulsi slaps her. Kaveri then wonders what happened. Damini answers how she feels this ring wouldn’t fall off.

Radha is truly stressed; Tulsi apologizes to Radha referencing they need to stop this commitment. Damini exclaims, “What the problem is, Hriday can make Radha wear the ring in the other finger, so they must perform the ritual,” and Lata Jee also requests that he step forward. When Hriday smiles and asks her to wear the ring, everyone starts cheering. However, Tulsi is enraged, and even Gungun is gazing at Mohan.

Lata jee asks Hriday to raise his hand as she hands Radha the ring she can force Hriday to wear to complete the ritual. He raises it, shocking everyone with the wound to his finger. When they inquire about what happened, he responds that his hands got stuck in the door.

Hriday assures Gungun that there is no need for her to be sad because this engagement will undoubtedly take place and that it does not matter if the ring is worn on any finger because the relationship is what matters. Gungun declares that he has been injured, so it may be necessary to cancel the engagement.

According to Pandit Jee, the engagement cannot be completed if the ring is not worn on the appropriate finger. Dadi agrees with Hriday’s response, and pandit jee is also forced to accept it because it is a ritual if the hearts become one. Dadi demands that Radha force him to wear it in the opposite finger. Damini begins her search for Tulsi.

Damini is still concerned about what Tulsi might do to stop it, but Radha slowly forces him to wear the ring in his finger. Mohan on the double feels disheartened while Gungun is taking a gander at him, Radha seeing her goes to take a gander at Mohan who is remaining on the overhang, he with a grin shouts he is glad for her.

He signals Radha, however, as she must remain happy because she does not smile. Radha going to Gungun figures out how to see that she is truly irate with Mohan jee by and by. Gungun leaves the function without answering Mohan’s calls. Radha sees him yet he guarantees of dealing with everything.

With a grin on his face, Hriday turns to Radha and muses, “Mohan saved her from him yesterday, but now that everything is official, who would be able to save her?” He is just waiting for the first night when they are married.

Gungun, who is seated in front of Bihari Jee, says that she is Radha’s best friend and that he can solve all of her problems; she believes him should utilize them and ensure Radha stays in this house. Mohan implores that once the reality of Hriday comes into his hand then he will toss him out of the house, Mohan asks that somebody ought to essentially come clean with him.

Hriday is hitting the dance floor with everybody in the house when somebody from behind turns him, they all shift focus over to him however Hriday is shocked seeing him.

Kadambari exclaims that Mr. Trivedi came on a very fortunate day, and the whole family is delighted when someone opens the door and walks right to Hriday. They are all stunned to see him. Pandit jee tells Mr. Trivedi that he is Hriday, Radha’s soon-to-be husband. She accepts Mr. Trivedi’s blessing, and Hriday reciprocates. Kadambari introduces Mr. Trivedi to Lata jee and mentions that he went to Nanital.

When Hriday hears the name, he is taken aback and begins to wonder if he has ever seen Hriday. Mr. Trivedi then holds Lata jee’s hand tightly and exclaims, “She danced to the extent that her breath is not the same where is her asthma pump.” They then both head out of the room.

Ketki quickly inquires as to whether he brought the nibble for them all from Nanital, Mr Trivedi shouts how could it be conceivable that he doesnot bring them from Nanital. Ketki even asks Shekar and Mohan bhai to come; Mohan turns around to leave, but Mr. Trivedi exclaims that he ought to also take them because he also enjoys eating them.

Mohan gradually begins strolling to Mr Trivedi, he out of frustration is going to leave yet Radha signals him to not leave so Mohan acknowledges how she said that when he doesnot comprehend the apprehension about his dad how might he satisfy the obligations. Mohan gradually gets one piece when Radha begins grinning.

Hriday shouts what sort of a house is this since any part comes to their home, that’s what he shouts in the event that he would have gone to Nanital, would have seen the needed banners there. Hriday is of the opinion that if Damini learned about the consignments, she would undoubtedly expel them both from the house. Dulari is eating the bites when the paper flies from the plate.

When Kaveri asks Damini if she is certain that Tulsi slapped him while she is applying makeup in the room, Damini wonders how anyone could slap her in midair. Damini considers how she anticipated handling this circumstance without difficulty, but now that she is aware of the need to do so, she must ensure that nothing wrong occurs.

Damini shouts consider the possibility that Tulsi has seen her with Hriday and this is the reasons, he has been attempting to stop this marriage, Kaveri cautions her to turn down the volume since, in such a case that Tulsi doesnot realize then would most likely think something is off-base.

Mohan strolls over to Radha inquiring as to whether she is fine, Dadi asks what kind of an inquiries is he asking, how could the lady not be blissful on her commitment. Dadi questions assuming he failed to remember the commitment that he made to his mom, when he said he wouldn’t come to the commitment.

Mohan responds that he will never forget the vow, despite the fact that the engagement has ended. Radha also defends Mohan, pointing out that he did nothing wrong. She tries to accept his blessings, but Mohan stops her and asks why she did not remove the ring from her finger. They both do not know about the newspaper that is on the floor.

Shekar hugs Mohan and tells him it’s time for him to leave. Mohan looks at Dadi, but she doesn’t even look happy, so he tells him he should leave himself. The newspaper also disappears, and Damini picks it up and is shocked to see a picture of Hriday in the paper.

Damini responds that it’s because of the warm weather, so Kadambari says there shouldn’t be any problems at the Mehndi function tomorrow. She also asks if Damini ordered the sweets for the guests because she is sweating. As Damini looks for the newspaper, she gets anxious and wonders if Dulari brought any with her.

Mohan comes out of the room stunned and asks Dulari what she is doing because she knocked and didn’t answer. Dulari asks where is the sheet. Mohan explains that there is a house, but he can only move around in this room, so he asks her why she is following him when she asks for the sheet. He points to the side of the bed on the other side. When Dulari drops the newspaper, she kneels to pick it up.

Sitting on the bed, Mohan inquires as to why they are requesting the newspaper when they have already transformed the house into a wedding hall.

When Damini stops Dulari as she is walking and asks if these are the sheets she picked up in the hall, she responds that she has lost her ring and is looking for it. Damini looks at the picture of Hriday and wonders what’s going on. He stands at the back and asks what’s going on, and she takes him inside.

Gungun tells Radha that she can use this to make a video call, but Radha explains that she would be able to talk to Gungun after she got married. Gungun then asks Radha why she wants to know why she needs to learn this. Gungun claims to have called her Bihari jee for the video call. She screams that she’s tired, Gungun declares.

Mohan asks Radha why she didn’t take off the ring while she is talking to her. Radha responds that the ring usually comes off easily, but it just didn’t come off during the engagement. Radha wonders if anyone can lose weight in a matter of fifteen minutes.

Because her Mehndi ceremony is tomorrow, Mohan also suggests that she rest. Mohan drops the phone when he hears Radha say that she loves him. He is shocked at first, but then he sees Radha telling Gungun that she loves Mohan jee. She then says that he is her father, so he remembers when he asked Radha what she was doing and she said that children only do what they remember.

Damini responds, “Why would she lie to him? Because if anyone else finds out about the newspaper, everything would be destroyed,” when Hriday inquires if she actually saw it with her own eyes. Hriday questions assuming she read what was composed, she answers that Kadambari preceded she could understand anything. Damini says that if anyone finds anything, her plan would be destroyed, so she leaves. Hriday is of the opinion that he would be doomed if anyone saw the newspaper.

When Damini gets up in the morning and heads down the stairs, Hriday approaches her and assures her that nothing is wrong because the newspaper would have been thrown by now. Damini believes that she will not be satisfied until she finds it for herself, or else the entire plan would be undone.

Dadi, who is walking with Radha, inquires about the events, to which Radha responds that she is experiencing a sense of unease. Dadi responds that it is simply because she is about to marry. Radha stops when the trash precedes her as Dulari is tidying up the room.

Kadambari questions what kind of a way of behaving is this since she tossed the trash before the lady, Dulari apologizes for her misstep saying Mohan requested that she clean the room. After reading the newspaper, Radha is extremely tense when she picks it up.

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