Radha Mohan 21 February 2023 Written Update

In the first episode of Radha Mohan in February 2023, Damini tells Radha not to talk too much, and Radha tells Damini that she caught Kaveri with a soap and a key impression on it, so she knows she is right.

Damini leaves the room when she hears footsteps, and Radha turns to check the safe.

Ketki arrives there just at that moment and yells for Kadambari and Mohan to visit Radha, who is stealing, immediately.

Damini also joins everyone and pretends to be shocked to see Radha holding cash and jewelry.

Radha is asked by Kadambari if it is true that she stole from the safe.

However, Mohan cuts Radha off and informs everyone that Radha only knows that she is an expert in deceit, betrayal, and theft.

Mohan’s accusation hurts Radha, so she asks her if he also thinks she is a thief.

She informs Mohan and Kadambari that she is not stealing from the safe but rather is looking for evidence here.

Radha informs her that she is aware that the safe contains evidence against Damini and Kaveri and that they appear concerned at hearing this.

Will the truth about Damini emerge tonight?

Has Damini been successful in getting the evidence out of the safe?…Read more

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