Radha Mohan 21 May 2023 Update On Sunday

Radha Mohan On Zee world Sunday 21st May 2023 update, Radha bows to pick the paper, she begins understanding it so gets truly stressed, Dadi is likewise strained when Kadambari inquires as to for what reason is Dulari tossing trash before the lady, Dulari grabs it from the hand of Radha before she leaves with Kadambari.

Tulsi standing shouts there is doubtlessly a sign in her signs which is the reason anything that signs she got due to Mohan and Radha, she acknowledged them generally similarly as when she kept the varth for Mohan and they additionally were the ones to break every others Varth.

how the name of Mohan was likewise composed on her hand, while in the end he made her wear the ring on the commitment so she acknowledged the two of them are made for echother, so if so why is Radha going to have the Mehndi of Hriday; Gungun, who is still a child, tries to stop this marriage while they would be married tomorrow, but she does nothing.

Tulsi prays that her desire should not be broken like this and that Radha and Hriday should never marry. She has seen a mother for Gungun in Radha, but she never thought she could be Mohan’s wife until she was given the signs.

When Dulari drops the newspaper while she is walking with the trash, Damini picks it up and is reading when Kaveri touches her and asks Damini to burn it as soon as possible.

Tulsi is praying in the Mandir when Radha stands opening the Bhagwat Geeta. She is about to sit down when Damini bumps into Mohan while walking, causing the newspaper to fall on the Bhagwat Geeta.

Mohan apologizes, stating that he feels she is more eager to get Radha married, and he leaves praising her. Dadi exclaims that none of her rituals would be complete without the Bhagwat Ge Kaveri inquires whether she burned it, but Damini responds that it once more fell.

Mohan believes that some people enter their lives unnoticed and then become extremely significant. He had no idea that she would be so significant to him, but the times he spent with Gungun are priceless. Mohan is startled and unable to think of anything but how Radha just came to ensure that he remains happy in his life while the relationship with Gungun grows stronger as he looks at Radha, who is sitting at the swing.

Radha figures she would take off from this house tomorrow, yet will without a doubt recall al the adoration that she got from this family including the wicked way of behaving of Gungun yet most the displeasure of Mohan yet how he ju8st really focuses on her as a general rule.
Kadambari asks Ajit where is the band, he guarantees they would show up actually soon so he guarantees it would be loads of tomfoolery.

Gungun standing is contemplating every one of the minutes enjoyed with Radha, how she saved her life and furthermore remained there for her security, she supposes assuming that Radha is definitely going to take off from this house.

Gungun reviews how Radha said on the off chance that she has any issue, would track down the arrangement of it in Bhagwat Geeta. Gungun approaches Radha and inquires whether she would like to accompany her Geeta. Radha responds by saying that she is pleased Gungun has finally decided to seek the solution from Bhagwat Geeta.

Gungun remaining in the Mandir makes reference to how she doesnot maintain that Radha should take off from this house yet for this needs to stop this capability, she doesnot know how to understand Hindi yet will make an honest effort, he should help her track down the arrangement.
Mohan is in the room however is truly irate due to the band, he shouts for what reason are they playing as though today is the marriage since they ought not be so cheerful, he covers his ears however at that point supposes on the off chance that Radha goes out, it would turn out to be truly desolate.

While Gungun is attempting to halt the marriage, Tulsi, who is standing next to Mohan, yells, “He should run away from his problems like this.” Tulsi out of nowhere makes the photograph turn, he gets stunned thinking about how might this occur since there isn’t even any wind, Tulsi says she is the person who did to comprehend liability.

Standing in the Mandir, Gungun opens the Bhagwat Geeta and reveals the newspaper. Shocked by the image of Hriday, she removes the article and exclaims, “He would have certainly done a bad thing, but what is it?”
When Lata jee approaches and inquires about the situation, Radha responds that she is unable to see Gungun. Radha needs to be concerned about Hriday now that she is getting married, despite Lata jee’s assurance that she will be playing here.

Kadambari is standing when Ketki directs her toward the entryway from where the aunti comes, she shouts she is the person who they require any Mehndi capability. Kaveri exclaims that she does not know it, but Damini should deduct it from his pay when Damini asks where Hriday is.

Kadambari advises Mousi jee to ensure that the Mehndi’s color lasts for a month. She recalls writing Mohan’s name when Damini is actually his fiancée. Tulsi says that Radha should go to the mirror to see the truth about her feelings because she only has Mohan’s name written on her heart. Tulsi declares that she would not have said anything if Radha loved Hriday, but that Radha actually loves Mohan, and that all she has to do is look in her heart to determine this.

Tulsi exclaims that she did everything in her power to win Mohan and Gungun’s heart, so why is she leaving now? Tulsi asks her not to continue with this marriage because she is so unhappy. Even now, Tulsi holds her hand. Kadambari notices that Radha, who is sitting on the swing, is tense, so he goes to Radha and asks what happened and if she is okay.

Radha feels like something is wrong. When Radha inquires about Gungun, Kadambari laughs and says, “She would be playing here, like a lot of children have.” When Radha inquires about Gungun from Ajit, he responds that she would be eating pizza in her room, and he agrees to check on her.

Gungun tries as hard as she can to read the newspaper. She does, but she doesn’t know what it means, so she decides to look it up. She writes it down on her phone and is shocked to find that it means criminal.

Gungun exclaims, “If this means that Hriday is a criminal because Radha told the truth that he can solve any problem, she is going to tell everyone that he is a criminal and Radha would not get married to him,” as Radha had previously stated that he could. Gungun turns however is shocked to see Hriday remaining before her, Hriday grabs the paper article from her, he is taking a gander at her while Gungun is likewise irate.

She turns but is shocked to see Hriday in front of her, and he is really furious. When she tries to take the paper from him but he refuses to return it while keeping it out of her reach, she starts screaming for the paper. Gungun vows to tell everyone that Hriday is a criminal and that Radha would not be married to him after that.

Yet again gungun hollers for Radha, she is likewise stressed pondering where is Gungun, she requests the paper from Hriday. He tells her as he stands in front of her that she will reveal that he is a criminal., Hriday answers that she isn’t even ready to talk it yet he has do everything. When Hriday tries to pull Gungun, she slips and falls.

Hriday responds that although she is only a young child, she is the greatest threat to his goals of becoming a millionaire and causes all of his problems. When she throws a rock at Hriday, he is about to tear the paper when it hits him in the back and he sits on the chair.

Radha is as yet stressed for Gungun when Kadambari asks there isn’t should be concerned as she can deal with herself. She manages to lock the door, but Hriday thinks she would have to enter the house if Gungun ran away with the newspaper article. To inform everybody concerning the report about him being a crook.

Gungun makes an honest effort to run in the house yet Hriday figures out how to stop her at the entryway, he holding her shouts she has gotten truly devilish as she has become like a wear who is extremely challenging to get, he shouts she can take off from him yet not stow away.

When the guests see them both and Hriday picks her up, he tells her that she can’t run away from him. The guests also arrive, and upon seeing them, they praise Hriday for being so kind to children. When Gungun asks her to let go of him, she hits him again on the nose and then runs toward the house. Hriday considers ending her life since she is truly naughty.

Radha immediately gets up, even though the Mehndi is not finished, when Ajit comes and reveals that Gungun is not in her room. Kadambari demands her to not be stressed since she would certainly return very soon.

Radha answers she personally said she would constantly go with her in every one of the customs yet for what reason is she still not here, Tulsi standing solicitations her to not accomplish something that could create some issues for her. She approaches Mohan to inquire about Gungun’s whereabouts, but he is listening to the songs.

While Hriday is still looking for Gungun, she runs away and hides behind a stall. Gungun tries to call Radha, but she is running and can’t answer. Gungun begs Radha to answer the phone so she can rest. Hriday believes that because it is Sunday, the market is closed today; otherwise, he would not have been able to do anything.

Radha rushes to the room calking Mohan, he remains in shock addressing for what reason is she shouting, he shouts that he is her Bhagwat yet can’t come to the capability as a result of the promise, she asks where is Gungun.

When Hriday is looking for Gungun, he asks where she is hiding and tells her to come out. He pulls Gungun even though she is trying to resist, and he exclaims that the police will catch him if she lets go. During the struggle, Hriday breaks some of her bangles, resulting in blood pouring out of her hand. She pushes him, and she runs away.

Radha responds that she will not have any Mehndi applied to her hands until they are able to locate Gungun, to which Mohan responds that he has given a vow and cannot leave. Kadambari and Dadi also arrive and inquire about what Radha is doing.

Gungun while running sees an individual sitting on the bike however Hriday gets her from behind, she demands him for help so he asks what is happening when Hriday answers they just get a chance to play on Sunday.

Hriday once more selects Gungun, who is struggling, and as she flees, she bites him in the ear.

Mohan tells her he’s going to call Gungun. She hides behind the wall and keeps looking at Hriday. She gets a call on her phone, and Hriday doesn’t know where she is. When Kadambari inquires about what’s going on, Mohan responds that Radha has fled and is not responding. Mohan explains that if Radha is speaking, then there must be something wrong.
When she hits Gungun with the wooden trolley, Hriday slowly walks toward him.

Ajit responds that he even went to the neighbors’ and her friend’s house, but she is not there, as Radha rushes out. Inquiring as to where she might have gone, Mohan becomes concerned. Mohan promises to find Radha and tells Rahul and Ketki to find her while he checks in the Mandir because Radha is crying.

Radha rushes to the Mandir and sees the Bhagwat Geeta. She tells Mohan that she would never leave the Geeta in this state because she knows how important it is to her life and Gungun took it to read. At the point when Ajit races to bring the PC requesting that them all stand by at the lobby.

Hriday is looking for Gungun once more, and after some time he says it’s enough for her to come out.

When they discover that she has entered the house, Mohan and the entire family are staring at the camera. They are all shocked to see that she is fleeing from someone, and they agree with Radha.

Damini ponders the possibilities. Ajit requests that Mohan not be stressed yet out of nowhere the recording closes so Ajit makes sense of that it probably won’t have been recorded due to the downpour, they shout that the video got lost before they could see the recording, Damini begins grinning reviewing how she, at the end of the day, saw that Hriday was following Gungun among the group so she shouted he can never leave his fiendish behavior, she was on the right track to think that he is associated with everything, she was certain Mohan would actually take a look at the CCTV film. Damini thinks she has erased the recording however presently she will erase as long as he can remember whether he meets her once more.

Radha is crying when Mohan shouts Gungun left the house, he quickly calls Shekar making sense of they can’t track down Gungun so he should illuminate the police as she went beyond the house.
Mohan surges away referencing how they would look for her external the house, Radha plunks down weeping for her, yet can’t answer her call, Hriday specifies nobody will come and save her, she can attempt to stow away as he would ultimately view as her. Gungun tries to call Radha once more, wondering why she doesn’t answer.

Kadambari demands Radha to not cry as they would ultimately find Radha and everything would be okay. Gungun believes that she would have to flee, but Hriday must be misled by this. Because Gungun threw her shoe over the other side, he ran off to check, and she saw the chance and ran away.

While Kadambari is examining the laptop, the entire family is standing. Radha slowly approaches her Bihari jee as Gungun attempts to call her once more and requests that she answer.

The mobile phone that is on the table is hidden from Radha’s view. Gungun turns around to see Hriday remaining alongside her, he shouts it is sufficient and begins pulling her, she attempts to oppose yet he doesnot tune in. Gungun calls Radha for help and she sees the call coming from Gungun’s versatile.

Radha yells that Gungun is calling her, which she sees, but before they can talk, Hriday throws away her phone, which falls to the ground. Radha keeps calling Hriday when she asks him to let her go, and he asks why he should do it because she would then go tell everyone that he is a criminal.

It would be better that he cover her here the present moment so takes out a blade, she requests that he let go of her since she really wants to go accompany Radha yet he answers she wouldn’t come to save her.

Hriday lifts her up in his arms when she requests that he let go of her, and he throws her in a manhole so that she falls in it. Gungun bites him again as he tries to flee, but he manages to catch her.

Radha is attempting to call Gungun, but she is unable to do so. Tulsi is also very worried, and Radha says she isn’t even picking up the phone. Kadambari says they will find her, and there’s nothing to worry about. Tulsi declares that she is always with Gungun, but why wasn’t she with her today?

She asks, “What kind of mother is she?” considering that she was unable to defend her own daughter.
Mohan returns, he illuminates that she isn’t in any of the roads, Radha makes sense of she couldn’t answer when Gungun was calling and presently she isn’t replying, Mohan demands Radha to not be stressed as the police is likewise looking for Gungun.

Radha knelt in front of Bihari Jee and begs him to at least show her where Gungun is because she fears that if something bad were to happen to her, he would have to tell her where Gungun is. Since she was unable to answer the phone, Radha wonders how she made such a mistake.

Mohan tells her not to blame herself because she is not to blame, and Kadambari tells her not to worry because today was her Mehndi function. Radha stands up and says that Gungun is more important to her because she is her responsibility, but they can’t find her. Tulsi shouts Gungun is their obligation and today the two of them are to blame.

Damini is furious when Hriday walks into the house. Dadi asks him where was he this time as they can’t find Gungun, Hriday goes about as though he is strained asking since how long. Kadambari asks him if he has seen her, but he immediately declines. She wonders where she suddenly went and why she didn’t call anyone else if she called Radha.

Because Gungun has not saved any of their contact information, Mohan explains that Radha is the only one who has established her position in Gungun’s heart and her phone.

Radha explains that if Gungun called her, the phone is still with her, and he must do what he did to her, which means tracking it. When Rahul says he knows where Gungun is, everyone is shocked at him.

Mohan inquires as to how he knows, to which Rahul responds, “She was going out on herself.” As a result, he installed a tracker on her phone, which allows them to locate her within thirty minutes.

Radha thanks him for it and asks where it is so they can get there to save her. Rahul makes reference to he knows the two of them are not on best of conditions but rather this doesn’t mean he doesn’t cherish Gungun, as hje loves her no different either way.

Rahul says that her location has been tracked, and it says that Gungun was in the old market the last time, which is why her phone was turned off. They all are staggered when Rahul says they ought to go as quickly as time permits when Hriday likewise attempts to rush them.

Radha stops him because she sees the mark on his neck. She walks over to him and explains that he is bleeding from behind his ear. When Hriday touches it, he can see the blood on his fingers. When he believes that Gungun would have bit him when he picked her up, they all become tense toward him.

Mohan questions how could he experience this injury cautioning in the event that he has done anything to Gungun, he wouldn’t allow him to remain live, they all donot comprehend the reason why Mohan is accusing him while Radha is likewise stressed.

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