Radha Mohan 23 May 2023 Update On Tuesday

Radha Mohan’s Zee World Tuesday, May 23, 2023 update: Gungun calls Radha and Mohan, arguing with the officer that he can go down, but the officer responds that no one can go there because the mud is still wet and it might collapse due to his weight, causing him to kill his own daughter.

Radha asks the officer what they can do to save her, and the officer responds that they are about to begin the rescue operation. The media individual race to the mishap scene, when they continue to get some information about her name, Ajit uncovers she is Gungun when they notice that the main little girl of the Trivedi family has been caught in the well.

Hriday assures Lata jee that there is nothing to be worried about since it is impossible and what if some of the family members also die saving her, he only cares about Radha because there is a very high price for her. Lata jee informs Hriday that if the girl comes out alive then will surely be the reason for their end. Radha and Mohan assure each other that they are standing by her and will undoubtedly protect her.

Damini asks Kaveri to stay because they need to first see what’s going on. Kaveri, seeing the media personnel, believes her long-held dream of appearing on television will be realized, so she asks one of the reporters to conduct her interview because she is the child’s grandmother. Kaveri with a strained voice makes reference to that Gungun is still extremely youthful and they all affection her a ton, Mohan is likewise truly stressed so calls to Gungun. Kaveri declares that she is the eldest member of the Trivedi family.

The officer explains that before starting the operation, they need to find out what’s going on inside the well. They can see the child using the laptop’s camera, so they start pushing the camera down into the well until they find Gungun at the bottom. She calls Radha and Mohan once more, and they are both relieved that Gungun is still okay.

However, when the teams request the officer to review the results, Hriday becomes extremely tense as a result. When Mohan continues to inquire about what has transpired since they should begin the rescue operation, the officer becomes extremely concerned and responds, “She is trapped way down, approximately sixty feet.” When Mohan inquires about whether they would be able to bring her out alive, everyone is taken aback.

Mohan becomes extremely enraged and begins fighting with the reporters; Rahul and Ajit are forced to pull him back after the reporter begins to claim that the girl is trapped in the well and that no one has emerged from it alive. As a result, they must determine whether this well will serve as the child’s deathbed. Radha advises him to ignore these reporters because they are only there to safeguard Gungun.

Radha asks why he is saying it is impossible when Gungun herself told her that it means I am possible so they have to try. She mentions that she is going to pray to Bihari jee who would surely help her bring her out. Mohan asks Radha to not be worried since she needs to remain strong if they are to save Gungun, she herself said they all must not lose hope so she must also remain strong.

The official brings the mike requesting that Radha talk with the kid, yet she is continually crying so the official requests that she not be so particularly strained as this would make the kid be frightened, Mohan covers the mike flagging her to not talk like this yet she denies.

Mohan takes the mike to attempt to converse with Gungun, he specifies that she is the most grounded individual in their family so should not lose trust. Radha also mentions that she is the one who always tells her to be strong so that she won’t lose hope. The officer asks if she can move. Gungun responds that even her hands can’t move. When Mohan hears this, he loses hope and drops the microphone. Radha responds that she should stay strong because everyone is here and will surely get her out.

Damini responds how many times she has told him to not talk like this when Hriday asks if the ghost is also here. Damini and Kaveri become tense, wondering if he found out about Tulsi, but Hriday responds that he is talking about the cameras and microphones. He has said that both Radha and Mohan are the perfect parents for Gungun.

Damini figures she would deal with Hriday after everything closes as today, he has crossed the breaking point when Kaveri inquiries from where did she bring this lawbreaker, Hriday answers he contemplated helping them however at that point quit thinking the police is additionally there, so on the off chance that he is gotten, would require somebody to go with him. When Kaveri explains that whenever he departs, she begins to experience pressure.

Radha asks Gungun not to worry because they are all here and she has been watching a lot of dramas on the television but she is going to make sure the cable is cut. Gungun asks her not to do it because otherwise she would not be able to watch her cartoons. Radha continues to cry when Mohan signals her to remain calm.

Tulsi asks her not to talk like this because no mother would ever want her child to suffer like this. The doctor arrives and instructs them to examine the daughter first. When Gungun responds that the daughter is able to breathe normally, he is pleased but warns that falling asleep would cause a lot of problems.

Mohan stands reprimanding them for not doing everything, the official makes sense of they couldn’t in fact send the rope since her hands are stuck, they show the salvage plan in which they will dig one more well right close to this one and travel through a passage to save her, Mohan questions how are they going to do it when the apparatus can’t come into this road, he answers they would do it the hard way yet till that time they generally should converse with the young lady to ensure she remains conscious.

The specialist requests that they zoom on the youngster, uncovering her eyes are beginning to close. Mohan tells Radha that she needs to keep talking to Gungun because she needs to stay awake. However, Gungun says that she is tired and can’t talk anymore, so she falls asleep in the well.

Radha assures Gungun that there is nothing to be concerned about because they are all present and will undoubtedly bring her out. The doctor advises Radha to continue speaking with the child because they cannot allow her to become tired or sleep. When Radha says she can talk to her grandmother, Gungun says she’s tired.

Kaveri says they can’t change what will happen, but they have to go inside or it might make people suspicious. Damini and Kaveri also rush inside crying like they care a lot about her.

Mohan is sitting when the Significant comes making sense of that he will lead the activity and they have even got the authorization to dig, Mohan argues that his little girl is caught inside. Radha says that she would do whatever Gungun asked her to do and that all of her wishes would come true.

Mohan takes the microphone and says that he won’t watch it because it’s a kid’s movie. Kadambari says that he won’t watch it because they will do whatever Gungun tells them to do. After a while, Gungun falls asleep, and the doctor tells them to zoom in, saying that this is what he feared and that they should do anything to wake Tulsi sees Dadi praying in the Mandir, asking what kind of problem their daughter has gotten into.

Tulsi starts weeping, exclaiming what kind of punishment she is suffering, she cannot even go out to be with her own daughter when she is in trouble. Tulsi feels something, so she once more goes to the balcony. Mohan and everyone else start yelling at her to wake her up. Tulsi asks Mohan to do something.

Radha implores Bihari jee for a sign which she can use to awaken her, they consider talking something which even Gungun needs to hear, she specifies they need to give her expectation. Kaveri exclaims, “I’d start talking about Bihari jee now because that’s what I know.”

Radha recalls Gungun telling her that today was Tulsi’s birthday and that she was enraged when the portrait of Tulsi was shattered. Radha notice they need to discuss her mom, hearing this Mohan alongside every other person is strained when Radha illuminates they need to discuss Tulsi jee,

Damini inquires as to whether she has flipped out since Mohan doesnot need to tune in about her, Radha answers he would need to tune in since her girl Gungun is caught inside so she doensot tend to think about his thought process, she just thinks often about Gungun.

Mohan says that Radha is telling the truth because she wants to know what her mother used to do, so he is going to tell her everything, so they must only care about Gungun. Kadambari requests that he talk with Gungun about Tulsi, Radha questions assuming he will tell everything so Mohan concurs of telling her.

Mohan calls to Gungun through the mike referencing her mom was truly great and she is very much like her mom. She has the same cute nose, chubby face, and big heart as her mother, who was very clever because she was both modern and traditional at the same time. Does she know that her mother’s favorite thing was to be with the Tulsi kun? Every morning, she would pray and say that the house with Tulsi brings love and respect from the family members.

Gungun is still unconscious when Kadambari explains that her mother was really nice and would take care of everyone, she was even aware of the entire family of the workers. Mohan is unable to explain anything else and begins to weep when Radha holds his hand to console him. She claims that Tulsi got her aunt and Ajit married if she can reveal a secret.

Ajit mentions that Ketki was introduced to him by Tulsi Bhabhi, who was also praised by Ketki for her role in their marriage. Mohan specifies they all think he is fearless yet her mom was as a matter of fact the valiant one as he was a quitter, and used to get terrified from all that and some of the time even himself, does she has any idea what her mom used to call him for no particular reason, however Gungun is daring like her mom, Tulsi additionally begins sobbing hearing this when Gungun sooner or later acknowledges it, they all are feeling better to hear her voice.

The specialist makes reference to the kid has recaptured awareness, major values them however the specialist specifies she appears to be truly frail so they need to give her something. Mohan makes sense of that her options are limited so how might they feed her, Radha answers he should not stress over her but rather should make a point to not allow Gungun to return to rest.

The columnist makes sense of the kid is truly powerless in light of craving so they need to ensure she gets some food, any other way it would lead to a great deal of issues.
Kaveri murmurs to Damini that Radha is making a good attempt that she believes she would have the option to save her so they should follow through with something.

Mohan says that her mother liked Gol Gappa and would sometimes eat fifty of them at once. Damini becomes extremely anxious. Even her face changed into a Gol Gappa, Mohan exclaims.
Radha races into the kitchen considering what would it be a good idea for her she feed Gungun as it very well may be something that would invigorate her, she thinks about the food so hurries to get them request to set up a dish.

Hriday exclaims, “If Gungun comes out, he would be thrown in the jail. It would be better if he leaves with Radha.” Now that he can’t wait any longer, Hriday tells Radha that she should get ready to sweeten her mouth because he will be getting ready to marry her.

Hriday returns with the napkin grasping the chloroform, he pours it over the napkin,

Radha spills making the pot fall her yet Tulsi utilizing her power figures out how to stop it in midair, Hriday gets shocked seeing it so doesn’t actually consider moving, he is left puzzled thinking about what is happening so runs out of the house.

Tulsi tosses the pot on the opposite side, Radha is feeling better as she naturally suspected it would fall on her, Tulsi shouts she is satisfying her obligation regarding Gungun so she wouldn’t allow anything to happen to her.

They are digging with all their might, the reporter exclaims, but will the Trivedi family be able to keep her conscious?

Damini is pleased that Radha brought the food, but she asks how she will get her to eat it. Radha tells her to stop, and Damini begins to tie the laddo with the roap when Radha tells her she is sending her something she must eat because it will make her feel nice.

Gungun makes sense of she needs to come out when Radha requests that she eat it in the in the mean time while they are attempting to bring her out, Gungun answers that her options are limited so she wouldn’t have the option to eat yet both Mohan and Radha demand her to basically attempt as she simply has to chomp it.

According to the reporter, the child who would normally be fed by hand is now forced to eat through a rope.
When the laddo reaches Gungun, Radha looks at the screen, prompting Tulsi to ask her to at least try. She does, and they all start slapping Radha for it. She prays for her safe return instead.

The Major responds that although the family is usually worried, they have handled the situation perfectly because loving parents like her and strong fathers typically make the best parents. Damini is furious, and when they both hear this, they are taken aback., Damini suddenly exclaims that Gungun is her daughter because she and Mohan are her parents, and Radha hesitantly responds that she is not the mother. The major offers his apologies, noting that he had assumed she was the mother based on all of her efforts.

Damini looks frustrated at Radha and is taken aback by the powerful storm that is approaching. Tension builds as they all speculate about the upcoming event.

The major makes sense of it would cause a ton of issue assuming that the water goes into the well, Mohan questions what are thye talking about when the significant notices that if the dig it consistently then it could make the mud go down in light of the downpour which could make a great deal of issues for Gungun. Mohan questions how might they stop the salvage activity when even Kadambari asks how might they stop it on the double.

When the major mentions that they are unable to do so because the oxygen level might drop, Radha suggests that they also cover this hole, causing Gungun a lot of problems. Gungun mentions that water is coming inside after a while, causing her to become frightened, and Radha prays for clarity as they face problem after problem. Mohan declares that the rain cannot occur now but it suddenly begins to rain.

Major explains that they are worried that it could result in her death, and Kadambari explains that her granddaughter is becoming frightened.

Radha and Kadambari both solicitation Mohan to follow through with something, he sees the entryway so hurries to it while kaveri ponders where is he going, Mohan subsequent to opening the entryway figures out how to break it utilizing a metal bar in the interim they all are truly strained yet Gungun teaches them to bring her out as she is getting truly terrified.

Kadambari asks Mohan what he is doing, and Rahul says he knows and runs to help Mohan. The bell in the Mandir starts ringing, and Rahul and Mohan try their hardest to get out the door. They manage to get it out in the end.

Mohan uses the door to cover the well’s hole with his hand while covering his head. Gungun figures out how to see Mohan remaining over the well with the entryway in his grasp seeing which Damini gets tesned yet most of them are paralyzed.

Radha begins grinning seeing every one of the endeavors which Mohan is putting to save Gungun. Tulsi remaining on the overhang is petitioning God for the downpour to stop.

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