Radha Mohan 24 May 2023 Update On Wednesday

Radha Mohan On Zee World’s Wednesday, May 24, 2023, update, Mohan walks over to the well while holding the wooden door over his head. He manages to hold it so that the well does not get wet, which causes Radha to smile as she sees Mohan’s willingness to do anything for his daughter’s safety.

Damini responds that she knows it, but Kaveri responds that whenever they try to solve a little problem it leads to an even bigger problem, so she doesn’t know what to do. She explains that if Gungun is brought out of the well, she would tell Mohan the truth about Hriday, who would slit their throats like the Bhagwan Mohan. Damini questions what she is doing when Kaveri asks what kind of problem she has created for them because if

Damini asks Kaveri why she needed to bring Hriday when she could have brought anyone from the street and even the Dumbro would have sufficed. Damini responds that there was a need to bring someone who would always accept their orders; Kaveri explains that Hriday is still not listening to them and making them what he feels like. Damini asks how she could have understood it when they were just so troubled. Kaveri responds that it is better she must not think

Mohan is holding the entryway when Kadambari specifies he has taken the position of an estimable dad to save his girl, Mr Trivedi makes reference to their child has as a matter of fact become very much like the Gridhari to save Gungun from the downpour, Mohan begins to lose his equilibrium when Mr Trivedi hurries to hold the entryway seeing which he is feeling better however at that point even Rahul comes to his guide holding the entryway on the opposite side.

Kaveri asks Damini to understand why she shouldn’t marry Mohan. Damini asks what she means, and Kaveri says that she means they should marry the person they know about. However, after hearing what Damini has to say, she thinks that Damini doesn’t know what Mohan would do to save Gungun because he is holding the door for her and might do it until the end of time in order to save her.

As fathers are heroes for their daughters, Mohan has become a superhero Even if Gungun is not saved as a result of this incident, they would still come together if Mohan soothes Radha when she starts crying, and it is the same for them both. Damini assures her that she will never allow it to happen and asks her not to say anything else.

Hriday is remaining with his mom considering how could he get such a lot of solidarity as he isn’t in any event, allowing Gungun to bite the dust in harmony, Lata shouts she si stressed thinking how he will manage him after Gungun is saved.

When Lata tells Hriday that if Gungun escapes alive, she and him would die, but it would be best if they left right away, Hriday tells her not to worry because she cannot escape the bore well. Hriday illuminates that there is a phantom in the house hearing which she gets paralyzed however at that point begins snickering shouting he is messed with her.

Hriday answers there is really a phantom in the house as all that Damini and Kaveri told them is obviously false, she gets some information about it when he uncovers that he heard Kadambari conversing with the phantom and she requested that she toss the container if she doesnot have some familiarity with the whereabouts of Gungun, he likewise saw that somebody tossed the pot before it fell on Radha.

Hriday asks Lata if she ever thought that whenever they have to talk with them then take them out of the house. Lata smiles and exclaims that both the mother and daughter think they are really smart. Hriday responds that they both would have to pay for what they have done because he is going to take double amount from Damini for this lie. Lata explains that the girl who is in the well has a ghost to protect her.

Radha tells Gungun that the water has stopped coming, and she tells Gungun that her father is holding the gate to keep the water from falling into the well. Her father was right when he said that fathers protect their children. She looks at Mohan with respect and love in her eyes.

Kaveri enters the location with Damini, who accepts that her mother was right when she said that Radha and Mohan are destined to be together and that no one can separate them. Kaveri asks Damini what she’s saying, to which she responds, “I saw how they both came together to save Gungun, and if they find out she is the one behind it, then he would surely marry Radha.

” Kaveri asks Damini to calm down, but she also wonders how she can do it when she finally thought about marrying him after a long time. She was sure it would happen, but now everything is ruined.” Damini, in a state of confusion, explains that they must go and tell Mohan the whole truth, blaming Hriday for everything.

Kaveri then inquires if she thinks Hriday will remain silent because he will also tell Mohan the whole truth, after which Mohan will kill them as he promised when he found Gungun. Kaveri specifies half of her life and strength has been gone in matching their Kundali, she is the one to wed Mohan. Damini asks how it could have happened when Kaveri tells her that they had to do something so that they wouldn’t be held accountable. Even though she marries Mohan, Kaveri tells Damini that she brought Hriday into the house and that she had to do something so that Mohan would take the blame for everything. Mohan would then do whatever he wanted to Damini.

Lata explains that they are already the masters of such games and instructs Hriday, who shows the messages Damini sent, including the payments, and they have taken a screen shot before she can delete them. Hriday walks over to them and claps, explaining that they have both been trying to remove all the stones from their path.

Hriday responds that he knows she is the one who, if she didn’t have the keys to her daughter’s locker, would also throw her in a lake. He tells them to leave because the game is over, so they both leave, and Hriday promises to show them who is the master. Kaveri smiles and says that they are both on the same team.

When Ketki explains that the water is flowing from the side, they all start to get tensed and wonder where the water is going. After a while, Radha becomes even more tensed and wonders how they can stop it. She is extremely concerned. Gungun once more announces that the water is coming.

Gungun calls Radha and mentions that the water is still coming. Ketki reveals that it is coming from the side. They are all stunned and worried, wondering what they are going to do, and Radha mentions that the water is not even stopping. Mohan is still standing over the well with both his father and brother. Kadambari exclaims that Mohan has taken on the identity of a good father in order to protect his daughter.

Yet again gungun calls both Radha and Mohan. The reporter mentions that the water is still flowing inside the well, making it difficult to safeguard her if it continues., Hriday exclaims with joy that it is good because her father would have killed him otherwise when Gungun tells her that the path is giving way.

Yet again mohan asks Radha what is she doing and even Ketki doesnot comprehend when Kadambari uncovers that this is the way they prevent the water from going into the ranches by making little slopes with the mud, Gungun calls for Radha as the water is as yet coming inside the well, Radha attempts to function as quick as possible to stop the water, Ketki sees the blood coming from her hand so illuminates Kadambari about it yet the injury doesnot stop Radha as she is centering to save Gungun.

Ajit shouts just Radha can do this thus recommend that they all ought to likewise help her, Kadambari calls them all to join her so they begin setting up the mud to stop the water by putting blocks around them, Damini gets strained seeing them when Gungun uncovers that the water is as yet showing up with the mud, Mohan specifies they need to prevent the mud from heading inside.

Gungun indeed requests that Radha haul her out as she is leaking further down, the major requests that them generally return as the kid is going down however Radha continues to attempt to safeguard Gungun. Damini shouts regardless of the amount Radha takes the name of Bihari jee yet she feels he is likewise their ally.

As Gungun descends, Rahul asks, “Why are they just standing here while their daughter descends?” and threatens to suspend them all if they do not act. Mohan screams in pain when Kadambari tells him to remain calm. He does not leave the door when his hands begin to bleed.
Pandit Jee assures Kaveri that there is nothing to be concerned about because Gungun will undoubtedly be fine. Kaveri stands and yells what is going on and prays that they should do anything to save her.

When Radha responds that her father is doing everything in his power, Gungun assures her that he will undoubtedly assist her in escaping. The specialist makes sense of the kid is truly frightened which is the reason she is crying however it isn’t really great for her as there is little oxygen in the well, on the off chance that she doesnot quit crying, would bite the dust.

He doesn’t understand Radha’s standing warning him not to say such a thing again because nothing would happen to their daughter. Radha sees the blood flowing from Mohan’s hands and the tension, so she runs away, and Kaveri wonders where she is going. Mohan assures Gungun that nothing will happen to her because they just need a little more time.

Radha runs to the house’s Mandir and gets down on her knees. She yells that Bihari jee controls everything, so Gungun must have done something wrong by giving her such difficult tasks. She is a child without a mother, so does she have enough problems in her life to pass this test? Dadi also begs Gungun not to take such a test on the small child.

Kadambari responds that their daughter is inside and that Major is not doing anything when Major asks her to return.

Tulsi asks Radha not to say anything because she is Gungun’s last hope and must help her get out, but nothing can happen to her. Radha exclaims that even then, if he wishes to take the test, he should test her but make sure Gungun comes out of the well. Dadi also inquires as to why she said it, as there are times when prayers are accepted. Radha responds that she wants this prayer to be accepted, but Gungun should not suffer any harm.

When Kadambari and the entire family are covering the corners, Gungun from the well is yelling for help. Kadambari promises that the water will not enter the house again. Shekar also starts arguing with the major and threatens to file a complaint against him. Hriday wonders when this family first came together.
Radha guarantees she would do all that to save Gungun however he should give her the strength that main a mother can provide for her girl, which Tulsi jee can provide for Gungun.

Radha while imploring figures she would need to accept Tulsi to Gungun as she really wants her mom, Tulsi inquires as to whether she realizes that she is here so demands her to bring her out as she can safeguard Gungun, Tulsi continues to demand Radha yet she takes off to the Tulsi kun, when she reviews how Gungun said that this plant’s name is additionally Tulsi and has come on her mom’s birthday so she has felt as though her mom retuned.

Tulsi exclaims that she has comprehended why he is preventing her from entering the house because, when Yashoda maa was with him, his mother was in jail, so she is locked up. Radha enters the house through Tulsi, but as she is about to do so, her feet become entangled in the protective shield. She tries to remove her feet but is unable to do so, so she kneels and finally removes it. She asks God to grant Radha the strength to safeguard their daughter because he has chosen her to protect Gungun.

Yet again gungun makes reference to that the mud is coming on her, Mohan questions where is Radha when Kadambari sees her surging towards them, Radha bowing grasps the plant shouting that she knows Tulsi jee is around here as a mother can continuously appear to track down a way to her kids so presently, she is sending the Tulsi plant to Gungun as her favors, they all are shocked seeing Radha.

Kadambari turns to face the house as she sits and exclaims, “This plant should have all the love and affection of her.” She also needs her assistance to bring out Tulsi and Gungun; she must assist her. Kaveri exclaims that she is unaware that Gungun mother is around her and that Kadambari believes she ought to take some action.

Kadambari acknowledges something so leaves without answering to anybody, kaveri ponders where did she go so begins following her, Radha sees Gungun who by and by requests that they bring her out, Radha demands her to not stress as she will send the strength of her mom to her, Damini asks what is this franticness as she will do these chimes in such a circumstance, Mohan stops Damini saying this is her conviction and the main things that matters is that his girl is saved climate it is with conviction or strange notions, he shouts at her to stop.

Radha subsequent to discussing something figures out how to toss the leaf which falls straightforwardly on her head, they all are gazing at Gungun while Radha is sobbing.

Kadambari calls Tulsi because she sees the protection and knows that Tulsi is here because she can’t leave Gungun. She has done everything they can, but they haven’t been able to protect her, so she is asking Tulsi to open the protection and come to save Gungun. She is asked by Tulsi to complete it as soon as possible.

Kadambari stoops to open it and is attempting while Tulsi guarantees, she wouldn’t allow anything to happen to her, Kadambari is making an honest effort yet can’t while Tulsi can’t stand by any more, she is continually sobbing.

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