Radha Mohan 25 February 2023 Written Update

The Radha Mohan episode for February 25, 2023, opens with Radha expressing the impression that Damini is frantically trying to gain access to the keys in order to expose herself.

Radha continues by saying that she believes the evidence may be connected to Tulsi’s death, which causes Damini’s eyes to widen brightly in shock.

Radha’s suggestion serves as a clue to Kadambari, who informs Radha that Radha will investigate the safe if she discovers anything related to Tulsi.

While Mohan informs Kadambari that he will also be accompanying her, Kaveri and Damini leap into position.

Damini tries to stop them both while continuing to blame Radha for not being in the right mental state, but Radha glares at her.

Radha reveals that Maha Shivaratri is the day that Damini’s wrongdoings will come to light in front of everyone because she is now aware of Damini’s cunning ways and is no longer naive.

When Kadambari goes to check the safe for herself, will she get the evidence?

Is the man in the cloak still wandering the halls of Trivedi Nivas, and is he supporting Damini or Radha?…Read more

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