Radha Mohan 25 May 2023 Update On Thursday

Radha Mohan In the Zee World Thursday, May 25, 2023 update, Kadambari mentions that she is going to open the protection and that she must come to save her Granddaughter. Tulsi also pleads with her to hurry up.

Kadambari kneels to open it while Tulsi asks her to hurry because she promises not to let anything happen to Gungun. Kadambari is about to open it when Kaveri stops her hand and asks her what she is She is reminded by Kadambari that she is only a mother and not a wife or daughter.

Radha says that this flower will protect her because it has the same name as her mother. The major, who sees the mud coming from inside, tells everyone to step back because it could kill the girl. Mohan tells Mr. Trivedi and Rahul to step away. Gungun, who hears this, asks if she is going to die today and that this is the end of her life.

Tulsi demands Kadambari to rush while she cautions Kaveri that nobody can stop her today so she should make a stride back, Kadambari is opening the insurance however Tulsi is as yet not ready to venture out, she sees that Damini has prevented Kadambari from opening it, she indeed ties it which maddens Kadambari who questions for what reason did she dare stop her and for what reason is she failing to remember that on the off chance that the downpour doesnot stop, their Gungun would additionally fall inside the well.

Radha tells Gungun that she is going to tell her a story. She tells Gungun that one day Bihari jee and Radharani noticed that one of the diyas was not lit and asked why. Radha asks Gungun to think about how her mother would feel after seeing her in this state.

Bihari jee found that his girl cries a great deal while missing him so due to the tears of her little girl the diya is broken so does Gungun likewise need that the diya of her mom doesnot lit, she is certain her mom wouldn’t allow anything to happen to her, hearing this Gungun feels areas of strength for sincerely.

Tulsi questions what she is saying because a mother cannot harm her daughter because they just want to take care of her. Kadambari exclaims that she just wants to protect her daughter.

Damini mentions that Mohan will surely save Gungun but they cannot forget that Tulsi is a ghost when she asks why is Damini talking like this and Kadambari must not believe her lies. Kadambari warns not to listen to anything that Damini is saying. She responds that she even Tulsi asks Kadambari not to listen to her because she only wants to protect Gungun, after Damini mentions that Tulsi also wants to remain alongside Gungun and that the only way she can do so is by killing her.

Damini requests that Kadambari come as need might arise to save Gungun, Tulsi by and by attempts to take off from the house however can’t in light of the security in the mean time Damini leaves with Kadambari cheerfully.

Mohan is likewise not ready to hold the entryway and starts feeling the aggravation due to the weight, Tulsi remaining before the mandir supplicates that everything ought to work out to be fine as both her girl and spouse are outside, Mohan has been holding the entryway since quite a while and presently even he can’t have that much strength left in him, Tulsi makes reference to in the event that he can’t save Gungun then, at that point, could never excuse himself. She overhears Ketki announcing that the rain is over.

Mohan takes the microphone and explains that her mother’s blessing is with her now that the rain has stopped, but the mud is also wet, so she must try to pull her hand out of the mud and touch the Tulsi flower. Tulsi rushes out and exclaims that she is glad that Mohan can save Gungun.

Yet again the rings in the mandir begin turning, the major shouts the young lady is attempting to pull her hands as a result of the strength and inspiration. Gungun makes an honest effort to pull her hands while they all cheer for her, Radha requests that she be cautious as her hands would get scratched. Damini also acts as if she is pleased that Gungun was able to escape, despite the fact that he keeps trying to free them.

They all begin to celebrate, but Hriday is furious, exclaiming that they almost saved her. While Mohan and Radha are crying, Gungun starts smiling when he sees her hands. Gungun illuminates that her hands are free.

She displays her hands. Major explains that they no longer need to dig the second hole because they can now pull her out.
The girl breaks the news to the reporters that she has released her hand and will soon be free once she regains her strength.

Mohan stops Radha and informs her that the mud has gotten wet and might cause her problems; he informs Radha that this is the only way, so Radha agrees. The major reveals that they are going to tie the knot like this on her hand and slowly pull her out. Radha explains that this way she might get injured when he explains she is correct because her shoulder might get dislocated.

Mohan specifies they simply need a brief period to bring her out, Mohan demands the major to allow him to send the rope, he denies making sense of ti takes a ton of involvement and strength when Mohan uncovers that when a little girl is in peril then the parent has the most strength. Gungun agrees to tie her hand on the rope as Mohan begins to send it down, insisting that he send it quickly.

When he sees the electric wires, Hriday becomes concerned that they will surely bring Radha out and yells, “I also wanted to save Radha, but there is nothing more precious than his life at this moment.”

When the Major tells him to stop, Mohan sends the rope and asks the child to put her hand through the rope. Gungun puts her hand through the rope when Radha also tells him to do it slowly or he might hurt Gungun. Kadambari assures Gungun that she should not be afraid after hearing her scream. She informs Gungun that she is suffering greatly.

Hriday gets on the stepping stool arriving at the electric wire, which he is going to cut. Gungun calls Radha so the major tells Mohan to do it slowly and asks Gungun to keep holding it because Radha is so strong.

Meanwhile, Hriday is attempting to cut the wire, which he eventually does, and the wire causes an electric spark, which stuns everyone. Major requests that they not frenzy and stand where they are as they would get shocked.

Additionally, Mohan urges them all to return because they might be electrocuted. However, his entire family says they will not leave him and will remain until Gungun emerges.

When the major asks Mohan to give him the rope, Gungun says that she is in pain. However, he tells him to protect his family and even sends Radha away. Meanwhile, he keeps pulling Gungun, and she also says that she is in a lot of pain. Despite Kadambari’s warnings to take care of himself, Mohan continues to pull despite seeing the live wire in front of him. He does his best to drag Gungun out of the well.

When Radha realizes that the wire is about to fall, she is stunned and pushes Mohan away. As she sits down, the wire falls over her, shocking everyone. Hriday wonders why Radha didn’t get electrocuted because she is sitting there motionless, which worries everyone. She does, however, raise her head.

Kadambari rushes to hug Radha and asks if she is okay and assures her that everything will be fine when Mohan asks if she is okay but she is just shaking. When Kadambari realizes that Damini turned off the breaker, she stares at someone.

They all smile and look at her, and Hriday wonders why she is trying to be a heroine. Kadambari thanks Damini for saving Radha when she runs back to hug her. Tulsi also doesn’t understand why Damini saved Radha. Kaveri starts praising Damini in front of everyone after pandit jee mentions that Damini proved to be a Bhagwan for them today.

Radha asks Mohan if she’s okay and to take Gungun out of the well. Kaveri wonders why Radha needed to be protected. Damini says she was protecting Mohan as she was cutting it, and she says she won’t leave him because of what he did.

They all start cheering for her when Gungun explains that her hand is slipping and she will fall very soon. The major reveals that if she leaves the rope, it will cause a lot of trouble, and Mohan instructs her to not leave the rope at any cost. The major asks Radha to keep talking to her. Mohan assures her that she has emerged but she cries and exclaims that her hand is hurting.

When Gungun explains that her hand is slipping, they are all worried about what might happen and Mohan is pulling hard. Mohan demands her to not leave it at any expense while he continues to pull it, yet the hand is going to slip and is set free from the rope. Radha is astounded as Mohan is when she sees it.

Gungun asks Radha for help because the rope is slipping and her hand is wet. Mohan pulled the rope while calling Gungun not to leave the rope. There was a beam of trust when Gungun shows up from underneath the surface. She yells at Gungun that her hand is slipping. Mohan is urged to quickly pull up by everyone. Gungun loses his hand as the rope unravels. A long quietness follows the deficiency of Gungun.

Mohan snatches the line and attempts to speak with Gungun. Gungun wasn’t thinking. Tulsi in the room cried out to Gungun.

The media revealed the inadequacy of salvage group to save Gungun from bore well. Gungun won’t move, so Radha asks Mohan why. She yells at him to keep Gungun safe. Tulsi cries and requests that Gungun say something. Tulsi can be heard by gun. Kevari cries out for Gungun, but Radha looks straight ahead.

Radha reviews a bedtime song from an earlier time and sings it for Gungun. Hopefully, Tulsi will appear in the balcony. Mohan recollects how Tulsi had composed the cradlesong for their unborn youngster. Gungun jumps and opens her eyes toward cradlesong’s end.

In front of Kevari, Damini hits Hriday with her hand. She questions how he dare occur of Mohan. Hriday slaps her back and holds her hand back. Kevari was stunned at his activity. Damini is slapped once more by Hriday. When Kevari confronts Hriday, she is also slapped. He attacks the women with a knife.

He is stopped by his mom. Hriday was determined to inform the ladies that he is listed as one of Hariana’s most prolific criminals. He has been convicted of five murders and 12 rapes. Damini didn’t bring him here for her advantage, rather he came here without help from anyone else to track down a stowing away for himself. He doesn’t care about the 10 lacs she offered. He only cares about Radha. He will go to the market to sell Radha after he marries her.

The significant attempts to persuade Mohan that all endeavors are to no end now. They might not be able to assist Gungun because the ground beneath them is wet.

Damini and Kevari are informed by Hriday and his mother that they have invited trouble into their home. Damini now has a dagger on her neck and Hriday is threatening to teach her a lesson. He was determined to marry Radha no matter what. He orders Kevari to go outside and create drama about the danger her daughter faces.

Gungun’s difficulty breathing is reported by the doctor. Tulsi begs for air as she cries out. Before they lose the girl, the doctor tells the rescue team to inject oxygen into the boring.

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