Radha Mohan 26 May 2023 Update On Friday

The Radha Mohan episode of the 26th of May 2023 begins with Mohan requesting that the guard reveal the facial descriptions of the woman who attempted to frighten him earlier.

Radha, on the other hand, sits next to the pieces of cardboard as it lights up. She can feel the warm air against her pale skin.

She is content to the point that she slides onto the floor and shuts her eyes, not seeing her hand is practically contacting the blazes.

Mohan and Kekti, on the other hand, both yell Radha’s name, but they can’t find her anywhere.

Ajeet advises Mohan to report Radha to the police when they cannot locate her anywhere.

He additionally lets him know that previous they were abstaining from going to the police due to Gungun’s authority case yet presently they should include the police with them.

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