Radha Mohan 28 February 2023 Written Update

The Radha Mohan episode of February 28, 2023 begins with Damini, Kaveri, and Radha pursuing the cloaked man.

Tulsi tries to stop the cloaked man by touching him when Radha appears in front of her and asks for help, but she is unable to do so.

She hits two flower pots and falls to the ground.

Radha recognizes that the tubs on the ground must be Tulsi as the others arrive.

Tulsi responds when she is asked if she is safe and why she was unable to touch that man.

Dulari, on the other hand, shows up and tells Radha that Kadambari is getting mad and will call Radha as soon as the guests arrive.

Radha checks on Tulsi and asks her to show that she is fine before she leaves.

Radha realizes that Tulsi is fine after she stops one of the falling flower pots.

Kaveri claims that she is concerned that Tulsi and Radha are planning to flee her and Damini away from the Trivedi Nivas as she observes all of these unexpected occurrences.

Damini yells violently at Tulsi to stop helping Radha and stay out of her and Mohan’s lives.

Tulsi gets mad and grabs Damini by the throat, preventing her from breathing normally.

Damini is thrown away by Tulsi, who tells her to stay out of Radha and Mohan’s lives and causes her to fall to the ground.

Damini asserts that her rivalry with Tulsi will continue, but the most significant query is why she is unable to touch the cloaked man.

Mohan wonders if Gungun has any male friends while he and Gungun are playing in the room.

Gungun responds by stating that she wishes she could punch boys and dislikes them.

She concurs with Mohan, who continues by stating that boys are evil and designed to be punched down by women.

After that, Mohan gives Gungun a dress for Mahashivaratri, but Gungun says that he won’t wear it because women can’t do everything, like wear boys’ clothes.

Mohan tells her that there is no difference between a girl and a boy and that anything is possible with hard work and dedication by providing examples.

In the meantime, Radha sits down to open the package that the cloaked man sent her. When she opens the package, she finds four boxes, each with its own compartment.

She is perplexed because she is unaware of the gift’s nature.

Damini and Kaveri, on the other hand, are standing outside the door and watching everything.

Damini quickly realizes that the present is a map to show Radha the locker where the secret is kept.

She sees the man in a cloak watching Radha through another window as she tries to identify him.

Damini is warned by the man in the cloak that his eyes are always on her.

Radha continues to entertain the idea in her head that there might not be any evidence or a present.

She goes through the boxes once more and finds something written on the smallest box this time.

She notices some words written on the sides of the boxes, and as she tries to figure out what they mean, she realizes that they are probably trying to tell a deep secret.

As she carefully repeats the phrases, Radha finally deciphers their meaning.

She claims that the secret is kept in a different locker than the main one, so she didn’t find anything when she searched the locker before.

They become tense when Damini and Kaveri hear this.

Damini is terrified because she is aware that Radha can present them with evidence at any time because she now knows where Tulsi’s death is kept a secret.

Radha asserts that she must quickly discover the secret before Damini does.

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