Radha Mohan 3 March 2023 Written Update

Gungun enters the hall where everyone is gathered to celebrate Shiv Ratri in the Radha Mohan 3rd March 2023 episode as Damru, dressed as Lord Shiva.

Gungun’s appearance begins to be admired by everyone.

Radha and Mohan attempt to kiss Gungun simultaneously, but Gungun moves back, causing Radha and Mohan to nearly kiss.

The guests say that the couple looks great because of how passionately they look into each other.

When she hears this, Damini becomes enraged and makes a pouty face.

Gungun requests that the competition begin to entertain her and interrupts everyone’s conversation.

She asserts that the competition is merely for show and that Radha will be the only winner.

Mohan agrees with Gungun and claps in support of Radha.

When Damini and Kaveri observe Mohan supporting Radha, they become enraged.

Mohan informs Damini that he is an unofficial member of Damini’s team but that he will support Radha for the benefit of everyone.

Damini asks Kaveri if she will win the dance competition, to which Kaveri responds that Damini’s chances of winning are 200 percent because she damaged Radha’s Dancing anklets, which she will wear during the competition.

In addition, Radha will fail in the game of life as well, according to Kaveri, as she will die from the poisonous Kheer.

Since the competition is about to begin, Dulari brings all of the Dancing anklets pairs with her.

Radha receives the second pair of Dancing anklets after she gives the first pair to Damini.

They start the Thandav, which appears to be fierce competition, as they both wear their Dancing anklets and ask Lord Shiva for permission to begin.

Radha’s Dancing anklets begin to fall off while everyone is rooting for her and Kaveri is rooting for Damini.

Mohan gets up to assist Radha when he sees that her Dancing anklets are falling off. However, Kadambari stops her and tells him not to stop them in the middle of the Thandav.

Tulsi is furious and wants to teach Damini a lesson, so she puts all of the pieces of the fallen Dancing anklets into Damini’s side and tells Damini that she wants Radha to lose the competition.

Damini slips and falls during the Thandav as she transfers all of the bits onto her side due to Tulsi’s supernatural abilities.

When Damini falls, it shocks everyone.

Damini and Kaveri keep an eye on Radha while she continues her Thandav.

Radha accidentally slaps Kaveri after Kaveri is pushed toward Radha by Tulsi using her powers.

Everyone starts clapping when Radha wins, but Kaveri becomes enraged and yells at everyone.

Additionally, Kaveri yells at Radha, claiming that Radha is blind due to her inability to see Kaveri approaching her.

In response to Kaveri’s statement, Radha inquires as to why she interfered with her Thandav when she was aware that she was doing so.

She inquires of Kaveri as to whether she interfered with Radha’s dance in order for her to lose the competition.

Radha still apologizes to Kaveri in front of everyone, stating that she is sorry and did not mean to hurt her.

She gives her a hug and whispers into Kaveri’s ear that she is aware that Tulsi pushed Kaveri during Radha’s dance, causing Radha to slap Kaveri in front of everyone.

After that, Kaveri makes fun of Radha in front of Damini and tells her that winning the dance competition will be her last dance and meal.

Kaveri says that if she eats the kheer, she will die and go to Hell with Tulsi, her best friend.

When Radha hears Kaveri’s statement, she is terrified…Read more

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