Radha Mohan 30 May 2023 Update On Tuesday

Hriday puts Dadi in the corner before pulling out the gold chain from her neck and asking if she plans to take it to her grave. He is shocked to see Radha standing behind him and she asks what he is doing here all alone. Hriday responds that he felt like staying alone and also wanted to make a call.

Radha Mohan on Zee World Tuesday, May 30, 2023 Radha explains that she wanted to say this in front of the whole family but wants to talk to him now. She says that it’s better to not marry someone you don’t love because it’s just a promise that they won’t get married. She also says that she needs her the most. Hriday calls Radha Mohan, but Radha says she meant Gungun.

Gungun in the room yells Radha’s name. Mohan responds that Radha went to do what they had been trying for a long time, and Tulsi asks him to look to see that Gungun is trying to say something.

Radha is shocked when Hriday asks why he is talking to her in this way. Hriday responds that ever since he arrived, she has only talked about Mohan jee and pursued him, and she is the one who agreed to marry him so they would surely get married. Radha responds that it is her decision whom she wants to marry, but she will never marry someone like him.

Mohan inquires as to whether he feels that by discussing Radharani, he would get hitched to her as just the people who are commendable get hitched to somebody like her.

Hriday shouts she would need to get hitched with him, she drives him away making sense of therefore she was feeling fretful as Bihari jee realize that he isn’t deserving of her, Hriday shouts that her Dadi vowed to get them hitched, Radha answers that she just concerns for her bliss and would have definitely slapped him assuming that she saw him conversing with her like this.

Gungun hesitantly explains that he is not a fool but a criminal, but Mohan does not understand, so Gungun explains that he is the one who threw her into the bore well. Mohan is unable to believe it when Gungun explains that she saw the photo of him in the newspaper, which is why he ran after her and then finally threw her into the bore well. Mohan exclaims that Radha would most certainly throw Hriday out. Mohan responds that Hriday would not accept it, and he hurries after Radha after Gungun explains that Radha went to refuse.

Radha responds that she is glad she saw his real face before they got married and that now she will tell everyone the truth about him. Radha then turns and sees her father’s chain in his pocket. She asks him about it and he tells her that she gave it to him as a wedding gift. Radha says that she would never give him this chain because it was a gift from her grandfather and she never takes it off. She also says that she can clearly see that he is lying.

Radha tris calling her grandma, she begins to awaken and demands Radha to take off as he is certainly not a decent individual, Radha gradually strolls over to the corner where her Dadi is lying on the floor, Radha is going to consider her when Hriday pulls her from behind, covering her mouth. Hriday declares that he has had enough of playing this role and will undoubtedly perform what he has come to do here. When Dadi also holds one of his legs, they start to fight, but Hriday hits Radha in the face and pulls her away while she calls for Dadi.

Radha begins shouting requesting that he let her go however Hriday answers he has had enough of her theatrics and would just leave solely after his work is done; Dadi makes an honest effort to stop him yet Hriday hits her on the face prior to pulling Radha away.

When Kadambari is on the phone and Ajit is walking upstairs, Mohan asks Kadambari if he saw Radha. Ajit doesn’t know, so Kadambari asks what happened. Mohan says he can’t hear Radha, which makes her nervous. Mohan also says that Hriday isn’t nice, which Kadambari doesn’t understand. Hriday threw the gun into the bore well. Mohan rushes outside and demands that Ajit also look for her.

Tulsi enters the room while Kaveri and Damini are both sleeping. Tulsi pulls the quilt off, which wakes Kaveri. She also tries to wake Damini, telling her that she thinks Tulsi has come back to beat them. Damini refuses to wake up, telling Kaveri that she feels like she has broken her muscles after today.

She doesn’t wake up, which worries Kaveri. She holds her hand together and asks Tulsi to be Tulsi concurs saying the two of them didn’t let her assistance Gungun so she will break her bones this time. Tulsi slaps Kaveri seeing which Damini wakes so Tulsi likewise slaps her, Damini gets stressed when Tulsi makes sense of that she would have saved her girl significantly before on the off chance that they had not filled the brain of Kadambari with questions, she commitments to not leave her girl similarly as she would not help Gungun.

While Radha is struggling, Hriday is pulling her out of the house. Mohan is also looking for Radha inside the house but is unable to locate her. Radha is trying her best, but Hriday is able to hold onto her.

Gungun is extremely concerned in her room and wonders where Radha is; if he is not with that evil individual, she prays to Bihari Jee for Radha’s protection.

Radha while battling figures out how to compel the stand to tumble down, Gungun hears the sound so hurries to the window, she is stunned seeing that Hriday is pulling Radha towards the vehicle, she reviews how he took steps to kill her.
Mohan goes into the room inquiring as to whether they have seen Radha, Kaveri answers she didn’t when Mohan makes sense of he is looking for her since Hriday tossed Gungun in the drag well, Kaveri is dazed so Mohan leaves inquiring as to whether she didn’t come here, Tulsi likewise gets stressed thoroughly considering Radha so commitments to show them something new later.

Mohan rushes to Dadi and asks why she is bleeding. She tells him that Hriday left her outside after beating her and took Radha with him. They all don’t understand when she says he was forcing her away. Dulari tells Mohan that she saw Lata jee leave in the car and that she also left her belongings here. Mr Trivedi comes making sense of even Gungun isn’t in her room, Mohan questions how can this be since she was simply there yet Mr Trivedi uncovers he didn’t track down her now so she probably left.

Radha is unable to call for help because Hriday is forcing her into the car while Gungun manages to hide behind it. Radha and Hriday both are battling which makes the storage compartment of the vehicle open, Gungun reviews how she drove Radha into the storage compartment so additionally chooses to not let Radha be similarly as she was consistently there to help her, Gungun moves into the storage compartment shutting it.

Hriday in the wake of battling raises a ruckus around town of Radha against the dashboard of the vehicle making her become oblivious, he shouts now nobody would come to help her when Mohan isn’t around them.

Dadi is consoled by Pandit Jee, who assures him that neither Gungun nor Radha will be harmed. Kadambari asks Mohan why he doesn’t answer his calls, and she hopes he found something. Mohan tells her they are still looking for each other and tells her to look in Hriday’s room because they will undoubtedly find evidence against him. Ketki questions what happened when Kadambari makes sense of they all ought to look through the space to see as any verification.

Lata jee goes into the room from the window thinking how they all think she has taken off yet she can’t leave without taking the cash and verification against Damini as this is the main thing which would help her avoid prison as Damini doesnot realize she snapped her picture.

When Lata ji takes the money out of the window, she becomes concerned when she hears Rahul’s voice. When Rahul enters the room, he is shocked to see that the Almirah is open. He asks Dulari if she came here, but she says that she did not. They all begin looking through the room when Rahul tracks down the bunch of cigarettes and makes sense of that Gungun was coming clean so they ought to have accepted her, Ajit likewise finds the container of water, Lata jee under the bed thinks how she requested that he not keep the jug but rather he never pays attention to her, Ketki figures out how to find the case containing the cash, Mr Trivedi is staggered so questions how might the pujari have such a lot of cash with him.

Kadambari requests that they search the room as they would doubtlessly see as a proof, Ketki figures out how to track down the records yet doesnot notice the photograph tumbling from it, Kaveri is staggered seeing it so begins going about as though she is truly strained pondering where might have, they gone, Damini figures out how to pick the photograph which stresses Lata.

Lata is relieved, but she does not know that Tulsi is right beside her, and she manages to hit Lata, who gets scared thinking that Hriday was lying. Rahul declares that they have not been able to find any evidence against Hriday, and that they must inform Mohan of this because it would assist them. The sarree of Kadambari gets stuck in the bed, and she is unable to remove it when Rahul helps her before leaving. The Trivedi family rushes to the room when they hear her scream, but Damini and Kaveri manage to rescue her before the rest of the family arrives.

Damini calls the inspector and asks him to come here and arrest her. Kadambari explains that she is saying she does not know anything, to which the inspector assures everyone begins speaking at the police station. Lata tries to explain that she is not to blame for it, but Damini stops her from revealing the truth, and Kaveri also threatens to curse her. Lata warns Damini to help her or she will tell the entire family. Damini asks Lata to follow her instructions

After the inspector takes her away, Damini lets out a sigh of relief. Dadi says she made a big mistake, saying she would always call Radha with half a mind but she herself doesn’t know anything. Kadambari asks why she’s blaming herself. Dadi says she broke the promise she made to her dying mother to always take care of Radha but didn’t even manage to protect her. Kadambari makes sense of for what reason do they generally fault the Grandparents and the moms as she has deep conviction that Mohan would most likely figure out how to bring Radha back easily, Dadi supplicates how this is precisely the way in which it ought to work out.

After getting out of the car and approaching Radha’s door, Hriday exclaims, “I finally brought the lottery ticket to be cashed,” praising himself. Mohan is wildly looking for Radha and is truly stressed.

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