Radha Mohan 5 March 2023 Written Update

In order to demonstrate to everyone that she did not add any poison to the Kheer, Kadambari eats it at the beginning of the Radha Mohan episode from March 2023.

Kadambari is begged not to eat the kheer by Radha and Gungun because Gungun has faith that Radha will never harm this family.

In the meantime, Damini and Kaveri are terrified because they are aware that if Kadambari consumes the kheer and dies, everyone will be aware that the kheer was poisoned by Damini and Kaveri.

Additionally, Damini and Kaveri are aware that if she stops Kadambari from eating the Kheer, everyone will be suspicious of them.

Damini allows Kadambari to consume the Kheer and die in order to avoid being suspected by everyone.

Knowing that Damini has injected poison into the kheer and that Kadambari will undoubtedly die, Radha becomes terrified as Kadambari gets ready to consume it.

Radha, on the other hand, stifles Kadambari and consumes the Kheer herself…Read more

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