Radha Mohan 6 March 2023 Written Update

Mohan starts the episode Radha Mohan on March 6, 2023, by urging Damini to eat the Kheer so that Radha’s claim that it was poisonous will disappear.

Radha approaches Damini’s bowl, but she denies eating it, prompting Radha to wonder why she doesn’t want to.

In reference to Radha’s decision to force Mohan to wed her when he was supposed to wed Damini, Damini asserts that she is not like Radha, who likes to seize things that are meant for others.

Since none of them are consuming the Kheer, Mohan rolls his eyes.

Damini makes the decision to leave, but Radha intervenes and tells her to eat the kheer once more because eating sweets never made or broke a relationship.

Gungun cries to Ketki that she wants to be with Radha and not leave her alone while the women in the neighborhood try to hear the drama going on inside the room.

Radha internalizes that she is not like Damini, who forced Radha to consume the Kheer despite knowing that it contained poison.

She just wants Damini to reveal her double-dealing nature.

Damini then demands that Mohan accept her as his wife in front of everyone and that Kadambari hand over all of the household chores to her in exchange for her eating the kheer.

Radha asks Kaveri, “Save Damini from what?” after Kadambari asks Damini if she has lost her mind, but Kaveri murmurs for someone to save her daughter.

Kaveri understands her mistake and says Damini should be saved by Radha who is annoying her over and over.

Radha says she won’t let it happen when Damini asks Mohan once more to accept her as his wife.

Mohan finally gets sick of the whole ordeal and takes Radha’s Kheer from her and says he will eat it.

Radha and Damini are both concerned, and Kaveri prevents Damini from revealing herself by holding her back.

Tulsi also tries to stop Mohan from eating the kheer, but Radha takes it from her and gulps it down.

Ajeet and Rahul, on the other hand, attempt to dissuade the inquisitive neighbors from inspecting the Trivedi household.

Mohan, on the other hand, makes fun of Radha and tells Kadambari that the drama is over. He also says that if anyone had to die from eating the poisoned Kheer, they could have, but Radha appears to have returned as a ghost.

Mohan’s words clearly hurt Radha, and Kadambari scolds her for putting their family’s reputation at risk.

They all reassemble in the hall one by one while the neighbors chat.

Damini hears Kaveri say that Radha swallowed the Kheer like Lord Shiva and did not suffer any harm.

Gungun appears in the meantime, and Mohan asserts that Radha ate the Kheer but nothing transpired.

However, Gungun begs Mohan to transport Radha to the hospital in the event of an emergency.

Rahul interjects, stating that Radha would not be affected by the poison even if it were contained within the Kheer.

According to Kaveri (Kalyug), the world is filthy to the point where even poisons are altered.

Just then, Damini declares that she will not tolerate Radha continually humiliating her, but Mohan tells her to shut up and keep the family’s reputation intact because Radha does more than half of the damage.

Radha apologizes to everybody except Tulsi is certain to such an extent that Radha can’t lie.

Because the poison is now beginning to work, Radha experiences hiccups and blurry vision right away…Read more

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