Raising Mamay: A GMA Network Series

raising mamay

Raising Mamay follows the narrative of a diligent mother, Letty (Ai de las Alas). She and her partner, Bong (Antonio Aquitania), have been attempting to have a kid. A medical issue expected Letty to go through a clinical activity, which delivered her unequipped for bearing a child, subsequently.

At the point when Bong’s companion, brought to their a house a stranded kid, Letty helpfully considered the baby’s appearance to be the Almighty’s satisfaction of their hotly anticipated fantasy about having a child. She proposed to Bong to have the kid adopted, all things considered. They named her, Abigail (Shayne Sava).

Unbeknownst to Letty, be that as it may, Abigail is genuinely Bong’s kid, yet with another lady. When uncovered, this reality will undoubtedly shake Letty’s associations with both Abigail and Bong. In any case, there’s a greater core that will either break or reinforce Abigail and Letty’s affection and commitment for one another: a mishap that will deliver the last option deadened and behave like a child.

Being her most memorable lead featuring job, Abigail is ready to exhibit StarStruck alumna, Shayne Sava’s sensational chops. While she clearly will get overshadowed by the splendor of de las Alas, who has long solidified her height as a viable sensational entertainer, the open door is something like shocking for Sava.

Letty is a job, not excessively scary, for de las Alas to take, as she plays pulled off praiseworthy parts previously. All things considered, the person’s fascinating characters and elements are as yet set to challenge de las Alas; yet it will not be amazed in the event that she winds up handling it easily.