Rajjo 12 May 2023 Update On Friday

Rajjo asks Arjun, “Do you trust me?” in the Starlife Friday, May 12, 2023 update. Rajjo advises against asking how much. She hands him the medal. Arjun leaves He observes the baby. Arjun learns from Baba. Everyone and Madhu are watching. Arjun responds, “If it’s red, I have a ghost spirit around, right?

” when Baba asks him to cut the gourd. He slices the pumpkin. Everyone sees the color red. Jhilmil is anxious. When Rajjo hears Pushkar, he says, “I feel like someone is having trouble breathing. Shall I go and see? No, it will be a problem for Arjun.” Rajjo is speaking to Pushkar. Pushkar receives the pump after kneeling. The pump vanishes. He passes out. According to Rajjo, nothing is worse than someone’s life. She goes to Pushkar to see him.

Baba says see, I told you, it will be red, he has a soul on him. Arjun chides him. Madhu requests that he quiet down. Arjun calls the baba a con artist during their argument. He shows the synthetic on the blade. He says its generally old stunt, there was a compound on the blade. Mukund and Sagar are tasked with catching the fraud baba by Pratap. Baba takes off. Rajjo glances outside.

She gets his siphon. She claims that Kaki uses this pump to treat asthma. She instructs Pushkar to take the inhaler and open her eyes. She asserts, “I don’t know how to use it,” but if you do, you can breathe. She gives it to his hand. He utilizes the siphon.

Madhu apologizes, saying, “You gave me a reason to be afraid.” Kalinda responds positively, as Madhu never forgets when someone makes a mistake. Madhu is sorry. Arjun states, “I am aware that you do everything for my benefit.” Rajjo considers calling Pushkar for assistance. She asks Pushkar not to stress, she will proceed to find support, he won’t bite the dust. She takes a container and tosses it down. Pratap claims we were rescued. They worry when they see the vase. They proceed upward. Arjun believes Rajjo is upstairs. Rajjo signs Arjun about Pushkar. All of them see Pushkar and attend to him. Rajjo petitions God for Pushkar.

She claims that he would father someone. Pushkar is asked to open his eyes by Kalinda. Pushkar gets cognizant. He has everyone’s concern. Jhilmil asks Mukund to inquire about Pushkar’s health because Pushkar is his mother. Mukund inquires about your health. Pushkar sighs. Arjun asks will we take you to the clinic. Pushkar says no, I got an asthma assault, there was smoke in the whole house, its great that young lady came in time and saved me. Madhu inquires if Sia arrived.

I sent Swara to neighbors after she said no. Pushkar says she was here. Rajjo fasts. Jhilmil inquires if she is a Chudail. Pushkar claims I was unable to clearly see her. Arjun responds, “Very good.” I mean, Sagar, just open the windows and let this smoke out, relax, and forget about it. They generally go out. Arjun, Pushkar inquires about that girl. Arjun claims that I know her. Pushkar inquires as to for what reason didn’t you tell before everybody, tell me. Arjun inquires, “Can I trust you?

” Pushkar insinuates that your secret will remain safe. Arjun informs me that he is assisting a girl in the village who has lost her mother. He asks if you can assist him in locating her mother, who was an athlete in the past. Pushkar gets stunned perusing Manorama’s name on the gold award. He thinks of Manorama. Manorama will arrive soon. Pushkar inquires, “Did she save my life?” whether you brought Manorama’s daughter here. Rajjo is her name, and Arjun says yes. He goes. The medal is seen by Pushkar.

The family of Pushkar is on their way. Bunty is urged to drive cautiously by his wife. Arjun gets Rajjo. She’s seen by Pushkar. The door is shut by Arjun. Bunty asserts that I am messaging rather than speaking on the phone. His mother instructs him to observe traffic regulations. She thinks he is following in his father’s footsteps. He accidentally hits Manorama. The car is covered in Manorama. They spot Manorama and transport her to their vehicle.

Rajjo accompanies Pushkar. He claims that I saw her during your engagement party. Rajjo affirms that he met him. Pushkar says that’s strange because no one told me she was here. Arjun says no one knows this at home. Pushkar inquires as to whether you are joking; she lives under the same roof, and you claim that no one is aware of it. Given that you have also concealed this from Madhu, how is it possible?

I couldn’t leave her alone, it was my engagement that day, I don’t know how mom and Urvashi would have reacted. Sorry, I thought just you can help me, you have contacts, you can find her mother, will you help me, I can trust you, right, will you help us find her mother? Arjun says I had no idea how she got here. I was also shocked because her mother is missing and she is new to this city. Rajjo asks him to locate her mother.

She is asked to stand by Arjun. Pushkar says you accomplished something beneficial to let me know this mystery, I will settle this, I need to do this.

He gets lost. She holds his hand. He says I m OK, you both go at this point. When he sees Kalindi, he thinks that the evidence of my pride and enjoyment are together, that they can’t be together, and that my reputation can’t be ruined by one girl. Arjun expresses conceal in the cabinet, however don’t sit on my garments. Rajjo apologizes, but since he never saw her, how will Pushkar locate her? He claims he will locate her due to his extensive network.

She beams. He now requests that she sit in the cupboard. He asks is it OK. She gives a nod and drops. They have some time. He claims that voltage issues occasionally occur. Urvashi is calling him, he can hear. When Pushkar returns home, he remembers Mannu. His wife shows up. She asks, “Are you okay?” Kalindi told me that you had an asthma attack, and you should have stayed there because it was Kalindi’s birthday and we were coming there. He asserts that I remember that and that she is not unlucky for me. She leaves.

He says Mannu came here with her ill-conceived kid, she will get more destroyed this time. Arjun turns and sees Urvashi. He tells me to stop there and not come any closer because my clothes smell bad. Urvashi talks romantically with him as she gets close to him. Rajjo is hidden behind Arjun. He is asked to change and come downstairs by Urvashi. She claims that I have prepared something for Kalindi’s birthday; please come soon. She leaves. Arjun asks, “I’m sorry, how are you?” Rajjo says it’s fine, but I know you won’t ever hurt me because you were afraid of Urvashi and I could hear your heartbeat. You’re a coward. He changes and takes off his clothes.

He smiles when he sees Rajjo dancing. Tujhse juda… .plays… She gives a bloom and requests that he give it to Kalindi, don’t say she made it. He says it’s pretty, I’ll give it to you, and you can come out to see what’s going on downstairs, have fun, and dance with your mom. She grins and says thanks to him. Pushkar thinks that Mannu will be found soon. Mannu is in the house. She covers her face.

Bunty asserts that dad can learn about her. His mother claims that’s why I brought her here; thank that woman for not dragging the matter out. Pushkar goes unnoticed by Mannu. Pushkar inquires about the soiled shoes’ owner. Bunty claims that the new maid owns it. Jokes about Pushkar. Mannu thinks I heard this voice some place. They leave.

Kalindi gets everybody’s desires. She appreciates them. Arjun presents the rose and states that it is a thoughtful present for you. Kalindi thanks you because it’s the cutest thing. Rajjo is hiding, says Pushkar. Jhilmil gives a gift that he claims is the largest. Kartik jokes. She would like Kalindi. Everybody wishes Kalindi and gives her the gifts. Kalindi gives Pushkar a hug and says, “Dad, I love you.” Chirag is drinking, she observes. Jhilmil ridicules. She says to stop drinking today. Pushkar says its alright, there ought to be love in heart, I never gave any gift to my significant other, however I love her, right Kavita. She sighs. Sia receives a rose from Arjun.

According to Sia, dad secretly wishes you were his mother. Everyone applauds. Kalindi says thanks to Sia. Rajjo says Arjun is so great, he considers everybody. Kalindi drops the rose and asks did it hurt, I additionally got injured by the thistles, I never believed that you will change such a great amount after marriage, love stays in adoration marriage until the marriage. Chirag asks how it can be someone else’s fault when both parties are to blame. He gets down. He leaves as he wishes her.

Arjun responds, “Let it be, just spread happiness.” Madhu says you try to improve Chirag’s life. Pushkar sees Rajjo and Arjun together. According to Urvashi, we’ll also dance. Madhu jokes. We will now dance, Urvashi declares, “I will do whatever he likes.” They all dance. Chirag and Kalindi are made to dance by Arjun. Kalindi grins seeing Rough. Arjun embraces Rocky.

Kalindi and Rocky stare at each other. Rough wishes her blissful birthday and winks. Pushkar thinks Rajjo is remembering to remain here, never, I will make her contact her perfect spot.

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