Rajjo 13 May 2023 Update On Saturday

Rajjo On Starlife Saturday 13 May 2023 update, everybody moving. The cake is cut by Kalindi. Chirag and Kalindi share a slice of cake. They exit. Sia examines the cake. Sia receives the cake from Swara. Everyone receives the cake from Kalindi. Kalindi receives the cake from Rocky. They grin. They all dance on the gorgeous Ladki…. Arjun signs Rajjo to see the cake and grins. Pushkar looks at them. Arjun gives Rajjo a sweet treat. Because it’s tasty, he tells her to eat it. She says its truly scrumptious, I have seen this interestingly.

He asks when is your birthday. Rajjo claims that on the day of Dussehra, his mother instructed him to acquire a bow and arrow and kill the Raavan. He applies the cake cream all over. He says that’s how we celebrate it. He says no, stop, my garments will get ruined. She says I will spread it all over. He holds her hands. He asks how you’ll put it to use right now. She says I’ll get my way. She applies the cream to his cheek from her cheek. He looks at her as Tujhse Juda plays.

She asks, “Will you repeat this?” He is contacted. She claims that my eyes are burning. He gets his face clean. He instructs you to use the restroom and wash your face while I go downstairs. He goes. Pushkar glances up. Kavita sees Madhu’s gift to Kalindi and says its great, yet little. Madhu says its not American jewels, but rather genuine solitaires. Arjun enters the basement. Chirag and Kalindi insult one another. I like this bag, she says. Rocky, Madhu claims, got it because he is my sister’s son and has class. Kalindi receives a flying kiss from Rocky.

We’ll play a game, according to Panhudi. The bag is also liked by Kavita. Rocky receives her thanks. Madhu asserts that Kavita is innocent, and she enjoys seeing merchandise branded. She insults Kavita for getting rich subsequent to wedding Pushkar. Mukund is invited to play Antakshari by Swara.

She agrees to play Sia with him. Pushkar says I will go washroom and come. Arjun says go, I will choose the group. He grabs Sia by the arms. Pushkar goes higher up. Rajjo claims that my eyes are sore. Pushkar approaches her. He gets her and blacks out her down. He seals her up inside a bag and takes the bag outside the house. He comes ground floor. He apologizes, stating that we must leave early and will meet again. We’ll be there, Kavita promises.

Bunty and you can come later, according to Pushkar. Pushkar goes out and takes the sack. He goes to the city edges. The bag is thrown by him down the bridge. He has run out of ideas. Rajjo considers washing her eyes. Before I attack her, he believes she cannot see me. Rajjo goes outside to use the restroom. She slips and hits the balcony below. Arjun hears her scream. When Arjun notices her, he yells Rajjo. She is held in his arms. Everyone is taken aback.

Pushkar explodes. Arjun asks, “Are you okay?” and tells you to stop crying. Arjun yells at Madhu. Mauli and Arjun’s wristwatch/bracelet become entangled. Madhu insults them. I think I knew that, Kalindi. Madhu visits Rajjo and Arjun. She asks what’s this Arjun, who is she. She gets a light and consumes the Mauli.

She requests that he say who is Rajjo. Urvashi says answer it Arjun, I additionally need to be aware, who is she. Pratap requests that Arjun reply. Pushkar believes that this girl has arrived to cause havoc. Arjun says she is Rajjo, I got her in Neeltal, she has come from that point. Urvashi asks what is she doing here. Madhu says my inquiries aren’t finished at this point.

Arjun divulges every detail. Urvashi inquires if she has been with you since the wedding. Madhu claims she stayed in your room; you concealed this information from us. According to Jhilmil, the strand of her hair indicates that the neighbor was correct about a girl entering his balcony. Pankhudi says so you locked the room. Madhu is lying when she says that you brought the food to your room. Kalindi claims that you deceived us.

According to Chirag, he would have good reasons. Mukund describes it as odd. I didn’t anticipate this from Arjun, Kartik claims. Arjun apologizes to Maa. He embraces Madhu. She becomes enraged and pushes him away. Madhu claims that because you have a good heart, you have become an angel for everyone. However, keeping a young girl in your room and cheating on everyone is wrong. Rajjo laments.

Arjun is being scolded by Madhu. He claims that I’m to blame, but trust me when I say that I couldn’t tell anyone. I thought I would tell you later that I had hid Rajjo in my room until I found her mother, and I had no malicious intent. According to Madhu, if fate is bad, nothing will help you; you will be punished, and your character will be destroyed. Yes, Urvashi, how did you get engaged to me and keep another girl in your room? I’m sorry if you expect such understanding from me.

He says you know me, I disdain cheat, I m wrong to conceal Rajjo in the room, excuse me. Rajjo believes that I should be forgiven because you were only assisting me when I fell and caused you to fall in front of everyone. He expresses regret. Pratap claims that you violated our trust and that you ought to have disclosed this to someone in the house. Pushkar appears and claims he informed me. Rajjo believes that Pushkar ought to save Arjun. Kalindi asks did you truly know. Pushkar affirms this.

Dada ji says even I had some awareness of this young lady. Everyone is taken aback. Pushkar believes that my strategy was unsuccessful, but that’s okay; I won’t quit the game. Pratap asks what are you talking about, are you deceiving us. I saw her and asked Arjun, according to Dada ji, who says yes. Pushkar says yes; I also asked him, and he said it wasn’t his fault. He is teased by Madhu. She won’t accept this, so she asks Dada ji why he covered up Arjun’s lie. She also scolds him.

She inquires as to how you allowed Rajjo to reside with my Arjun. Rajjo laments. We don’t know Madhu’s family, and we don’t know if she knows her dad or if he is missing along with her mother. She affronts Rajjo. She wasn’t like that, so Arjun tells her to watch her language. She asserts that you weren’t either, just look at yourself. Madhu says that she respects Pushkar, but that you made me feel bad by keeping me in the dark. You are great, you believe in equality, which is why you chose Kavita despite the fact that she came from a poor family.

You have the right to choose Bunty, but not Arjun; only I have that right because I am Arjun’s mother. She frequently scolds Rajjo. Arjun asserts that Rajjo is not a bad girl. She claims that she ought to have sought assistance, that she ought to have asked you to locate her mother, that she ought to have slept outside anywhere, that she ought to have eaten from the same plate, that she ought to have stayed in the same room, and that we ought to have fed her. Arjun begs you to refrain from doing this, please. He is teased by Madhu.

She says you can change Dada ji and Pushkar’s heart, however not my aims, I will not endure this young lady here. Pushkar apologizes and requests an opportunity to correct his slip-up. He declares that I will abandon this girl at any hostel. Madhu is asked by Dada ji to yell at him and make fun of Rajjo, but they have to get the girl to join her mom. Madhu asserts that it is not necessary for her to locate her mother immediately; it may also take years. Kalindi affirms. Urvashi says she doesn’t know how much time she’ll need, so she doesn’t know if she’ll stay in Arjun’s room.

Arjun responds no. She claims I require some time. I discovered that Rajjo’s mother is in this city, and he claims that we will soon be able to locate her. Rajjo tells Arjun, “Don’t get on your son because of me. It’s not his fault, it’s mine.” He is like Ram in that he stays within his limits and didn’t break any while he was with me. My mother was lost, but he also loves his mother, so he understood my pain and came to support me. Don’t make Arjun cry.

Madhu says I understand him better than you, I never questioned him, yet your aims, I will not endure you here. Rajjo is asked to leave by her. Arjun claims that it is 3 a.m.; where will she go? Madhu asserts that if you don’t find a home for her, you won’t care about her, so let her know right away. Bharat is asked to go along by Madhu. She tells Arjun that he must drop her and return to Urvashi; he must not support Rajjo because she must now walk alone. Rajjo left.

She asks Bharat not to wander off the path and to bring Arjun home. Arjun and Rajjo come to a ladies lodging. He says sorry. She says that’s fine because I don’t want to hear anything right now. They are noticed by a woman, who calls Pushkar. She claims that Rajjo has arrived with a man. He informs you that if you perform my work, you will receive a special gift and a double donation. She asks him to give orders.

The receptionist says, “Yes, we provide rooms for the entire group.” Arjun and Rajjo request that she track down a space for brief premise. The woman is taught by Pushkar. Rajjo is denied space. I’ll sleep in the hallway, she says. The Warden states, “I will give him a special woman. I will give this innocent girl a room because she is a guest in our city.” Arjun inquires how you know. She claims that her appearance has changed, and it’s all about money. I’ll make arrangements.

Rajjo requests that Arjun go, she will remain alone, she confides in the superintendent. Arjun says fine, I will make full installment and leave her here, however I won’t fail to remember her, I will continue to come, I m like her loved ones.

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