Rajjo 14 May 2023 Update Sunday

Rajjo On Starlife Sunday 14 May 2023 update, Arjun cautioning the superintendent. Rajjo tells him not to worry because she has already done a lot of wrong things. He responds, “No, I won’t let anything bad happen to you.” She responds, “I felt really bad, I can’t forget what she told me about my parents.”

He is so sorry; I am aware that she would also be sorry for her words. She really asks, “Go hug your mom; don’t hurt her heart.” She says, “You did a lot for me; I’ll repay your favors.” He says we need to make a solid effort to see as your mum, remain well, have food, don’t hop once more, on the off chance that there is any risk, call me, don’t take off, hang tight for me, fare thee well.

She gives a nod and adds, “You also take care and take your medications on time; I heard you take your medications every day.” He tells you to run away if you sense danger; don’t wait for me; run like this is the first and last run of your life; however, it won’t be necessary because I will be there for you.

She says OK, you are with me. He always says. She asks consistently. He says OK, consistently, fare thee well. She adds that you also care. He leaves. She recollects their era. Superintendent sends Rajjo’s pic and sound message. She says I will send this young lady out of the city. Pushkar actually looks at the message. He declares, “I will send this girl and her mother.” Mannu is not seen by him.

Madhu sees Arjun and thinks about that young lady Rajjo. Rajjo gets tea. She conjures up Arjun. Arjun conjures up Rajjo. Hasta rehta hoon… plays… Madhu says your propensities got ruined, you generally enjoyed tidiness, take a gander at yourself, this new change is terrible. He figures what might Rajjo do there, she needs to fare thee well.

Kartik and Pratap have a discussion. Kalindi and Rocky are holding hands. Arjun is of the opinion that he does not know whether Rajjo has eaten, so he will call and inquire whether she has. He gets in touch. Arjun is brought back to the dining room table when Madhu stops him. Kalindi claims that I contemplated going out with friends for my own tranquility. She is mocked by Chirag. Madhu expresses return on time, I have kept Mata ka jagrata. Kalindi confirms.

Madhu makes fun of Rajjo. Mukund claims that I know no pandits. Swara says I have the pandit’s number. I will make Mata ki chunri shine, according to Jhilmil. Arjun and Urvashi will perform the aarti first, according to Madhu, and their marriage should go smoothly. Jhilmil says Mukund is occupied, he ought to return soon. Chirag is teasing Kalindi. Arjun claims that I will also return soon.

Madhu tells you that you won’t go anywhere, that you will stay here, that I won’t let you help that girl, that you should work from home, and that you shouldn’t talk to me. Arjun is anxious. Pushkar goes unnoticed by Mannu. Kavita says I recollect my commitment, I called many individuals to find your girl, I m not lying, I likewise have a little girl, I know your aggravation, Rama.

Mannu appreciates her. She agrees to join Kavita. I will pray at the Jagrata, according to Mannu. Rajjo is observed by the goon and the Warden. She asks him to take Rajjo somewhere else. Rajjo is distant from everyone else.

Swara and others asking Arjun not to commit any error else he will confront Madhu’s rage. Arjun asks them not to startle him. Madhu observes Arjun embellishing the puja location. She leaves. Rajjo is distant from everyone else.

Mannu is asked to finish the work first by Kavita, or else her husband will be worried. She requests Mannu to open the courier’s family portrait. Mannu takes the package out. She doesn’t see Pushkar in the pic and goes. Kavita requests that she clean the kitchen. Pushkar sends the warden an email.

Arjun is requested by Madhu to touch the donated items. It becomes windy. Rajjo worries Arjun. Rajjo asks God that she sees her mother. She covers her feet in a red color. Arjun likewise applies the red tone to Madhu’s feet. Madhu describes how fortunate she is to have a son like Shravan Kumar. She makes fun of Chirag.

Urvashi says Mata’s Bhakti begins with commitment and finishes with deference, Rajjo is my obligation, I regard her. You won’t go to that girl, Madhu says, but don’t worry, she’s safe in that hostel. Rajjo inquires as to the identity of the voice that he hears. She comes to the door. The Warden stops her and inquires about her activities. Rajjo claims that someone is within. The door is locked, according to the guard, and nobody is there. A girl’s voice is saying to open the door once from Rajjo.

The Warden says, “I’ll check,” and you go to your room. Arjun calls her and inquires as to why no one answers. The Warden apologizes, stating that Rajjo is fine and has adjusted to her new surroundings. He asks her to make him use a video call to talk to Rajjo. She remembers to make them talk, else he will come there straightforwardly. She stops Rajjo and says its Arjun’s call. Rajjo dashes to speak with him.

Madhu picks up the phone and ends the call. Rajjo requests that superintendent call him once more. The guardian states that we are not permitted, so leave. Rajjo left. Arjun is asked to lead the aarti with Urvashi by Madhu. Kavita claims that the maid can assist in Jagrata since I’m bringing her along. She is taunted by Pushkar, and he lets the maid in. Mannu sits in the vehicle. Everybody gets going in the Jagrata and ask.

The family of Pushkar returns home. Everyone meets Pushkar. Everyone joins in. Superintendent goes to Rajjo and requests that she go to some room, its Arjun’s approach the landline. Rajjo runs happily. Arjun is taken along by Urvashi. Rajjo goes into the room. She observes the hospital’s layout. She’s anxious. Rajjo gets Mannu’s prayers. She gets frightened. Arjun calls the superintendent once more. The hooligans come and say just relax, we will infuse you, it won’t torment you. She claims that nothing harmed me and that I’m fine.

He says that’s why we chose you; sick people don’t sell their kidneys. They get her. Arjun offers Matarani a prayer. Rajjo attempts to flee. Arjun contacts the guard. He is teased by Madhu. He claims that I am speaking correctly, but the truth is that you are wrong today and I am correct. She invites him to join Urvashi for puja. Rajjo moves. She hits the warden in the head with a pot.

Arjun makes a landline call. Rajjo yells for assistance. She is injected after the rogue finds her. He acquires her. The guardian orders the gang to steal the organs.

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