Rajjo 18 May 2023 Update On Thursday

Rajjo On Starlife Thursday 18 may 2023 update, Rajjo leaving. Arjun laments. Madhu says I truly want to believe that you have a protected excursion. Arjun makes a run for Rajjo. Madhu closes the entryway. Arjun is noticed by Madhu. Arjun breaks down. Rajjo is at the window, he sees. He says you have come, I figured you will do without meeting me. She inquires as to how I can go without meeting. He yells at her.

She expresses regret and thanks, stating, “I don’t want to break my relationship with you, so it’s imprudent to say this, sorry, and thanks.” They weep. She thanks me for meeting my mother. He asserts that it is sufficient; how much will you say? She says, “You are the best,” and I told her what was in my heart.

He says you are dumb, however clean hearted, remain same, don’t become like others. She says you additionally stay something very similar, never show signs of change, I will go now, mum wasn’t allowing me to come, I needed to concoct a rationalization and come. He requests my purpose.

She adds for my benefit. She smiles and says, “I’m leaving my chunni here. It stinks, but it’s my souvenir. You won’t forget me.” He claims that your marriage has been fixed; can you give me your consent? In the car, Vicky, Mannu, and Kaka are waiting. Vicky has a liquor bottle in his pocket. Arjun says you’re upset. Rajjo says no utilization, I battled with mum today.

He states, “I know you want to work and stay here.” She says I have battled a great deal, yet this time my determination won’t help, I need to get hitched, I will follow through with something, mum has consented to remain around here, I won’t lose mental fortitude. He begs her not to leave. He claims Chirag gave you a phone; are you familiar with its use? She says OK. He claims to have stored my number there. She says sufficiently its. He advises calling me for assistance. They hug.

They go out. Rajjo walks out. Arjun tells you to take care of yourself because I’m not there to care for you. He thinks of Vicky’s words. He says Vicky isn’t like he shows up. Arjun appears and settles into Madhu’s lap. She inquires about your agitation. He asserts that all is well. She tells you, “I don’t like you this way,” “Stay happy,” and “We will make a list.” He tells me to just come. He goes.

The packet of rice breaks off. She stresses. Arjun learns that Vicky drove recklessly. Arjun leaves. Rajjo asks Vicky to drive well. Don’t worry, the car is fine, he says, because the roads have pits. Mannu advises slowing down. He asks them to join him in singing. Arjun has arrived. He calls Rajjo while searching for Vicky’s vehicle.

Pratap and Madhu have a conversation. He makes fun of it and thanks her for not talking to him all day. She must wear gajras from him. He says, “I take back my words,” but don’t be upset because you’ve helped this family a lot and kept them together. They laugh as they share a joke. Arjun contacts Rajjo. If you were in the city, Rajjo asks, why did you consider marrying me? Kaka claims that I told Mannu that I had the idea to make you my bahu. I like you, Vicky says. Why, she inquires, “Didn’t you find anyone pretty in the city?

” He also says that you are pretty. Kaka inquires as to for what reason are you talking like this. Vicky asserts that I must act in accordance with my surroundings. She asks, “Will you allow me to work after we get married?” He says OK, why not, you will accomplish my family work. He chuckles. He performs the tune. Arjun calls Rajjo. Rajjo tells you to lower the volume because I have to talk. Arjun requests that you hear him. Vicky drives recklessly.

Rajjo is overcome by Mannu. They ask Vicky to drive well. Arjun asks could you at any point hear me, what is he doing, are you fine, did you get injured, for what reason is he keeping clearly music, moronic, I realize he doesn’t believe we should talk. Arjun claims that I won’t leave him. Rajjo sits tight for his call.

Pushkar claims that you finally got rid of them. Madhu says fail to remember it. She requests some snacks for him. Pushkar asks Rough how are things turning out on. Rocky claims that I came to establish my new company. Pushkar suggests that you contact me for assistance. Kalindi claims he would need assistance. She tells Rocky to ask Pushkar for assistance. Pushkar affirms this. He requests that Kavita give what he has.

He shows everyone the limited-edition watches. Jhilmil says you ought to have it for Kalindi and me. He explains that these people are my second family. Everyone is happy. Madhu inquires about the odor. Kavita claims that it is the scent of candy from my brother’s house. Madhu insults her. Madhu is asked to have it by Kalindi, and sweets turns the tongue sweet. I must speak sweetly in front of the people, Kartik says, because I want the sweets.

Kavita is held by Kalindi. Pushkar believes that nobody will inquire about Rajjo and Mannu here. Rajjo advises taking it easy from here. I’m not afraid, according to Vicky. Rajjo says drive slow, don’t babble. He indignantly races the vehicle. Kaka asks them not to move, on the off chance that they move, the vehicle will tumble down the precipice. They yell for help. Arjun comes there and helps them. He then exits the vehicle. He inquires about your health. Vicky says ask me too. Arjun yells at him.

He says all of you would have passed on the off chance that I got late. The vehicle falls. Arjun pulls the car back while holding it. Rajjo also seeks assistance. If you move, Arjun warns, you will be hurt. Mannu stands by.

Kaka asks Vicky to go. Vicky says they are dealing with. Mannu holds a stone under the wheel. Kaka appreciates Arjun. Arjun claims Mannu and Rajjo saved your vehicle. Rajjo asks how could you know I m here. Arjun gets the liquor bottle from Vicky’s pocket. He asserts that you broke the law and that I will arrest you for drunk driving. Vicky claims that it was consumed to clear her throat, not wine. Rajjo smiles. Arjun tells him, “Don’t go anywhere; I’ll make you stay somewhere good; come with me.”

He asserts that I cannot leave Rajjo in danger alone. Mannu remembers but declines. He says I will drop you. She reports that you are leaving us. Rajjo inquires about your words. She separates them with a line. She asserts that this line will always exist between you two. Arjun is a nice man who has great insight, but society doesn’t see that because it sees only wealth and poverty.

Mannu explains what Rajjo and I, according to Arjun, are just… She says I picked this life for Rajjo for her joy, you saved her and joined her with me, sufficiently its, She requests that Rajjo settle down with Vicky.

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