Rajjo 20 May 2023 Update On Saturday

Rajjo On Starlife Saturday 20 May 2023 update, Vicky getting his companions home. Arjun is working at the job. Rocky smiles as he signs Kalindi. Arjun’s happiness makes Madhu happy. Vicky tells Pushkar to keep the money ready, or Rajjo and Mannu will disappear.

Pushkar believes its benefit. He orders Vicky to finish his work right away. Arjun hears this and inquires about the state of your conversation with Vicky. Pushkar claims that I assured him that nothing would go wrong because he is my accountant and you have met him. Arjun remarks, “Oh, Vicky.”

Pushkar asserts that you remain concerned for Rajjo, that Chirag and Mukund are unable to satisfy their wives, and that you are unable to satisfy Urvashi. He mocks Arjun. Arjun says sorry and goes. Arjun asks how am I doing my life. He is contacted. The battery discharges. He puts it on charging. According to the inspector, Vicky is dangerous, and those around him must exercise caution.

Pandit inquires about the girl’s father. Kaka says to just do the rasam instead of that. Pandit says custom will be deficient, guardians’ names are taken to welcome the Devta. Rajjo says Dhaki Manorama.

According to Pandit, I asked for my father’s name. Rajjo says OK, my mum is my beginning and end, my mum and father, all Devtas know this, you can definitely relax, simply say her name. According to pandit, ritual does not occur in this manner. Vicky says I couldn’t care less, I m wedding Rajjo, who comprehends me, Mannu gave her great qualities, she will keep me cheerful, I will likewise keep her blissful. Rajjo smiles.

He believes that I have to say this to be nice. Rajjo, Mannu promises, will be content. Vicky declares that she will visit various houses to determine where I send her. Arjun asks when will you do tilak to me, cause me to feel demon. Urvashi’s words are so sweet. Sagar is asked by Jhilmil to learn from Arjun that everyone ought to get married. Kartik satire.

Madhu says Swara, get the silver plate. Chirag says you are making a solid attempt, don’t do, it’s something terrible about liquor and feelings, we can’t conceal it, unwind, I could do without strain all over, I realize you need to continue on and keep family blissful, for what reason are you hustling, don’t remain in responsibility, you do right by us, come, give me a grin now. Madhu says we need to apply haldi tika to shagun wraps.

Pratap claims that seeing them both happy makes him happy. Madhu says I m there to direct them. He states, “I have one hope: if you give love to Chirag and space to Arjun, then everything will get better.” “Let it be; it’s a moment of happiness; apply the tika,” he says.

Pandit is asked to start by Jhilmil. Arjun and Urvashi have the ceremonies done. Vicky and Rajjo both sit for haldi. Constable calls Arjun’s landline. At Arjun’s house, everyone dances. Rajjo is embraced by Mannu as Badhai hovers, plays, and watches. Arjun grins seeing his family cheerful. Mannu moves joyfully.

Rajjo beams. Kalindi and Rough get aside. She picks up the phone to answer. The inspector states, “I’m inspector Pathak, I want to talk to Arjun.” She asks what is it that you need to converse with him. He claims that it has nothing to do with your family, but Arjun knows Vicky, who is a big criminal. Kalindi inquires, “What? Rajjo will marry a criminal?

” When she turns, Madhu is there. Madhu inquires, “Are you mad? Don’t know what to say?” She sees Arjun and Urvashi content. She asserts, “I heard everything,” “I don’t wish bad for anyone,” “I wish Rajjo gets saved from criminals,” and “I won’t let Arjun go to save her.” Kalindi says it’s a call from police headquarters, Arjun needs to go, he is spotted with Vicky.

Madhu asks, “Tell them, we don’t know anything,” will that girl make Arjun go to jail? Pushkar appears and declares, “Go, I’ll handle the police.” Madhu and Kalindi go. Arjun says I want to give Urvashi a present. Everyone applauds. Pratap says he has gone on me. The jewelry is given by Arjun. Kartik claims it is a small present. Arjun claims that the value of gifts is unknown. I liked this evil eye, Urvashi claims, but I didn’t tell Arjun. Arjun claims I learned about it. Pankhudi says that’s so sweet.

According to Jhilmil, I also want one. According to Madhu, they shouldn’t have bad eyesight. Pushkar says Arjun saw a mishap and aided individuals, he has barely any familiarity with Vicky or that young lady and her mum, don’t drag Arjun in this. Sir, the inspector says yes. Rajjo gets an anklet from Vicky. His friends pay her attention. Urvashi is subjected to the evil eye by Arjun.

Urvashi says its delightful. Everyone is happy. We will take a family selfie, according to Sagar. They record it. Rajjo sits in sadness. Mannu stands by. Arjun does a phone check. He claims that there are no call details. Pushkar claims that I cleared the call details and that Rajjo will not be saved by him.

Rajjo envisioning Arjun. He talks to her and throws a glass at her. He tells her to just come and not get angry. Rajjo looks at Vicky. He says sculpture. He giggles. He says, “I will take revenge on you, if you laugh now, then see,” because he says, “You have troubled me a lot in childhood.” Rajjo beams. He approaches. She runs away and tells them not to do this. He says we will get hitched. She says it didn’t as yet work out.

He claims that your mother and my father discussed the fact that you have shared a room with Arjun for two weeks; he would have paid a price, inform me. She demands silence from him. She yells at him. She goes leaving her telephone there. Vicky claims that she ruined my mood and that I should have crossed the border with her before sending her across the border.

Urvashi is at the door, Arjun sees. She suggests that we celebrate today. Rajjo is furious. Mannu cautions her against wearing glass bangles. She tells you to tell me what’s bothering you or I’ll yell at you, but I can’t ignore your anger or the incident. Mannu inquires as to who touched you and Rajjo responds, “Tell me.

” Rajjo responds, “I just want to know how a girl should feel.” Arjun claims that I don’t drink. Urvashi claims to be a fruit wine. On Ishq wala love, they drink and dance. Mannu says that God gave us a third eye. We can tell a guy’s intentions by touching him, and if his intentions are good, we won’t feel bad. Arjun is on Rajjo’s mind.

Mannu says that since we won’t like the guy around if he is bad, we should know if we should let it happen or stop it. Rajjo thinks of Vicky. Mannu claims that this alone is the difference; we can see the truth in the man’s eyes. Please explain why you asked, and if you know of anyone who has touched your heart, please tell me about them. Arjun is on Rajjo’s mind. She embraces Mannu and says I have a good sense of security with you, don’t battle with me. They cry.

Mannu says that your heart is tense, which is why you are thinking all of this. Vicky comes from a good family, he knows us, and he will make you happy. You will love him if you trust him. Urvashi says, “I really love you.” Arjun adds, “I also.” She tells me to leave right now because I need to look fresh in haldi. He tells me to wait. She leaves.

Chirag is where Arjun goes. Chirag is a guitarist. He says that a person should carry a burden on his shoulders, back, and head, but not on his heart; please explain. I don’t want to talk, Arjun says. Chirag asserts that you must inquire about my concerns. Arjun asserts that I do not worry about Rajjo. Chirag says simply converse with her, perhaps she is additionally partaking in her capability.

Vicky responses the call. He asks if you would like to speak with Rajjo. Arjun claims that I wanted to inquire if they were safe. Vicky inquires, “What about me?” I do not envy you. Chirag orders us to speak with Rajjo because I am Arjun’s older brother. Vicky claims that everyone is dancing, but I have danced with my childhood sweetheart, so try to understand.

She won’t leave me because she likes to dance, so I can’t bring myself to call her. Mannu says, “Go call Vicky, he’s sitting outside.” I’m making tea. Rajjo comes. Vicky cuts off the call. She requests that he come and have tea. He says sorry, I was envious realizing you were with Arjun in a similar room. Come, she says forget about it.

He places the telephone in off-line mode. He claims Rajjo won’t receive his calls right now. Vicky, according to Chirag, is selfish. Vicky claims that after Rajjo has crossed the border, I need money from Pushkar.

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