Rajjo 21 May 2023 Update On Sunday

Rajjo grinds the haldi for Arjun on Starlife Sunday, May 21, 2023. She breaks down. Urvashi will soon be a member of the family, Swara says. Madhu asserts that Urvashi will never force Arjun to leave us; she regards me as a mother; you and Mukund are also considering having a child; it would be beneficial if everything occurred on time.

Did you notice anything different about Arjun, she inquires? Swara claims he appeared content. Madhu inquires whether he is attempting to maintain his happiness against his will. Swara replies no. Madhu says I won’t allow him to lose his consideration.

The haldi between Arjun and Urvashi is ongoing. Everybody moves. The haldi of Rajjo and Vicky also continues. The haldi ceremonies are initiated by both families. Rajjo considers Arjun. Arjun is requested by Chirag and Sagar to have a fun haldi. Kartik says stop, simply assault him. They all giggle. Arjun leaves. He is captured. Madhu stresses for him. Pratap warns that nothing will be done, so stop.

He applies haldi to Arjun. They apply the haldi to Arjun while laughing. Arjun chuckles. They pose for a picture. Rocky is pleased to see Kalindi. Chirag reminds Kalindi about their haldi by applying some haldi to her. He apologizes if you were hurt or if your makeup was damaged. She weeps.

Urvashi checks Arjun’s telephone and says he is still in contact with Rajjo. Her mother pulls her aside and stops her. She says that if you check his phone, they’ll feel bad. He called Rajjo, but that doesn’t mean he’s cheating on you.

Don’t doubt him. Urvashi says I feel truly furious. Her mother informs her, “I know, either speak up or remain silent; you must decide; you may lose everything,” “it is your duty to give him love, and you keep this anger.” According to Kalindi, we should also apply haldi to Urvashi. Urvashi escapes. Arjun thinks of Rajjo. Rajjo inquires about Arjun’s call to her friend.

The girl says the phone was in airplane mode, so the call didn’t go through. I need to speak with Rajjo because he claims he might have called me. She calls Arjun. Arjun is asked to step aside by Chirag. He says to talk to Rajjo; it’s her call. Arjun responds no. Chirag tells you to talk to her; you aren’t doing anything wrong, so don’t do it.

Talk to her. Arjun picks up the phone. When Rajjo hears his voice, he is happy. Vicky’s friends arrive and request haldi for her. Her phone breaks. She claims that I said no, so leave me. Arjun inquires who is present. Chirag asks what occurred. Arjun asserts that something is off. The man is pushed down by Rajjo. I replied no to Rajjo’s question, “Are you mad?” Vicky inquires if you are irate and why you pushed my friend.

Arjun says for what reason is Vicky yelling on her. Rajjo claims that your friends forced me to use haldi. Arjun asserts that various voices are emerging. Rajjo contends with them. Rajjo is teased by Vicky. Chirag claims that I believe he is fighting with her. Rajjo wonders how they can touch me. Vicky says did they kiss you, its shagun, what’s going on, he is my visitor.

Arjun states that the phone is off. Chirag says that I believe Vicky intended this. Vicky yells at his buddies and smiles at them. Rajjo has been apologised to. Vicky says disappear now. Chirag declares, “I will go and check them once.

” Since you have haldi, you are unable to go. Arjun says no, we won’t both go, and I won’t go after Rajjo anymore. Chirag declares, “I thought you would worry about her and will feel at ease knowing that she is fine.” Arjun states that she is not concerned because her mother is with her. He rushes through his meal.

Chirag declares that she is fine and wishes your worry were unfounded. Madhu makes Arjun and Urvashi warm their hands for a dim mehendi. Rajjo gets mehendi done by Mannu. When Vicky sees her, she tells her to draw a heart and an arrow on her hand with our names and to hurry up because sangeet is also there.

Mannu affirms that we must also visit the temple. Vicky says that a party is coming for my friends. Mannu says I’m thrilled. Urvashi seeks her mother. When she sees Rocky embracing Kalindi and getting romantic, she is shocked. Urvashi is seen by Kalindi. Urvashi leaves for Chirag.

Kalindi holds her back. Vicky and his companions have a discussion. Vicky states, “I have to marry Rajjo because he paid me a lot of money and I will get more money when I get rid of her.” Don’t worry too much because I have to marry Rajjo because it will save me and go as I want.

Allow me to elaborate, Kalindi. Urvashi reproves her. According to Kalindi, you might not get it. Arjun loves Chirag a lot, so I can’t cheat this family, Urvashi says. What will Chirag go through now that you’re cheating on him? Kalindi tells me not to be judged. Urvashi says I will tell this to everybody. Kalindi tells them that if you tell them, I will tell Arjun about Rajjo.

Arjun will run to save Rajjo if I tell him Vicky is a girl trafficker. Urvashi intervenes. Arjun believes is Rajjo is in issue. He gets a call from Sia. Jokes about marriage from Pushkar. Everyone and Kartik both laugh. Arjun, according to Pushkar, arrived late but on time. Jhilmil says I m prepared to move. With a water gun, Chirag mocks him and attacks him. They chuckle. Urvashi’s father inquires, “Why are you worried? Is there stress in your marriage?

Have a drink, and just relax.” Urvashi’s mother tells her not to worry because Pratap is looking for her. Urvashi says you don’t have the foggiest idea what’s going on here. Let it be because Arjun is marrying her, her mother advises. Urvashi is taken to Arjun by her. He praises Urvashi. She claims that I will be stunning in the union. All of them see Madhu’s stunning entrance. Madhu claims that today’s event is for my son. Mannu says to Rajjo, “Make good memories” as she dances on chalka re.

My first choice for you is Vicky. Vicky and his companions get two young ladies there. Vicky figures just this evening, then I will send you across the line tomorrow.

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