Rajjo 22 May 2023 Update On Monday

On the Starlife Monday, May 22, 2023, update, Rajjo informs Arjun that Inspector Vicky is a criminal who sells girls across the border. Arjun asserts that Rajjo is his friend and that he is getting married to Rajjo. He flies. Kalindi previously discussed Arjun and Urvashi’s love story. Swara and Mukund perform a dance on Pehli baar. Swara gets Sia there. Mukund blows up.

According to Kalindi, Urvashi expressed her love while Arjun kept his feelings secret. Arjun, Urvashi says no. Tell me if you also felt loved. Arjun concludes that it was not my NO. Urvashi claims that he replied with a YES, sending a heart-shaped cake and roses. Pratap claims he visited me. Chirag says it can’t be done. Arjun affirms that I carried it out.

We will go celebrate, the girl says. Dance with Vicky’s friends. Rajjo claims that Arjun’s family used to always dance and celebrate. The young lady says you miss him a great deal, call him and talk. Rajjo really asks. The girl responds that sangeet will be taking place there. Rajjo smiles. Everyone dances the poster chapvado with Kalindi; Chirag claims that they fought after falling in love.

He requests dance from Kalindi. Madhu and all of them smile. According to Jhilmil, Ram praised your husband’s decision not to drink today. On Zor ka jhatka, Chirag and Kalindi dance…. Vicky is seen with the girls by Rajjo and her friend. Rajjo says perhaps they are his companions. The girl claims that he is drinking with the girls, that her mother will beat her, and that you are not stopping him. Vicky is asked not to drink by Rajjo. Vicky says that’s fine. He is asked to stop his friends by her. He claims that she won’t listen.

She says that her mother and Kaka will see this and won’t like it. He says that if you keep quiet, you look good. He requests that the young lady make Rajjo like them. Rajjo is made to drink by the girls. As he watches, Rajjo’s friend says, “I won’t come in your marriage.” Madhu says that she hopes Arjun stays in love because his lover loves him a lot. She requests that Urvashi come and dance. Now, the girls say that Rajjo is going to be Vicky’s bride. Rajjo becomes ill. Arjun and Urvashi dance on Kesariya, while Mannu prays in the temple.

Arjun is contacted by Rajjo. She requests that he reveal his face. He smiles at her sight. She asserts that I am greatly missing you and can now see you. He inquires about your condition and what transpired. She asks, “Look at me, how do I look?” She says I got ready. He says you look wonderful consistently, Rajjo, for what reason are you talking like this. She claims that I’m dizzy. He inquires as to for what reason are you talking like this, tune in, stand straight.

She chuckles. He inquires whether you are hearing my voice and whether you went insane. She says its unmistakable, similar to you are with me, as usual, with me, I let you know that I miss you, yet do you likewise miss me. He says OK. She asks truly. He says OK, truly. She asks how much. He often speaks. She asks, “Why are you marrying Urvashi? She is more beautiful for me.” She also asks, “Who am I to you? No one? Why do you care for me?” “Why do you fight family for my sake?”

She claims that I referred to you as my Khaad babu; do you also refer to me as your Rajjo? If so, why do you care so much? Why do you miss me, he inquires. She says since… He requests that she reply. She says because… He asks, “Please tell me why you miss me.” She responds, “I don’t know, just come and take me from here.

” “I don’t like anything without you, I feel strange, my heart sinks,” she says. He sees Vicky drinking with his friends. Rajjo collapses. Chirag responds, “I have seen this and heard you.” Arjun says the phone is stupid. Arjun says she isn’t in her detects, she is requesting that I come and take her.

Rajjo dancing while intoxicated with Vicky and his friends. Arjun stresses and converses with Chirag over Rajjo. He gets befuddled and asks will I go or not, I shouldn’t go for the wellbeing of Urvashi, however anything wrong can occur with her, I need to go. Chirag embraces him and requests that he go.

He gives his mantra mala and says this will safeguard you, you safeguard her, I m sure awful will not occur with you. Arjun leaves with a smile. Rajjo’s marriage is a prayer of Mannu’s. He states, “I wish I hadn’t made the mistake of choosing the groom for her.”

She gets a call from Gudiya. She is blind. She hopes Rajjo gets married to a good man. Rajjo is as yet moving on the vehicle top. She stumbles. Rajjo is held in arms by Arjun. They see one another.

Mannu grins seeing a bloom tumbling down. Arjun becomes irate when he sees Vicky. Vicky observes Arjun and Rajjo. Rajjo asks Arjun if she is okay. He inquires about her mother’s whereabouts and asks her friend Gudiya who drank her. Gudiya claims to be a friend, Vicky was compelled to drink by her friends, and Mannu went to the temple.

She requests that he simply locate Mannu and come. Rajjo inquires, “Are you here for real? Tell me why you’re here.” He serves the curd to her. She demands that you feed me with a spoon and explain why your eyes are red. Did you cry? She says you look truly attractive, don’t tell anybody, you look more attractive today.

She applies dark speck to him and grins. She asks, “Why did you come?” as she holds him close. Outside, Vicky and his friends wait. When they joke, he gets angry. Chirag believes that things are currently in order. Madhu inquires where Arjun is. Chirag implores. Pratap claims that Gurumaa has called. Madhu left. Lord, we thank Chirag.

Rajjo says I ought to have not called you, sorry, you are wedding Urvashi, I m wedding Vicky, Mannu asked me to simply consider Vicky. He claims that Vicky is a drunkard and that you don’t know anything about his childhood friends.

He asks if you have faith in people like that. She claims that I did not know you but trusted you, that I miss you and your house, that I miss everything, that you should marry Urvashi, and that she should marry Vicky because he won’t be wrong.

He advises you to ask your heart if you want to marry Vicky and if you love her. She responds no. She weeps. She requests that Mannu be informed that she is accompanying her to Lucknow and that I refuse to marry her. Arjun says I was quiet since I didn’t have a clue about your desire, I won’t allow you to wed Vicky.

I m bringing you back home, I won’t stop now. He takes her. Vicky says you can’t take my Rajjo from here. He hinders the way.

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