Rajjo 22 May 2023 Update On Monday

On the Starlife Monday, May 22, 2023, update, Sonakshi inquires about Rohit from Tulsi. Tulsi claims to be in a very bad place. Sonakshi inquires as to for what reason isn’t he getting fine when every one of the patients are recuperating.

Tulsi claims to only have six to eight hours left. Nishi and Yash gave the interview to the media a while back. Nishi says we have given the medication patent to the govt.

They instructed us to manufacture the drug so that they could save individuals. Columnist asks where is Sonakshi, she has put her life in extreme danger and made this conceivable. Nishi claims that she is resting; Sippy Hospital came up with the remedy and produced it; Yash will address your technical concerns.

A woman thanks Sonakshi and calls her Devi to save many people. Just pray that no one gets this illness, Sonakshi advises. Simmi says Rohit’s state is getting terrible, for what reason isn’t the remedy working. The doctor says an antibiotic was given, so maybe the virus spread throughout his body. Nishi addresses the clergyman about another agreement. Sonakshi is invited to meet Rohit by Suman. Veena stops them.

Stay away, she asks, “Why are you going to meet him?” Sonakshi asks for permission to see him once. Veena asks such a lot of concern unexpectedly, you didn’t wish to really focus on him, why. Veena Sippy, Veena says to Suman, you forgot Sona saved him; if she wants to save him, let her. Nishi holds her back.

She says anything can happen to your little girl here, improved leave, here is the release papers. According to Suman, they lack the heart to comprehend your goodness. Let me meet Rohit once, Sonakshi says. She yells at Rohit. When he hears her, Rohit reacts.

Nishi expresses shut up… security, on the off chance that they are seen here from tomorrow, you will not be seen. Suman claims that it won’t be required. Suman takes Sonakshi. Sumit comes and asks what occurred. Suman claims that Sonakshi wanted to meet Rohit but was stopped by Veena and Nishi. Sumit declares, “I’m here, go home, and take some rest. I’ll give you all updates about his health.” Suman says perhaps Rohit made himself away from you as a result of his egotistical family, get back home.

Nishi and Veena visit Rohit. Veena inquires about the situation, asking, “Have you given him an antidote? Why is his condition getting worse? Do something.” The doctor claims that the antidote has not had any effect on Rohit’s body.

Please come, Nishi requests, “Let doctors do their work.” She claims that Suman’s curse has affected him. Sumit watches. Suman rings the ringer and gets down on Pari. She takes Sonakshi inside. She searches for Pari. She says perhaps she took a walk, you proceed to take rest.

Rohan gets Pari home. Tanya blows up and inquires as to for what reason did you get Pari here. She stomps on Pari. Rohan holds Pari. She tells Tanya to stop because Pari is ready to give birth, but she has a condition, so we will care for her until she gives birth. Tanya asks, “What are you saying?” She responds, “She won’t do this, she will separate us, she is intelligent.” Rohan asks, “Please listen to me, trust her, and see that you want our baby right.”

Tanya, Pari claims that this is your infant; feel him. Tanya claims the infant kicked. The baby’s kick is also felt by Rohan. Veena is urged not to worry by Yash. Veena says consider the specialist, pay any sum, don’t call Rastogis, accomplish something Nishi. Nishi claims that I have contacted the senior doctor and that I adore him greatly. She beams.

When Sonakshi sees Rohit’s picture, she remarks, “I was foolish to think he hates me because he is so sick, even then he was finding me.” She weeps as she recalls Veena’s words. Sumit calls her and asks how are you.

She asks how Rohit is doing. He says he will get fine by tomorrow, be careful, you know the amount he cherishes you, petition God for him. Suman comes and says Pari isn’t replying, I will take a brief trip and see. Sonakshi feels it and calls Tulsi after Rohit says Sona. She asks how Rohit is doing. Tulsi asserts that he is not fine; other patients are doing well; the reason why the antidote is not working on Rohit is unknown. Sonakshi inquires about the why and how of this.

Tulsi responds, “I don’t know,” noting that the senior doctor is coming and only has six to eight hours. Be with him, Sonakshi says; I’m coming. She says Veena and Nishi won’t allow me to go to Rohit, something is off-base, Nishi attempted to kill Naren and presently Rohit, presently my acting will work, Parvati will show a thing or two to Nishi now. She takes a medical caretaker’s mask and comes to the clinic.

She declares, “I am here, Rohit, and I will make you well.” She is hit by Nishi. Sonakshi dons the costume. Nishi inquires about you. Sonakshi apologizes, stating, “My name is Sarvapalli Venkatrama Shivpriya Parvati, and I am the best nurse from the Kerala wellness center.” We didn’t call any nurses because Nishi says whatever. Sonakshi slaps her.

According to the doctor, Nishi wanted to give Rohit the remedy. Sonakshi says she would have not given it to him. According to the doctor, he would die in that scenario. Sonakshi slaps Nishi and responds, “I didn’t slap you, but a fat mosquito sucking your blood, you know so many diseases are spreading,” after she has slapped Nishi previously.

Nishi extends a hand. Tulsi and Simmi arrive and inquire if you are available to leave. Nishi inquires about her. Tulsi claims to have joined us and has received specialized training in this area. Simmi claims that we obtained her through your instructions.

Nishi asserts that nothing will occur without my input the following time. Sonakshi winks. Everyone is doing well, with the exception of Sir, according to Simmi. Tulsi asserts that given the limited time, we must ensure his health. I won’t let anything happen to him, Sonakshi says. Where is Sumit? According to Tulsi, he left some time ago. According to Sonakshi, I must inform Suman and him.

Sumit and Suman return home. Suman claims that I worry about Pari. You take care of Sonakshi, Sumit promises, and I’ll go to the hospital. Suman thanks her. Suman gets a call from Pari. I’m fine, Pari says. Suman asserts that I find you baffling. I’ve arrived at Rohan’s place, according to Pari. Suman claims that Sona was fired; why did you go there?

Pari claims that it is about my baby’s right, that she will do anything, that she wants a proper name for him, that she is an adult and can make her own decisions, and that she just called to inform. Suman says, “Come back, I don’t want you there.” Pari says its not Sona’s Sasural currently, its my home presently, don’t come here, don’t let know if anybody affronts you. Come here, Suman says, because Sippys are cruel. Pari says I m not honest like Sona.

Suman inquires as to why you are staying there. Pari asserts that I need not inform you. She detaches and says I won’t tell my arrangement, Tanya needs to leave. Suman searches for Sonakshi. Call me if she receives a note.

Upon seeing Rohit, Sonakshi weeps. She holds him and plays Tumko Dekh Ke He gets water from her. He can see her. He inquires about you. She says nurture, I had come from Kerala for your treatment. When she wants to check his blood pressure, she holds onto his hand. He says Sona, and she looks at him and says, “I’m a nurse, Sona.

” He says you’re not a decent entertainer, I figured out its you by your touch, simply go, Tulsi request that she go, let me be. Sonakshi tells you to stop because she knows you are telling the truth and loves you very much. She also knows that you can call anyone, but I won’t leave you. He pulls the drip instead of listening. He is asked to open his eyes by her.

She requests that Tulsi see him. Tulsi says he doesn’t have a lot of time. Sonakshi wonders if Rohit’s family is aware of this. According to Tulsi, Nishi assured them that she would take care of them, so the family went to freshen up. Sonakshi asks, “Where is the doctor who handled his case?” We can’t sit like this, she says. Tulsi suggests that Dr. Mathur might be with Nishi and be able to explain why the antidote isn’t working. Sonakshi instructs us to locate him immediately.

Veena apologizes to Naren, but Rohit is battling a deadly virus and will not be affected in any way. Naren laments. Veena instructs everyone to change. She thanks God that Nishi is with Rohit; without her, she doesn’t know what would have occurred. Naren explodes. Veena claims that Nishi is looking after Rohit, that she is in charge of everything, and that you should be proud of her. Naren is asked to look after her.

She leaves. Veena is instructed by Vimmi to visit Rohit; she will prepare the meal. Veena suggests reducing the amount of salt in the soup. Pari comes there. Veena asks what are you doing here. I’ve been brought here, Pari claims. Veena tells me it’s my house, so go. Pari asks your son to leave my hand; he brought me here, she says.

Veena says you think I m absurd, kindly leave. Tanya halts Veena. I want Pari to stay here because Tanya says she is pregnant with Rohan’s child. Veena says you’re making a big mistake because you don’t know Pari. Tanya asserts that Pari will not leave; if Pari leaves, I will, too; I must care for Rohan’s child; this child is ours; I am aware that I will never conceive; Pari is my only hope; kindly permit her to remain here.

She requests that Pari deal with herself. Pari believes that I must shock Veena. She yells, “I’m in a lot of pain and I’m dizzy.” Tanya clings to Pari. Pari is lifted into a room by Rohan when he arrives. Veena claims that you are making a serious error. Tanya claims that I’m doing it for that baby; kindly permit him to remain here.

Dr. Mathur is imprisoned. Sonakshi warns you that we will infect you with a supervirus if you lie. Tulsi shows the contamination. Sonakshi says we will ensure you don’t get the remedy. He asks, “Did you get angry?” He says, “I didn’t know my team members could do criminal activities. I’m confused.

” Nishi wanted to inject him with an antidote, but he doesn’t seem to be affected by it. Sonakshi asserts that I am certain she did not give him the remedy. He asserts that in that scenario, he could perish. Nishi figures Rohit will be passing on now, he needed to uncover me and got presented to the infection, the news will come, Dr. Rohit Sippy is no more,

Sonakshi won’t have the option to do anything. Sonakshi inquires where the remedy is. The doctor claims that Nishi has it and the keys in the deep freezer. According to Tulsi, getting the key is hard.

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