Rajjo 24 May 2023 Update On Wednesday

Rajjo On Starlife Wednesday 24th May 2023 update, Vicky and his companions leaving in the vehicles. Arjun comes to. We’ll follow Vicky and Rajjo, he says, if they’re in one of those cars. Shagun songs are sung by Mannu.

Mannu didn’t listen to Rajjo, so I won’t leave Vicky. Rajjo thinks Arjun was warning me about Vicky. Arjun says I won’t leave Vicky. Arjun is following, Vicky observes. He says how did Arjun come. Rajjo has heard it. Vicky induces his friend to take the alternative path. Arjun says, “I hope Rajjo is in this car,” as he follows Vicky’s vehicle.

Everyone receives jewelry from Madhu. A Rani haar is given to Swara. She says this Kundan accessory is sufficient. Madhu approves; accept this. According to Kalindi, I think she liked my set. Swara is made to wear the necklace by her. Swara says that we can’t force kids to wear gold because they will be afraid. Mukund advises her parents to reflect. The good news comes from Kartik. He claims that I have coordinated with the local channels to broadcast Arjun’s wedding.

Chirag is held by Madhu. He believes Arjun ought to call to inquire about the state of the situation. Arjun attempts to surpass the vehicle. Rajjo throws her bangle at Arjun’s car as she opens the window. Arjun observes Rajjo as Kitne dur dur ho…plays. Vicky likewise sees Arjun in the vehicle alongside.

Madhu says you gave your Rakshamala to Arjun, Gurumaa had given it to you and asked me to never eliminate it, I didn’t realize you have taken out it, where did Arjun go, for what reason did you give the Mala to him, I didn’t furious him by my inquiries, its his marriage day.

I think the matter isn’t such conventional. He tells me it’s fine because no one leaves after Haldi, so I gave him my Mala, and he promises to come. Pushkar asks what, is the lucky man not at home. Madhu is asked by Pratap if Arjun went somewhere else again. Urvashi is seen by Kalindi.

Pushkar believes that I want to know more about Arjun and Vicky. Urvashi’s mother asks how he could leave without telling her. Chirag is asked to say by Pushkar. Rajjo receives a glass. She hits Vicky’s head with it. He comes to a stop. Arjun takes the lead. Vicky moves to smash his vehicle. Rajjo is anxious. Madhu says Arjun will come, he has sworn. Urvashi’s folks contend.

Jhilmil says Madhu deceived me when I inquired. Kartik inquires about the work he did while he was away. Mukund says we realize the reason why did he go. In between, Chirag asks him not to talk. Tell us where Arjun is, Pushkar asks. Arjun and Rajjo race to one another. Vicky focuses firearm at Arjun. Chirag claims that Arjun sent a message, that he is coming, and that he has gone to make a deal.

Swara examines Chirag’s smartphone. Regarding the international deal, Chirag lies. Madhu claims that I told you that he would never violate his mother’s swear. I am aware that he erred when he left, and you will pull his ears when he returns. Urvashi’s mum grins. Pratap says we will complete our work. Pushkar thinks I can’t call Arjun or the police.

Swara asserts that Arjun’s message did not arrive, that she has seen your phone, and that you only acted. She is asked to refrain from speaking. She inquires as to for what reason did you lie. He claims that I was unable to see everyone questioning Mom, that I cannot tell you where Arjun went, and that we must manage everything until he arrives. She assures you that she is by your side. He asks. Vicky and Arjun argue. Vicky claims that Rajjo has made me money. She is caught by his friend. Vicky makes fun of him. He requests that his friend lock Rajjo.

Vicky saying quit reviling me, Arjun isn’t a Ruler. Rajjo says OK, he is, I will revere him. Vicky behaves She yells at him. Mannu is there, they see. Vicky requests that she come and see Rajjo. Sarpanch says you picked Vicky for Rajjo.

Arjun requests that you say no because he knows Vicky is untrustworthy. I will not marry Rajjo because he claims to be a criminal and that he kidnapped me. Mannu is questioned by Sarpanch as to whether Vicky is the right choice for Rajjo. Chirag says we need to track down an answer, else they will request Arjun. Swara says OK. He suggests creating some rasam to keep women occupied until he arrives. She makes a suggestion.

Mannu declares ignorance. She weeps. Vicky claims to be your Vicky; Maai, you have known me since I was a child. He requests that Nanku say something. Vicky is scolded by Arjun and Rajjo. Vicky tells her to be careful with her language or Arjun will tell her to stay away from her. Vicky inquires as to why, will you adhere to her.

Arjun lashes out. Sarpanch declares, “We will never tolerate this; Rajjo’s marriage is set by her mother’s wish; now she will marry Vicky.” “We have no enmity with you; but one who comes into this village can’t refuse to us.” Rajjo’s marriage is fixed by her mother’s wish. Arjun is targeted by him. Vicky beams. Sarpanch requests that he take off and save his life, Rajjo’s marriage will occur with Vicky.

The batashe is won by Swara. According to Jhilmil, this is done by the girl’s family. I’m going to the salon, Urvashi says. Madhu responds, “No, that’s not a good sign; I’ll get you ready; please let me go.” Madhu is asked to let Urvashi go by her mother. Madhu responds, “Okay, come on time.” Chirag thinks where are you, Arjun. Listen to me, Sarpanch, and choose life over death. Rajjo and Arjun see one another.

They turn towards the sanctuary. She believes that Arjun might want to take that gun. The suhaagan plate is before him. He signs her and holds her hand. Both of them sprint toward the temple. She selects the weapon. Arjun takes the sindoor and fills her maang. Rajjo is stunned. Mannu, Vicky, and everyone else observe as Yeh lal ishq plays. Rajjo is made to wear the mangalsutra by Arjun.

Over them, the chunri flies and falls. They lock their eyes. Arjun holds her hand and says Rajjo has happened to Arjun now, presently we are a couple, Rajjo is my significant other, on the off chance that anybody drives her, I will kill you.

He asserts that the police will visit Vicky. Vicky attempts to flee. Police arrive. The inspector asks if you won’t sell the girl right now because we’ve been looking for you for three years. Vicky is hit by Mannu. She says I had confided in you so much and you did this. Overseer captures Vicky. He expresses his gratitude to Arjun and invites him to the police station for a while to record the statement.

Arjun says sure. Arjun gives Rajjo a look. Arjun is asked to open the door by Madhu. Chirag thinks what to do now. Through a window, he enters the room. I’ll see if the door is open, Kalindi says. Chirag closes the entryway and thinks what to do now. Kalindi says I feel something is off-base here.

Chirag emerges. He inquires about the issue. We have been knocking on the door, according to Jhilmil. Kalindi says Arjun isn’t inside, right. Chirahg says OK, you realize what occurred, he planned to transform, you grieved him to open the entryway, he went to restroom and this got torn, do you believe that I should get down on him.

Madhu is anxious. Jhilmil says sherwani was worth 1.5 lakhs, I will see that designer. He asserts that you are correct. Madhu promises that we will fix this. Chirag gets Kalindi’s attention. He wonders what. She leaves without a word. I will get into trouble, according to Chirag, if Arjun does not arrive. Rajjo holds the sindoor.

I did this because Arjun said the gun had fewer bullets and there were many people. She asserts that I am aware of the fake marriage. He apologizes. She thanks you for doing this to save me. He advises me to leave. She says OK, today your marriage.

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