Rajjo 25 May 2023 Update On Thursday

Arjun must leave to marry Urvashi, Rajjo says in the Starlife Thursday, May 25, 2023 update. She says don’t stress for me, look there, you are seeing the sindoor in my maang, yet I m the old Rajjo, who simply needs her mum in her life, I will do anything unafraid, you can definitely relax, carry on with existence without stress, remain blissful. Arjun says you additionally stay blissful, I know you, I trust you. She prevents him.

She claims that I’m fine, but I want you to believe that. She disinfects the sindoor. She says its simply red tone, I could do without this. He says stop, you will get injured, I realize you are fine. She says let me wipe this sign, you will begin another life, don’t take memory of this constrained marriage. She tells him to leave. Meri tumhari… plays… She expresses well done for your marriage. He departs. She sits crying.

Chirag hangs tight for Arjun. Mannu comes to Rajjo and requests her better half. Rajjo says no, he is only Arjun for me, he wedded me to save me. He gives her a hug. Madhu asks Swara to simply rush in the work. Rajjo advises not to apologise. Mannu asserts that I will never be forgiven because I made a significant error and believed I had chosen Vicky correctly. Rajjo claims that you did not commit any wrongdoing, so why apologize? She encourages Mannu. Arjun returns.

I was so worried about you, Chirag says. Arjun inquires if everything is okay. Chirag says yes, but you can’t go inside because the family is at the front gate, mum and Kalindi are at the back gate, and I lied to them about how you were doing. Are you okay? Pratap gets down on Chirag. Arjun requests that he go.

Rajjo drops the ticket. She says I didn’t be able to do anything for Arjun, I won’t allow anything wrong to occur with him. Mannu sneezes. She consumes water. She requests that Rajjo get water. Rajjo steps on the ticket and goes. Madhu and Swara come to the room. Madhu inquires where Arjun is. Maa, Arjun says. Madhu is pleased to see him.

She says that you look great. Arjun is made to wear the sherwani by Chirag. Madhu runs away happily crying. Chirag claims that you have learned to climb the pipe and have been saved. Arjun says I gained it from Rajjo, she is fine now with her mum, I need to zero in on my marriage with Urvashi and bring her much joy. According to Chirag, you won’t make my mistakes. He receives the Rudraksh mala from Arjun. Chirag praises him. They leave.

Rajjo heads out to get water. She gets stunned seeing… Arjun and Urvashi trade laurels. They are seated on the mandap as Mera Yaar plays. Arjun is stopped by Rajjo as he approaches. Arjun says Rajjo… She tells him, “Don’t marry this girl, Urvashi; you’ll be trapped.” The shouts of Madhu stop there. Rajjo advises against marrying Urvashi. Arjun asks what are you talking about. She says that you will be destroyed, that you will end up in jail, and that I want you to end this marriage.

Rajjo is scolded by Urvashi. Rajjo asserts that Arjun is not your husband and that the sindoor and mangalsutra rituals were incomplete. Arjun says I need to realize the reason why is Rajjo saying this. Madhu says compelling reason need, we don’t converse with low class individuals. She requests that Rajjo leave.

Rajjo is also teased by Pushkar. Rajjo tells Jhilmil and Kartik, “I don’t want money, fraud.” Rajjo asserts that I am not deceitful; once you have heard me, you will regret not marrying. Urvashi and Mukund additionally reprove her. Once, Chirag advises, listen to her. Madhu requests that he shut up. Sia weeps. Swara takes her. Rajjo says this marriage is an obliteration. She is hit by Madhu.

Pushkar is tried to stop by Arjun. Arjun is asked to make rounds by Madhu. Pandit is asked to recite mantras by Pushkar. Rajjo is led outside by him. Urvashi is… Pushkar throws her out of the house, Rajjo claims. Rajjo collapses. Arjun can see Rajjo. Madhu forces him to accompany Urvashi on the wedding tour. Rajjo dashes and enters the house. She dashes into the house and declares, “You can’t marry me because you already married me.” Everyone is taken aback.

Madhu lashes out and reprimands Rajjo a ton. She claims that Mannu took Rajjo to get her married to Vicky, and she takes Arjun’s name so shamelessly. She calls Rajjo names. Rajjo claims we tied the knot. Madhu lifts hand. Arjun stops Madhu and goes to her. He asserts that Rajjo is being truthful. Everyone is taken aback.

He says I have filled the sindoor in her maang. Madhu cries in shock. Arjun is teased by Pratap. Arjun requests that they hear about the circumstance. Chirag asks him to look at how mum is doing. Arjun is asked by Urvashi to explain how he became someone else’s husband. Arjun says I went to meet Rajjo that day, leaving sangeet halfway.

He spills the beans. He is scolded by Urvashi. Arjun claims that it was a drama, but I can assure you that this marriage is fake and has no significance. I’m sorry, but I had no choice. Urvashi says Rajjo ought to be heartbroken, you put your life in extreme danger and saved her, what did she offer you as a trade off, she offended you and your loved ones. Rajjo declares, “You know me, I won’t come here and break my promise.” Urvashi says everybody knows you now.

She says Arjun said that marriage was phony, that is all there is to it, toss this young lady out, I need to finish the pheras. Madhu is correct. She criticizes Rajjo. Urvashi says toss Rajjo out. Arjun asks Rajjo for what valid reason did she break the commitment.

He says you have harmed me, I used to remain as a safeguard, I need to know the justification for this strike. Rajjo cries.

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