Rajjo 27 May 2023 Update On Saturday

Rajjo recalled Arjun’s words in an update for Starlife on May 27, 2023. She runs and gets her chunri. She examines the check. She thanks you for supporting me once more. The bank message reaches Arjun. He goes to Urvashi and tells her that he received a bank message, that she cashed the check, that I asked her to leave my life, that she took the money, and that this problem will soon be resolved.

She says she isn’t guiltless, you didn’t dispose of her with such ease. She weeps. He requests that she quit crying. He gives her the juice glass. Rajjo has made my family cry, and he believes she is correct. I accept this loss in order to get rid of Rajjo. He fasts. Rajjo gets back home. Arjun is enraged when he sees her.

He inquires as to for what reason did you return here. He claims that the bank has messaged me, that I won’t come, and that you took the money. She says Maai.. He says don’t cry about Maai, I won’t rehash my error, I would rather not stand by listening to you, go to trick another person, get lost.

He tells me that if you call Urvashi a con artist, I’ll believe you. If you believe that, Urvashi will not leave this house; she has full ownership rights. Rajjo cries. She states, “I will not step out of this step because I am your wife and this is my Sasural,” that you must stay with me for a few months, and that your brother has told everyone that we must believe this marriage to be valid.

She insults Urvashi. She asserts that I am Rajjo Singh Thakur’s wife and that although I will do anything, I will not leave this house. The door is shut by her. Arjun says you need to leave, did you comprehend. She states, “You can force me to see, I’ll bring everyone here and make a scene.” Urvashi observes. They contend.

I don’t have to tell you anything, according to Rajjo. He tells you to say, “I will regard this marriage as valid until we find a solution,” and he asks you to explain everything you know about Chirag. I need to get to my room, Rajjo tells me to get away. He gazes at her. She enters the storage area. She sits crying.

She says that by hurting your heart, I hate myself. Everyone and Pratap talk about Rajjo. Chirag asks Mukund not to insult, attempt to effectively tackle the issue. Mukund argues, asserting that Chirag is requesting that I adhere to limits. All of them argue. Rajjo looks on. Urvashi asserts that you are the cause of this. I have to play a game with you, Rajjo says. Urvashi is scared by her. She asserts that I am the game’s victor.

Madhu saying I m not Rajjo’s Saas. Jhilmil claims that I will severely abuse her. Chirag asks how might you consider tormenting her. Urvashi says you can never draw out my reality that I m after Arjun’s property. She is scolded by Rajjo. Arjun observes family disagreements regarding Rajjo.

Madhu replies, “Just I decide things in this house,” “Don’t fall to that girl’s level,” “Let her stay here as some useless thing,” and tolerate her for a few months.” She explodes when she sees Rajjo approaching. She inquires about your desire. Arjun, says Rajjo.

Urvashi asserts that you lack family and values. Rajjo informs me that I must discuss imp. Madhu requests that she say. Rajjo says I need to converse with Arjun in private. Arjun inquires: “You can’t stay with me; don’t dare enter my room; I won’t do as you want.” Rajjo says that in the past, when we played a game in the village, we made the rules first. Now, we’ll make the rules of this game, too. She provides him with a pen and paper.

She assures me that I will return the pen, that I will not steal anything, and that we will establish the rules. He claims it’s a contract. She says we will make the standards before our connection ruins. He tells me that I will do it later. She responds, “Okay, I’ll go to sleep now.” He says that is not your room.

She says its my room. As she sits and weeps, she lights the diyas and thinks of Arjun. She calls Kaka to inquire about Maai’s health. He states, “Don’t worry, I’m with her,” Mannu did not become conscious, and “You would be alone there.” He does not know how they are treating you. She says Mannu requested that I battle and make the best choice, I will save Arjun from Urvashi, I will not lose.

Kalindi comes to meet Urvashi. She feels sorry for Urvashi. She is reprimanded by Urvashi, who tells her, “I will tell your truth to everyone, I have no secret now.” I completely trust you, Kalindi, because you said you felt bad. Urvashi says you shouldn’t indiscriminately trust anybody. Kalindi departs. Rules are written down by Arjun and Rajjo. She asserts that you must first listen to me.

Arjun declares, “I will read the conditions,” “You will not publicize this marriage anywhere,” and “You are no one to me.” Rajjo says that I agree. He asserts that you will not enter my room because it is solely mine. She concurs. He says I need my own space, don’t wander around me. She says I will not wander. He says you will disappear quietly, you will not have any privileges on me, family and property.

She claims I concur. He promises that you won’t try to hinder my family. She asserts that I accept all of the conditions without my knowledge. She is asked to read the terms by Arjun. He states that I will consider all of your demands. She wrote no conditions. She states that Urvashi will not remain in this house, and that’s all I need. They are all stunned. Urvashi is a member of the family, so Madhu wonders how you can maintain such a condition.

Rajjo responds, “Okay, I won’t accept any of your conditions if you don’t agree to my one condition.” She tears the paper. Arjun explodes and demands to know how dare you.

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