Rajjo 28 May 2023 Update On Sunday

Rajjo On Starlife Sunday 28th may 2023 update, Chirag requesting that Arjun quiet down. Jhilmil says its abnormal that the lady and Sautan are under a similar rooftop. Kalindi holds her back. Urvashi thinks they are remembering to send me away. Kalindi is happy. Arjun declares that I will not yield; Rajjo, not Urvashi, must leave. Pushkar gets back home. Bunty says there is a major information, Rajjo has returned to Thakur Nivas, Kalindi called me.

Pushkar is concerned and asserts that Mannu was threatening me. She also asks, “I have to find out, they both are troubling me,” and “did she go to tell my truth to Thakurs.” Did she tell the truth to Rajjo? What does Rajjo want to do? Urvashi lashes out and says Rajjo believes that me should leave.

She puts Arjun’s room together. Rajjo appears and demands that she leave. She advises against visiting my and my husband’s room again. Arjun appears and observes. Urvashi moves on. Arjun slips and falls. Rajjo additionally falls close to him. Mana ke murmur yaar nahi… .plays… They have an eyelock.

Arjun requests that she leave the room. She asserts that I would have agreed to you if you accepted one of my conditions. Arjun requests that she leave. She says no and just sits there. He tells me I won’t stay here because I’m still paying for my mistake. He goes outside and lies down. He is chilly. The quilt she uses to cover him up She deals with him. She also lies down and sleeps there.

Arjun wakes up in the morning and remarks, “I had a good sleep.” Madhu comes and inquires as to for what reason were you resting in gallery. He claims Rajjo has taken my bed, cupboard, and room, so I went here to sleep and had a good night’s sleep there. She claims that there are numerous rooms throughout the house, and you could have slept anywhere. He says OK, yet Rajjo would have followed me. She asks where is Rajjo, she is upsetting you a great deal. He searches for Rajjo in the room. He says that she shouldn’t be here.

She inquires about her whereabouts and how we will get rid of her; she may have gone to enjoy herself and spend the money. He gets a call from Shekhar. She advises informing him that you cannot attend. Shekhar says sorry, we were unable to come in your marriage, in any case, we will meet you now at your home and meet you, Harish and I are coming, we will eat ready by Bhabhi. Arjun is anxious. Madhu inquires about the event. He says that my friends are coming to meet their Bhabhi, that they are nice and don’t know anything, and that I shouldn’t tell them about Rajjo.

Rajjo introduces the flowers to Mannu. Kaka and Rajjo ask the specialist when will Mannu get cognizant. Specialist says I can’t say that. Pushkar looks on and says Mannu is in trance like state, I m safe at the present time, yet I must be ready. The doctor says, “I know your situation, and you can see how you’ll handle it.” Kaka claims that I have a job somewhere, but how will we pay for the medical expenses?

Rajjo promises to try, but now it’s my turn to struggle. Madhu says we won’t ever give her the bahu status. Arjun says OK. The family examines. Madhu and Jhilmil argue. Madhu is urged not to take Jhilmil’s words seriously by Kartik. Urvashi says I m prepared to turn into Arjun’s better half before his companions.

Madhu responded, “I have no problem, you will become a couple until your friends come back.” Jhilmil and Kartik joke. Chirag asks Arjun don’t you like the thought. Madhu inquires. Arjun claims that’s yet another lie. She says no, you are Urvashi will become a couple soon, I m taking Urvashi to prepare her, I m going to give her sindoor and mangalsutra, let Rajjo consider stealing from cash from us. Rajjo requests something important to pay for Mannu’s clinical costs.

The man responds, “I understood, but I just have a delivery job vacancy.” Given that you are a woman, can you do this? I can run faster, she claims. He says this occupation needs hardwork, individuals lash out assuming that you delay, I can’t bear misfortune. She says no, I m a worker, allow me an opportunity, I will accomplish the work, I guarantee I won’t allow your clients to whine. He says fine, just one chance, show up on time tomorrow. She says that if I’m late, I should quit my job. She appreciates him.

Arjun meets Harish and Shekhar. They make fun of him and inquire where Bhabhi is. Urvashi appears and beams. Rajjo appears behind you. Chirag says Arjun, whatever is valid is correct. Urvashi receives the bouquet and is congratulated by Shekhar. He claims that you were Arjun’s GF when we last met. Harish wishes the couple well for their union. Urvashi asks them to name a special dish with a grin on her face. According to Shekhar, we were merely coercing him. Madhu advises eating breakfast. Pratap says OK.

They are instructed by Harish to request tea from the housekeeper. Arjun can see Rajjo. Urvashi is asked to sit with Arjun by Madhu; the maid is there to do the work. Harish requests that Rajjo get desserts too, for what reason isn’t she paying attention to us. Madhu says this is her concern. She requests that Rajjo proceed to get the morning meal. Rajjo looks at Arjun before leaving.

Swara helps Rajjo. She says we generally have this sweetdish prepared. She shows the sweetdish. Rajjo thanks you. Swara says I m doing this for the house regard. Rajjo says you are misconception me, believe me. Swara asserts that she has a previous relationship with you, and Mukund asserts that I do not know anyone; he is correct; disregard this statement. She warms the sweetdish in microwave. Tea is made by her. Rajjo learns as he watches. Swara makes sense of her. Rajjo says they requested that the house cleaner get the food. She picks up the tray.

Kartik says you both made me giggle a great deal. The food goes to Rajjo. She is asked to serve by Madhu. Arjun asks his friends to serve themselves because he feels bad. Chirag says not awful, come on folks, help yourself. Shekhar claims that Arjun forces us to work a lot. Urvashi is asked to exact revenge by Harish. She says sure. Rajjo thinks mum was correct, a decent individual’s integrity doesn’t change to detestable even out of resentment. Everyone gets a selfie.

Kalindi thinks I believe I m gathering another Urvashi. Pushkar sees Kaka leaving from the ward. He enters and makes threats to her regarding Rajjo. He says, “Think of Rajjo, you know I don’t think of anyone.” He says I don’t have a habit of losing weight. He takes off his oxygen mask. He returns it and expresses well done for gradually kicking the bucket consistently. He departs. When Kaka sees him, she asks who he was.

Madhu says we are cheerful, for what reason is Rajjo disturbed, on the grounds that we showed her status to her. Arjun says I need to go for a gathering. She says that’s fine, but don’t break my word because I don’t like Rajjo.

She asks Rajjo if she ever felt bad about thinking she should be ruler and why she became a maid. She criticizes Rajjo. Rajjo hears the insults. Rajjo can steal the silver spoons, so Madhu asks Jhilmil to check them. Jhilmil says OK, she looks irate.

Madhu asks what else could she at any point do. She calls Rajjo names. Rajjo responds, “You are thinking the wrong as right.” You are not misinterpreting me. She sees Urvashi.

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