Rajjo 30 May 2023 Update On Tuesday

Rajjo On Starlife Tuesday 30th May 2023 update, RAJJO, Rajjo saying I had seen the dark variety vehicle, however police expressed that there are numerous such vehicles in the city. Pushkar says you won’t know anything. She says I will know it when Ruler hits that man and rebuffs him, I won’t extra him, mum will get cognizant soon and tell that individual’s name. Rajjo falls in Arjun’s lap while accomplishing some work. They lock their eyes.

Urvashi shows up. She blows up. Arjun requests that Rajjo get up. Urvashi inquires about Rajjo’s activities in your room. She is teasing Rajjo. Arjun says it was a mishap, I was taking care of my responsibilities, she fell over me. Urvashi says its OK, I totally trust you, I can’t express that about this young lady. Rajjo is asked to go by Arjun. Rajjo says no because I was tired. She pauses. He claims that you will not enter my room. Rajjo acts to wheeze. Arjun leaves I won’t leave because Rajjo says it’s my room.

Swara gives Kalindi flax seeds. Swara gets the crate. She says Madhu is tremendously harmed, you ought to remain by her, as Chirag remained by Arjun and family. Kalindi says I can stand, yet what to do, Madhu requests that I sit quiet. Swara asserts that even if you fail, she will consider your rights because you are also the bahu of the house. Jhilmil looks on. She claims Swara is extremely stupid. Swara goes. Kalindi thanks Swara for the idea, but since she and Urvashi are not on good terms, she must take action. Rajjo and Urvashi argue.

Rajjo reprimands her. She is hit by Urvashi. She states, “I’m after Arjun now, I’ll be after him, I’ll become his wife, and I’ll do everything as planned,” and “I’ll show a sample tonight, wait for it.” If you come in between, then destruction will come. She leaves. Kalindi shows up. She claims that some women are deceitful and possess dual personalities.

I would never have known this without your help; you have accused her and discovered that she is deceptive; you are innocent; no one will listen to me; Urvashi is Madhu’s favorite. Rajjo asks, “Why are you telling me this?” Kalindi says I will get to the meaningful part, I could do without you and Urvashi, I simply stress for this family, we can together remain against Urvashi and bring her reality out. She gives her hand. Rajjo wonders if I can trust her.

Urvashi inquires about your animosity toward Rajjo and why you want to cooperate with me. Pushkar says I love Kalindi a great deal, Rajjo can’t get equivalent freedoms like her, so I need to toss Rajjo out of the house, we have similar foe and same rationale, we will battle together. He is given a handshake by Urvashi. Kalindi is held in Rajjo’s hand.

According to Kalindi, there is no such thing as a perfect crime. If Urvashi is provoked, she will make a mistake, as she did today when she slapped you. Rajjo says since I maddened her. I heard it, Kalindi claims, and if you do this, she will be caught soon. Mukund receives a lecture from Jhilmil. Mukund says I requested that Arjun take me in business, he didn’t tune in. She requests that he ask Arjun if necessary.

According to Arjun, I will sleep soundly today. He goes outside to check out when he hears Urvashi scream. Urvashi succumbs. Rajjo laughs. Urvashi claims that I was coming to see you; I was unaware Rajjo would be present. Arjun wants to know why Rajjo is at the door. Rajjo says I was safeguarding you, so I was lying here at the entryway, no evil can cross this Laxman Rekha. Arjun says enough, I m going frantic. Urvashi departs. The door is shut by Arjun. Rajjo protects.

Arjun requests that Rajjo sleep somewhere else. He claims that I want us to get further apart. She apologizes and states, “I will guard you.” She lies down while Bandeya…plays. Urvashi’s mother calls her and asks for cash to give to the loan sharks. She says don’t zero in on Arjun, however on cash. Urvashi says enough is enough, don’t bother me. Her mother informs me that I will deliver them to Thakur Nivas; you must then explain Arjun. Urvashi says sorry, don’t do this. Her mother asks her to show her support for Karwachauth and urges her to support Arjun and his property. Urvashi claims Rajjo will approach me. Her mother instructs her to remove Rajjo from their path. She tells you, “I’m proud of you,” “do what you want and win everything.” Urvashi blows up.

Arjun observes Rajjo’s departure and claims that she was discussing significant matters when she left. Madhu says I had many dreams of Arjun’s significant other. Rajjo, per Kalindi, is present. Urvashi greets everyone. You will be my bahu, according to Madhu. Urvashi requests that I observe a fast for Arjun. Madhu favors Urvashi and takes care of her the food. Rajjo contemplates the situation as he watches on. Madhu tells us to keep everything inside because Sargi rasam will come. Arjun must be saved from Urvashi, according to Rajjo.

She sees Madhu doing customs with Urvashi. She follows the same customs. She informs me that now I must work for my mother. She runs with the packages on her shoulders. She is seen running quickly by a coach. Har maidan fateh, kar…. plays… He stops her and says sorry, don’t misjudge me, I had seen your speed, you are exceptional, you seem to be a competitor, I will get to the meaningful part, you ought to pick running as your calling, keep my card, there is a major games foundation here, proceed to give your name. She says I have no cash. He says you will get supports there. She says, “Sorry, I don’t have time,” but I have a lot on my plate. She goes. Arjun has arrived. He sees Rajjo getting cash from somebody. Arjun thinks what was that. Rajjo says that was my first independent income.

Arjun claims she only needs money. The man says that you have done an excellent job and should continue working hard. Arjun explodes. He says she does something contrary to everything she says, so I m watching out for her, she is so avaricious and crafty. On call, Urvashi talks to Pushkar. He requests that she speak to Badru. He asserts that we will eliminate Rajjo by lowering the pole above her. She claims that your plan is fantastic but risky. She acts.

She advises working on your own. He says, “Don’t act smart,” “We are now your partner in crime,” and “Just do as I say.” She says sure. He calls her silly. She describes him as smart. When Pushkar first sees Mannu, he tells him, “I fell for your innocent face, but now I want to kill you, but I can’t kill you because I’m the trustee of this hospital.”

When he sees Rajjo coming, he thinks, “How shall I go now?” that she had to come at this time. Mannu is visible to her when she enters the ward. She inquires about the shoes after seeing them. Pushkar is anxious.

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