Rajjo 4 May 2023 Update On Thursday

Rajjo is seen running through the mess during the Starlife Thursday, May 4, 2023 update. She accelerates to sit and pray after observing her mother rowing the boat. When her mother reaches the shore, she calls for her. Rajjo goes to the boat and pulls on the ropes to secure it to the wood rod. She mocks her mother with jokes. Her mother grins.

She states that today is a significant day for our village because Mahadev will perform a significant puja, we will complete our fasts and pray, and the village will host a function. Rajjo says I simply need your beating. Her mother inquires, “Do you want to beat now?” Rajjo inquires about what you consumed.

Her mother gives her an apple and tells her to eat it because it came from the puja. Rajjo’s mother asks her to go straight while keeping the fish basket on her head. Rajjo claims that I know exactly what to do. Her mum asks her not to run. I’ll do as I please, according to Rajjo. She flees, grabbing the fish basket that was attached to her waste.

A few women see her and talk. The woman asserts that Manno is unaware of her daughter’s subsequent run. Arjun is seen having a good time in the mountains. He sees his buddies. He says one must be disciplined; I like it this way because I don’t like having my life interrupted, so I run ahead. According to the man, we will go boating.

Arjun declares that we will attend the village fair; family comes first; this royal family is my escape; it will take me to Delhi and then to the United States; only you and Urvashi are aware of this; no one in my family, including my mother, is aware of it. He departs. A storm is anticipated. Rajjo converses with the guard. She says not to tell mom that I ran, but I got the fish on time. She receives the dumroo from the guard and sells it at the fair. According to Rajjo, I will decorate it and sell it.

The guard says to sell it for $40, give me $30, and you keep $10, according to her. Rajjo asks the number of cash will I get. The woman mentions $100. According to Rajjo, I will buy mom shoes. She leaves. The officials are aware of the turbulent tides that could destroy the village. The dumroo is sold by Rajjo. She is asked to attend an aarti by a girl. I’ll be there soon, Rajjo promises.

Rajjo gives a dumroo to a kid free of charge. She makes it to the aarti temple. She observes a woman taking off her shoes. She thinks back to Mannu/Manorama’s aching feet. She claims that her mother asserts that no one receives everything, but that everyone does receive something; I want such shoes for her. She cries out to Mahadev.

Arjun makes his way there to speak with the sarpanch. He talks to his mother after receiving her call. He states that everything is fine and that I will speak later. Sarpanch claims that you are my Annadaata because of the harvest in my fields from your fertilizers. Arjun goes along with the locals. He sees the dung from cows. Because there is cow dung here, he says, “I think we should go from that way.” The man tells you to come if you only do this work. The men chuckle. Arjun says I won’t go from along these lines, I will go from the long way.

Rajjo hits the dance floor with the young ladies on har Shiva… The dumroo takes off her hair and hits Arjun’s head. Arjun keeps her head still. He asks Sarpanch who hit him. Rajjo conceals there. The individual is chastised by Arjun and the men for throwing the dumroo. Rajjo says I didn’t hit him purposefully. She sits in a cabinet to get out of there. Arjun goes to really take a look at the cabinet.

He presses Rajjo’s hand. His phone goes off. She exits the cabinet. Rajjo and Arjun see one another. He holds her hand and inquires, “You are the dumroo girl, what else do you want to break?” Tujhse juda…plays. He sees that his phone is broken. He asks how did you respond. She escapes. He says you’ll know how much this action will cost you. The man tells about the avalanche. If we sound the alarm, what will we tell the villagers, the other man inquires? Mannu says that I will just come to pick Rajjo up and not go to the fair. She says I will go to the waterway and see the boat. Arjun uses a video call to talk to his mother.

She stresses when he says his telephone tumbled down. He tells her to relax. She asks, “Why did you go there?” Landslides can occur there, so you could have sent someone, she says. He says its my business, so I need to come. She says that I ought to be pleased with your hard work, but I worry for you. He says your affection has power, I m fine, I will come soon. She is worried, so she asks him to come soon. The organization gets poor. She requests that he call back. She weeps.

She converses with her husband. He tells her not to worry so much about Arjun. She asserts that every mother is entitled to leave her child for a period of time, but not permanently. Rajjo becomes weary of running. She sees the banner for the running competition. She considers her mother. Mannu claims that the fair will be fun for her.

She remembers her past as she looks at her medal. She tells her games place director that its his child. He claims it is not my child. He affronts her. She asserts, “You know I have won a gold medal; I don’t need to do this to advance in my career.” He claims that you are defaming me given that I am married and have children. She claims that you didn’t tell me this before. He yells at her. She claims to be your child. He says you will leave this place. He brings her out and tells her, “Look at how I defame you.” He presses on her.

She breaks down in tears and says, “I went here to get a gold medal and got insulted; your dad did this; you don’t know anything about my past; I never want Rajjo to run.” Rajjo believes that today no one can stop her from winning and demonstrating her dominance. She gets ready to run. Mannu states, “I made the decision to keep the 16 fasts so that you get your true life partner,” “I wish you get everything that I never got,” “I want your relationship to be legitimate,” and “I will never let you run.” Rajjo runs after praying to Mahadev.

the flowing tempest emerging in the waterway. Arjun informs everyone of the organized running race to entertain everyone. He says we will begin with the young ladies first, will we start. According to Sarpanch, only four girls came, so we’ll have to wait a while before more do. Arjun responds no. Jamuna will win today because the girls claim Rajjo didn’t show up. Arjun says I m dependable, we will begin the race on time, no one else will run in the race.

The officer informs us that seniors must be notified because water is touching the danger mark. Arjun declares that when I whistle, you must all run; are you prepared? Rajjo approaches, and they collide. He mentions you. She says I need to run. The girls assert that she arrived late. Arjun claims you arrived late; verify the time. Rajjo says that I don’t have a watch to check, and since I came here, it’s important for me to run and win the race. You can’t run away, he says, because my name is Arjun Thakur.

You can confirm that she claims I’m a girl. He urges her to flee. He claims you cannot participate in the race. She claims that your children will be good if you give me a chance and let me go. He claims I have no children. She laughs. Our Jamuna will lose, the girl claims, because Rajjo will persuade her. He answers Maa’s phone. Let her run, according to Sarpanch, as she runs well and consistently wins. Rajjo will be hurt by these girls. Arjun claims that you cannot run. Mannu arrives at the market.

Arjun bellows. Arjun is pushed as Rajjo runs. Rajjo turns to look at Jamuna. Kar har maidaan fateh…plays. A thread in the way is fixed by the girls. Rajjo sees the string and bounces higher. She outsprints Yamuna. Arjun looks on. Rajjo comes out on top in the race. Mannu looks on stressed and tumbles down. Madhu cries. She is consoled by her husband. He enjoins her to forget about the incident. He asserts that, just as we get daughters married and send them away, we must grant sons freedom or else they will leave on their own. She implores him not to say that. Her Bahu makes fun of Madhu’s mania.

She suggests that Arjun be married to her. He says OK, so we are not deferring Arjun’s commitment. According to Kalindi, Chirag’s mother never worries about him going out. Arjun worries Madhu. Rajjo does a happy dance. Arjun ignores Madhu’s call. I have won the shoes for my mom, according to Rajjo. Rajjo is moved by the girls. She accepts the prize by appearing on stage.

The shoes are Rajjo’s. She gives it a hug and cries out “Maai.” Arjun is waiting to present the medal to her. Mannu yells Rajjo. Rajjo hides the shoes out of concern. Mannu approaches her with rage. The ladies claim Rajjo will be beaten up right now, but she runs so quickly that no one can stop her. Rajjo is dragged along by Mannu. Rajjo loses to her. She claims that I advised you not to run.

She sits and weeps. Rajjo is happy when she puts on the shoes. Mannu embraces her and cries. Rajjo says, “I’m aware that you don’t like my running, but I ran today to get you shoes.” I’m sorry, Mannu says, because I’ve beaten you a lot. Rajjo says, “I don’t want to know why you don’t let me run,” but we can’t stop ourselves from living. I want to do something to improve your life, so let me run. I’ve seen pictures of athletes winning medals, and I don’t go outside my village to run; I just run in village competitions.

Mannu is terrified when he imagines Pushkar. She says, “I’m arranging it, I kept 16 fasts so that you get a good groom, you will get respect and husband’s name, your life will have everything legitimate, its imp than medal, there is nothing in sports.” She says, “You want a house, a respected life, I’m arranging it.” She weeps. You won’t participate in any races, she says.

She gives her 10 rupees and tells her she can eat and buy anything she wants. She says return home, I m going to the stream, on the off chance that you don’t stand by listening to me, then I will break relations with you, then continue to find me, you couldn’t actually see my face. She leaves. Rajjo claims that nothing is 10 rupees. Arjun talks to a Pushkar-sent individual. He says Pushkar is my sibling’s Sasur.

Madhu is asked to talk to Arjun by Pushkar. Madhu converses with Arjun available to come in to work. Arjun tells me to call you when I get to the guest house. She instructs him to simply head home. He states, “OK, I’ll come.” Rajjo consumes a gulab jamun. The announcement that the dam gates will open is heard by her. People begin to flee. Rajjo claims that the entire community will sink. She saves a young man.

Arjun is asked to leave by the man; they must leave. Rajjo helps individuals and sends them away. Arjun also takes the older people and children to his car. Arjun sends the kids to the car, which Rajjo observes.

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