Return To Paradise – A GMA Network Series


Return To Paradise by GMA network recounts the story of two students Eden Santa Maria (Elle Villanueva) and Red Ramos (Derrick Monasterio), who are both abandoned and stranded on an island after a plane accident. As they endure life in the wild, Red and Eden fall profoundly in love with one another.

At the point when they are saved, the young couple figures out that their parents have major conflict that will influence their relationship.

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On June 22, Villanueva shared how excited she is to work with Monasterio and Eula Valdes.

“My favorite is Ms. Eula [Valdes]. So when he told me, I was very excited because I wanted to meet in person and I also wanted to hear his experiences in the industry. I really want him to be able to work because he is so good.

“I am also super excited to work with Derrick. Actually, the first time I met him face-to-face, we immediately got a vibe. I mean, there was a connection. I’m sure you know that there will be no problem, ” she said.

Monasterio revealed that he was happy to be paired up with Monasterio.

“I am very happy that Elle is my partner here because it was just in the workshop, we clicked right away, e. Then he was easy to get along with, and the nice thing was, we just had a nice banter.

"So I feel, we can really get along on the island," he shared.

Villanueva and Monasterio will be joined by Teresa Loyzaga, Ricardo Cepeda, Liezel Lopez, Kiray Celis, Karel Marquez, Paolo Paraiso, and Allen Dizon.

Villanueva started her career in the entertainment industry as a commercial model. She has already appeared on various GMA shows.

Monasterio made his TV debut in a show titled Tween Hearts. Since then, he has appeared in numerous films and series.

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