Ridhima Lost Her Baby In Shocking Revelations

In the previous episode it was seen that Riddhima visited someone graveyard. She cried stating that she had to kill him/her and Vansh should never know this as he wouldn’t understand her point nor forgive her. She recalled what happened 12 hours before. Someone blackmailed Riddhima by leaving a note on the mirror stating Riddhima is a murderer.

Riddhima thought that Sara was blackmailing her and confronted her. Sara denied the allegation and said that Riddhima is a murderer and she made her assassinate as well. Riddhima requested Sara not to talk about their secret in public places. Riddhima wondered who could know about their past.

Sara took Black Mamba’s name. Riddhima remembered that Sara told Black Mamba is someone from her family and wondered who knew about her past in her family. Riddhima spotted a person and followed him, but she missed him. She collided with Angre and learned from him that Vansh went somewhere for two days.

Later Riddhima got nervous when Chanchal enquired bout her pregnancy. Riddhima fainted. Riddhima got more nervous after knowing that doctor did her examination. Chanchal and Ishani noticed it and decided to find out Riddhima’s secret. Riddhima received a letter and got shocked.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown Vyom will read a letter in which it’s written Riddhima isn’t pregnant and she’s fooling Vansh and his family. Vyom will meet Riddhima. He will tell her that they both have something in common which is the sarrow. He will say that Riddhima’s tear reveals that she just said a final goodbye to someone. Riddhima will look on.

Who Riddhima killed? Did Riddhima killed her baby?

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