Ridhima Saves Ragini. Till Love Do Us Part 18 January 2022, Tuesday Pt1: Episode 104


The Episode started with Riddhima coming downstairs and slipping. Anupriya asked Ishani to download an app for her and Riddhima left. Ishani thinks what was that sound. Anupriya said I did my work, Vansh sealed the main door, but Riddhima went by the other way. Kabir said very soon we will have Ragini. She said then we will do our incomplete work. Riddhima thinks to go through the basement. Someone hits on her head and she fainted. The mask person looked on.

Riddhima opened her eyes and saw everyone. Siya asked are you okay. Dadi said you were found unconscious in the basement. Riddhima said maybe…. Ishani said she got weak, maybe she is weak, she doesn’t eat well. Dadi said right, drink juice. Anupriya came. She thinks this girl had to go out, she fainted.

Riddhima thinks I thought only Ishani is helping Vansh, now I feel there are others involved also. Riddhima said I don’t feel fine. Dadi said you have a fever. Riddhima said check once. She checked the temperature. Dadi said it’s 103, take rest, Ishani call the doctor. Anupriya messaged Kabir that Riddhima is still here, plan changed. Riddhima thinks Vansh said I can’t do this, I will leave from here and save Ragini also. Angre and Vansh smiled.

Vansh said just 2 hours left, we have to reach Ragini. Anupriya said she always wasted such chance, she failed in her plan. Kabir said mom, I don’t think she is so weak that she will leave mission for fever, I think it’s part of her plan. She said it’s going to fail Kabir, Vansh already left, I can’t control Vansh. He said I will manage and he ended the call and said what’s your plan. Dadi asked the doctor to check Riddhima, she has fever. The Doctor asked them to stay outside. Ishani thinks what’s wrong here. Doctor sent everyone out and checked Riddhima. Riddhima prayed.

Vansh said what happened to the car, why did it stop, Angre went and checked. Riddhima recalled putting Sugar in the diesel tank. She said sugar won’t dissolve in diesel, Vansh’s car will stop on the way, I will get time to save Ragini. Vansh looked at the time. Doctor said I think you took some stress, nurse give her the injection. He went to wait in the hall. Riddhima shuts the door and picked a side decorative piece. She hits on the nurse’s head and said I am sorry, I know I did wrong with you, I am going to save an innocent life. Riddhima called Kabir and said wait for me at the temple road, we will save Ragini today.

Kabir said yes, we will save her from a devil like Vansh and she ended the call. He said you would be the first wife in the world who will be ruining her husband’s world, I am proud of you. Riddhima saw Vansh’s pic and said sorry, I can’t let you do anything wrong. Kabir said that’s right, that’s called dedication towards duty. Vansh said love is life, duty has to step back in front of love. Vansh and Kabir argued.

Kabir shouted you have to choose duty. Vansh shouted choose love, choose Vansh. She shouted stop it and threw a vase and they disappeared. She said love is on the top for me, I will choose duty and justice in front of love, my duty is to save innocent Ragini. Vansh said every min is important Angre, what happened to the car, what’s wrong, I can’t wait now, I will get another car and the number was unreachable and threw his phone. Riddhima wore the mask and ppe kit. Nurse was on the bed in her place. Riddhima came downstairs. She thinks I can’t look tensed. Doctor said let Riddhima rest, she will be fine soon. Anupriya thinks Riddhima called Kabir, but she is sleeping here. She saw Riddhima and thinks wow, brilliant plan, you don’t know you are helping us. Riddhima went with the doctor. Vansh said just half an hour, what is wrong with this car.

Angre said it looks fine, don’t know why it’s not starting. Vansh shouted help, stop the car. He said someone wants me to not reach Ragini, but I will reach her, nobody can stop me, I have 25 mins, I may reach there, he run and Angre looked on. Riddhima said we have to hurry up Kabir. Kabir saw the ppe kit and asked did you wear this and leave from the house. She said yes, show me the shortcut in the map and she drove. Kabir thinks just 3 mins and Ragini will be in my clutches.

Ishani thinks what is Riddhima planning now. Dadi said let her sleep, don’t disturb her and the curtain moved. They saw someone sleeping on the bed. Dadi said see she is sleeping and Ishani left. Anupriya said I had shut the door at the right time, else everyone would have known that Riddhima isn’t here, she is going to ruin Vansh, Vansh fell down and got hurt and his knee bleed but he run again. Kabir said Ragini was kept here, how did you know this location.

Riddhima said we have no time, Vansh’s car isn’t here, but he may come. They saw Ragini and she said stop. He said I will handle the nurse, you take Ragini and come out. She said don’t harm her and they hid. He caught the nurse and Riddhima went inside. She asked Ragini to open her eyes. She said I have come to help you, we have to leave. Vansh placed the nurse on a chair and His pen fell. He picked it and went upstairs. Kabir hid. Vansh saw the nurse unconscious.

He said it means someone had come here. He shouted Ragini and runs inside. Kabir said Vansh didn’t see me, but Riddhima is inside, if Vansh catches her, then my hardwork will go to waste. Riddhima said what shall I do and she took Ragini. Vansh saw the empty bed and window and threw away the bed in anger. He said how can she disappear, I kept her hidden for years, whoever did this will burn in my anger Riddhima and Kabir took Ragini in the car and Riddhima smiled.

Vansh came home in anger. Riddhima saw him and said he will directly go to the room. Vansh didn’t see Riddhima in the room and shouted. He said Riddhima, what you did today, you will be punished. He pushed Riddhima in the grave and said I think you deserve to be in this grave and she worried….Read more

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