Atharv Dies And Comes Back To Life

Atharv dies and comes back to life as Vividha’s love gives him another chance to live. Atharv is dead and Vividha is feeling heartbroken. But she still had hope that her beloved Atharv would come back to life.

Vividha asked him to open his eyes after doctors pronounced him dead. Captain Ravish, who has gone to war, calls Vividha on phone asking her about the state of Atharv. Vividha remembers what Suman told her that no matter the situation, Ravish should not know that Atharv is dead while on duty else he will lose guard.

Ravish spoke with Vividha and asked her if the bomb blast at the hospital affected them. But Vividha lied that Atharv and everyone is fine. “I knew your love will always make him fine. Am also doing well. I know you will help Atharv to fight with death, please take care of Atharv and yourself.”

Vividha ends the call and tells Atharv to listen to what Ravish said. Vividha, feeling heartbroken, began to recall the moment she spent with Atharv and the promise they made to each other.

She began. “We promised each other that we will never leave each other, for my sake, please wake up, open your eyes, you got me into your life when I wasn’t willing to, you taught me and made me realize how much I love you. You taught me how to live, I fought with my dad and society.

We were always there for each other. You promised to come back when life separated us, and you came back. You can’t go like this. You have to come back to me, my love. You can’t abandon me like this, you must come back to life. Please take a breath for my sake.

Without you I can’t even die, not to talk of living. Please come back to life, think of Ravish and Sujata. Vividha continuously shakes up Atharv. Get up and take a breath, you don’t need any respirator or life support to breathe. Miraculous, or shockingly, Atharv took a breath.

I can’t even die without you, please get up, think of Ravish and Sujata. She shakes up Atharv. Get up, and takes a breath, you don’t need any machine to get breathing.

Atharv Dies And Comes Back To Life

Atharv suddenly took a heavy breath. Vividha shouts at Atharv and asks him to get up.
Vividha holds his hand and hears the machine beeping, meaning Atharv is now breathing. Vividha bumps with happiness saying, I knew you come back to life as you promised, you have always kept to your words.

She then calls out to the doctor, Vividha goes out to call the doctor and finds Suman’s head bleeding. She gets shocked as Suman holds her head and faints. She calls out to the nurse to come and take Suman to get treated. The nurse comes and takes her away.

Sujata was questioning the doctor why he is not understanding that Atharv is still alive but they replied that they did their best but couldn’t save him. How can you leave my son alone? Give him treatment. Save his life, you are a doctor. Vividha comes there and tells them that Atharv is fine as he is breathing on his own. They all get shocked.

The doctors rush to check to see if what Vividha is saying is true. I know Atharv, Vividha began. He does the impossible. The doctor checked him and said, his pulse is getting normal. Wow! Atharv is back to life. The doctor, feeling amazed, said, I have heard of this miracle before and saw it today with my naked eyes. we will check his blood clot.

Sujata cries happily that Atharv came back to life. The nurse says your mum in law got stitches, she is calling you. Vividha recalls what she told Suman, and thinks did Suman know about me and Atharv. She worries.

Atharv Dies And Comes Back To Life Source: Eth Studios

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