Shocking Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Tuesday, 25th May 2021 : Episode 146

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt2, 16th July 2021

Pandit asks Vividha the name of her husband at the beginning of the episode. Suman weeps and worries for Ravish’s life. But Dadi Bua asks her not to lose hope. But she should have faith and think positive because everything will be fine.

Suman offers prayer on behalf of Ravish. Vividha answers that I’m not doing this for my husband, but I’m performing this puja for the two mothers who are waiting for their sons to return back to them so that they win in their war and come back peacefully. The Lord has to hear me, she said. I came to tell the Lord to accept my puja prayer. The Pandit blesses Vividha and he went.

Vividha performs the puja. The Reporter breaks the sad news that no one came out of the building, and they hope Ravish and his team are doing well and safe. Sujata sits behind Atharv. She tells Atharv to wake up. Vividha also ties the thread to the tree.

The Reporter reports that firing stopped suddenly and we just hope Ravish and his team are safe and sound. She tells the breaking news that the terrorists are coming out of the building, but there are no army men coming out of the building. What does it mean? did they kill all the military men and are coming out to celebrate their victory?

Sujata still tells Atharv to wake up. Vividha has been awake all her life and is praying for you in the temple right now. Vividha takes the rounds around the tree while tying the thread to the tree. The Reporter reports that Ravish has been seen also getting the terrorists out. Suman and everyone smile seeing the happy news. Ravish aims a gun at the terrorists and gets them downstairs. my son Ravish is fine, Suman says and the rest of the family smiles.

Sujata tells Atharv to wake up for the sake of the love Vividha has for him. Vividha ties the thread and takes a round again. Atharv gets conscious and mentions Vividha’s name. Sujata smiles happily. Vividha finishes the puja and thinks to herself. if I did any good thing in this work.

And if I did the Lord’s puja with a pure heart, then I want the fruit for it. Vividha realizes someone has come and turns to see who it is. She turned and was shocked and happy at the same time seeing Ravish, injured. She looks at him and then sees Atharv also behind Ravish. Vividha smiles seeing Atharv and then runs to hug him.

Ravish sees them. Vividha began professing her love for him. I knew you will get well Atharv, she began. I knew the Lord will give me the good fruit of this fast which I made. And see what happened? You got well, you know what the doctor said? that you might regain your memory and remember our love after getting well. you promised me you would come, and you kept your promise, you know everything right?

It’s fine. I will explain everything to you. I can never live without you. Vividha hugs Atharv and cries. Vividha then gets shocked seeing Suman and Sujata standing near. Vividha tells Atharv that she will tell him everything at the right time. Atharv asks for food saying he is hungry. They all get shocked seeing him still mentally unstable as usual. Sujata and Vividha cry. Atharv goes and sits eating.

Suman recalls what happened between Vividha and Atharv. She asks her, whatever you say now, is that true? Do you love Atharv, tell me. Vividha replies, yes. We did not wish to hurt you, we got stuck in situations. Maa…. Vividha was calling Suman but she asked her not to call her Maa. you have no right to call me Maa, she said. this is not just cheating, this is a sin. you did a whole lot of wrongs against my son.

I had believed in you a lot. Ravish asks Suman to listen to him. I gave you a place in my heart and loved you as my daughter. I blindly trusted you. But what did you do? you ruined my trust, you don’t have love for Ravish.

Suman weeps and asks if you love Atharv? Sujata looks on. Suman continues, this is such a big cheat, why did you marry Ravish when you knew you loved someone else.

Ravish tells Suman to calm down. But Suman tells her, she committed such a big cheat against me and my son. I was thinking Vividha is an innocent girl and only cares for an ill Atharv, but no… rather, she loves Atharv, and that is why she did all this. Vividha weeps.

Precap: my life begins and ends with Atharv. Vividha said as Suman slaps her. Ravish holds Suman. Suman raises her hand again to slap her but Ravish comes in between and Atharv held Suman’s hand.


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