Jaana Na Dil Se Door Wednesday Pt1, 1st September 2021 Episode started with Dadi saying Madhav is not at his friend’s place. Atharv said Madhav and Kangana are not in the park. Ankit said he is not in park.

Vividha cried and said she took my Madhav. Ravish came. Vividha said Madhav did not come back, you think we should not find him. Ravish said maybe Madhav said he wants to go somewhere else, they will come.

She said this can’t happen, Kangana is doing the same thing again, she has stolen my son, we should find her, I will call the police. Ravish said you are overreacting, she will get Madhav. Atharv asked what wrong is she doing, Madhav is missing, you are overreacting.

Ravish said fine, call the police. Vividha called. She heard Madhav and stopped. Madhav showed the toys. Vividha hugged him.Kangana came there. They all looked on.

Kangana said why were you calling the police Vividha, why will I steal Madhav, he is mine, everyone know he is my son. Vividha said I gave you place to stay here, what are you doing with me.

Kangana said I have heard you enough, it doesn’t mean I don’t have any tolerance limits, I will not hear more.She asked why shall I take permission to take Madhav, he is mine, very soon I will take him with me forever, you can’t stop me.

She gave the custody papers. Kangana said I have rights on Madhav legally, I will take him with me. They all became shocked. Kangana threw the papers in the air and left. Vividha cried seeing the papers.Vividha said she will take my Madhav. Atharv said this won’t happen.

She said do something, don’t let Madhav go away. Sujata said this will be a long fight, it’s between two mums. Vividha said Madhav is my son. Sujata said he is Kangana’s son too, court will also say this, we can’t deny this.

Vividha said so what if she gave birth to Madhav, I raised him, is my love not valued, I will die without him. Sujata said I know you love Madhav, I can see you got shaken up, have patience. She asked her to have belief in the Lord, Krishna is known by Yashoda’s name, you are Yashoda for Madhav.

Vividha prayed.Ravish recalled Kangana and Vividha’s words. Kangana came to him. She said everything changed, I did not think I have to fight for right. She saw his wound and asked what’s this. He said it’s ordinary wound, it will be fine. She tied her scarf.

He looked at her. She said I have felt, I have seen you alone in the family, you lost your parents, I can understand loneliness, you are lonely like me. He asked why did you do this, why did you send legal notice.

She said I know you did not like this, I had no way.She asked him to leave it now. She said I am not blaming Atharv and Vividha, they did a lot for Madhav, now they are focussing on Khushi, she is not a normal girl, it’s tough to raise her, they have to concentrate on her, I can’t leave my child this way.

Ravish said your worry is justified, you don’t know Atharv and Vividha well, they love Madhav. She said I just want Madhav, there is nothing else here, I want to do everything for my son, I am alive as I want some place in my son’s life, don’t you think Madhav should be mine. She held his hand.

Guddi came and saw them. Kangana asked Ravish to say, is she wrong.

Precap:The lady said this case is challenging. Vividha asked how should she be patient. Atharv said we have to talk to Ravish. Kangana and Vividha argued. Vividha raised her hand on Kangana and Ravish held her hand.


The Episode started with Vividha talking to lawyer for Madhav’s custody. Lawyer said I will try my best, this won’t be easy. Atharv asked why, we have raised him. Lady said but legal cases have some points, court will hear Kangana too, her case is also strong.

Vividha said she has run away with Madhav once. The lady said someone kidnapped her son, she did not leave me, she will get court sympathy. Vividha asked what about my sorrow and pain. Lady said Kangana’s lawyer will try to show you down. Atharv said we don’t care.

Lady said when Madhav came in your life, you did not know he is not your child, so you raised him well, now things can change. Vividha asked what are you saying, we still love him the same.

Lady said I am saying what you can face in court, you can’t get emotional in court, you have to show none can point finger at your upbringing, is there any problem.Dadi prayed and said don’t know, whose bad sight caught our family, what’s happening.

Dadi Bua said I have always joked on you, today I realized you were right, someone’s bad sight caught this house, everyone used to see this family with pride, today everything is shattered, happiness used to come finding us, today we are dying to get happiness.

Dadi said yes, think what our children are going through. Dadi Bua asked her not to worry, life is second name of not losing, we will fight for them. Dadi hugged her. They light diya.Atharv said Madhav stayed with Ravish for much time, Ravish is my younger brother.

Lady asked them to tell everything clearly. Vividha said Ravish and I were married, it was just a compromise, Atharv met with an accident, we felt he will not come back, but he came, then Atharv and I got married.

Lady said it’s a critical point, Kangana’s lawyer can argue and prove Madhav never got a stable normal family.Khushi came there. She run around. Vividha tried to hold her. Khushi run. Sujata said she is a little girl.

Lawyer said court will see two things, house environment, so you have to talk to Ravish and tell him to give the same statement, court should think Madhav had a loving family always. Vividha said Madhav always got love, it never got less.

Lady said good, the second thing is Khushi, she doesn’t look she was raised well. Atharv said she was not with us, she was kept in this state. Lady asked them did they try to find out who is that person. Vividha said yes, my dad had done this. Lady asked what, can I get water.

Vividha gave her water. Atharv said I know, all this is complicated, Madhav is not our blood, but we can’t lose Madhav, help us please. Lady said this case is very challenging, I will keep you updated about the case and she left.

Sujata said you forgot this. They saw the note made by the lawyer. Guddi looked at her ring. She thinks of Ravish and Kangana. Ankit came there. He hid to hold her and stopped and he leftMadhav showed the painting to Khushi.

She asked for colors and placed on his painting. They both fought. She pulled his hair.

He shouted. Kangana came and made Khushi go away. She scolded Khushi. Vividha came and asked Madhav did he get hurt. Kangana said leave him. Vividha asked what’s your problem, why are you making him away from me. Kangana said till this girl is standing here, I won’t let you take him.

Vividha asked who are you to do this. Kangana said I will say who I am, I will make my limits for my son. Vividha said she is his sister, they are kids.Kangana said what siblings, she is hurting him, wild animal.

Vividha asked her to take her words back. Kangana asked why, you can’t raise her, you don’t give her time, I won’t let my son come to you. Vividha raised her hand. Ravish held her hand and signalled no.

Vividha took Khushi and left.Vividha thinks of Ravish stopping her and cried. Atharv asked her to have soup. She said we were so happy, see what happened. He asked her to be strong. She said I am losing a child, how shall I be strong.

He said we have seen much worse time, we will pass this too. She said this is about our children. He said life is not balanced, it has ups and downs, we have to decide to pass this phase with smile or sorrow. She said we have to make Kangana leave. He said you got her here.

She said it was my biggest mistake. He said we can’t take rush step, she is Madhav’s mum, she loves Madhav, he loves her also. She asked do you mean we should return Madhav. He said no, we have to prove we can raise Madhav better, we have to be patient.

Ravish came to Atharv and Vividha. Atharv said we want to know on whose side are you, ours or Kangana. Ravish asked why did you need to ask this. She said the way you held my hand to saved Kangana, I felt you are a different Ravish. Ravish said sorry, I just had two children in mind, not you or Kangana.

I did not want you two to do anything wrong, you know Madhav likes Kangana, if you treated badly, Madhav would not like you, if Khushi saw you slapping Kangana, she would have done same, children learn seeing elders, we should be careful.Vividha apologized.

He said I know you are in pressure. Atharv said you were Madhav’s dad. Ravish said I am still his dad. Atharv said we have to win this case, else we will lose Madhav, you will be asked questions in court, whom will you support, us or Kangana?

Precap:Kangana came and asked them to stop, we can end this court matter by out of court settlement. Atharv said this won’t happen, we are ready.


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