Shocking! Nimrat Is Back To Protect Kulfi From Lovely

In previous episode, we have seen how Sikander was forced by Loveleen to send Kulfi to boarding school, only after which Sikander could meet Amyra. Sikander leaves from there upset while Loveleen accidently drops water on the form of the boarding school which she had got on behalf of Sikander.

Here, Kulfi plays with family and entertains them with their happy go lucky side which makes Loveleen worried seeing Kulfi happy.

Just when Kulfi went outside, Loveleen confronts Kulfi and threatens Kulfi that she was being sent to the boarding school just when Sikander comes in and interrupts the conversation.

Sikander requests Loveleen not to break Kulfi’s heart and that he will handle everything his way. Meanwhile Sikander and Loveleen were talking, a paranormal activity happens once again the admission papers of Kulfi’s boarding papers fly from Loveleen’s hand.

Loveleen on the other hand panics as she imagines Nimrat which freaks her out as she wonders how could Loveleen remembered Nimrat’s face as she had only seen her once. While Jhonny was playing with Kulfi, Nimrat is seen standing behind Kulfi as her guiding angel.

The glass of water that fell on the admission paper and the paper that flew from Loveleen’s hand was an act done by Nimrat’s ghost. Nimrat’s ghost is seen swearing that Loveleen’s evil plans will not be successful anymore as Nimrat will now protect Kulfi from everything and that she will inform Sikander about Kulfi being his daughter.

Here, Sikander dreams of Nimrat and gets up from his sleep while Nimrat’s ghost is seen talking to Sikander which obviously, he cannot hear.

Kulfi gets up from her dream with a scream as she had seen Nimrat’s death once again and talk to self that she had to accept the fact that she had to go to the boarding school.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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