Ravish Saves His Family From Terrorist Attack

Ravish saves his family on time after encountering a serious attack from a terrorist group led by Zeenat, a woman they have accepted into their home out of sympathy. Meanwhile, Atharv gets seriously injured near death from this attack, as doctors say he may not survive. Will he survive? Will Atharv die? Keep reading for all the details!

The terrorist arrived in Ravish’s family house in his absence just as we reported in our earlier post.

The media comes to Vashisht house. Ravish reaches there and asks what this drama is about. The reporters ask him about firing in his house and his family’s captive. Ravish gets shocked hearing that his family has been held captive.

Zeenat sends him a message that he is not after his family’s life but she is here to have his husband released, else the worse will happen to his family.

Ravish organizes a rescue team led by Commandos. He makes a floor map and explains the entries and the plan to commandos.

Not to make the situation worse, Ravish set out to go inside the house alone.

Ravish instructs the team to surround the house in four directions. One of them asks why he is going alone on this risky mission because they are ready to die with him so they would like to go with him instead.

But one other man tells him Ravish is one man but he is equal to a thousand. But they would like to come with him. Ravish tells them how proud he is of them, but he only needs their prayers as this is about his family and the country.

Ravish climbed the building but as he was about to get into the room, hot got shot on his shoulders and he fell from the building but he was lucky to have been caught by his colleague military men.

Zeenat, thinking Ravish is dead, was shocked to watch the tv to find out that he is still alive. The scheduled time that Zeenat asked Ravish to release Wazim, (Zeenat’s terrorist husband) from prison.

But when the media asked Ravish if he would release Wazim to save his family, he replied that he can’t risk the country because of his family. This made Dadi Ji and the rest of the family who was watching on Tv very proud of Ravish for not bowing down to Zeenat’s offer, just as Zeenat fumed with anger because Ravish turned down her offer.

Still On Ravish Saves His Family – Keep Reading For The Full Nyanya!

Daddy Ji tells Zeenat that he would rather be hurt if Ravish had accepted her offer, he would have said Ravish is not his blood. Suman also tells her that Ravish is her son and he would never cheat the country because of his family. no way, and you thought there is fear in our eyes, look into our eyes very well. You will find no fear in them. Vividha also added, great warriors are born in this land, even if children are not trained to fight, they are born warriors.

Sujata tells her to wait forever if she wants to see fear in their eyes. Dadi Bua also tells her to do anything, and the party to celebrate with Wasim, her husband, is in vain. Atharv added, yes!

Kalindi also asks Zeenat what she is waiting for, and asks her to shoot them if she is courageous. They all put on smiling faces. Zeenat stares at them and they all hold each other’s hands.

Ravish and his commando team was about to enter the house to attack the terrorists, the terrorists got to know about this and were planning to shoot the commandos beforehand, meanwhile Ravish has used the media to divert them, and Zeenat and her men thought they would come through the door, not knowing Ravish and his team are using a different route to enter the house.

At the time, Dadaji and the rest of the family were planning on how to attack the terrorists.

Ravish enters the house through the AC duct, and was setting out weapons to deal with the terrorists, Vividha and the rest of the family fought with Zeenat and tied her up in a room but her goons comes there to save her.

End of Ravish Saves His Family – Will Atharv Die?

The expected fight began with the Ravish family and the terrorists, everyone fought so well. Atharv was also fighting with the men with all his might.

Sujata was captured, and this angered Atharv the more, he remembered when Kailash’s goons Attacked Sujata. Atharv fumed with anger, and then his super strength began to show. He fought so well with the terrorists, but one of the men hit Atharv with a stick on his head.

Ravish saves his family as he arrives there on time and shot the terrorists. Even though he had pity on Zeenat and didn’t shoot her but Zeenat greedily shot Ravish on his shoulder.

Atharv got injured but but at the time they had killed all the terrorists remaining Zeenat.

The army men entered the house with ambulance and took Atharv and Ravish to be treated.

Ravish was fine with minor injury but Atharv’s situation grew worse, for which doctors said Atharv might loose his life.

Zeenat was arrested and sent to jail, but her daughter Chutki denied to go to his mother because she saw how bad her mother is.

The fight ended with Atharv and Ravish wounded, will Atharv die?

Let me hear your response in the comment section.

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