Sikander Reads Nimrat’s Diary


Lovely gets a huge shock on finding him reading the diary and knowing the truth. Sikandar gets away from Lovely. He wants to know about his daughter. Lovely wants to know if she has known about Kulfi. Sikandar wonders why did Mohendar had lied to him before.

Lovely tries hard to stop him from knowing the complete truth. Nimrat is sure that he will know the truth if he reads further. Lovely asks Amyra to get up and stop Sikandar from reading the diary. Amyra worries thinking of the dire consequences. Lovely tells her that she will keep the promise and not let Sikandar learn it.

She asks Amyra to pretend that she didn’t know the truth before. Amyra doesn’t want Kulfi to win the game after coming so far. Sikandar reads the diary to get his answers. He feels miserable to think of Nimrat and the baby’s sufferings. He reads about his daughter and cries.

Kulfi arrives there to meet him, while he is about to see Kulfi and Nimrat’s picture. Nimrat wishes that Sikandar knows the truth. Kulfi wants to know the reason of his sorrow. He shows her Nimrat’s diary. Nimrat pleads to him to learn the complete truth. Kulfi doesn’t want him to know the truth, that will make their separation more painful. Will Kulfi stop him from seeing her picture?