Sikander Unveils Nimrat’s Murder Mystery

Shocking Sikandar’s encounter with Nimrat’s murderer Lovely

The ongoing track of Little Singer Kulfi is filled with a lot of emotions and high drama, as Kullfi has come to know that Sikandar in her father. She is in a dilemma as she thinks that Sikandar is the same person who gave her mother so much pain.

In the upcoming episode, Sikandar comes to know that Nimrat died in an accident.

Sikandar decides to investigate the case and find the real culprit. He is in for the biggest shock when he comes to know that the culprit is none other than Lovely and that Nimrat was hit by her car.

Sikandar is shattered to know the truth and decides to confront Lovely about the same.

It will be interesting to see how Sikandar handles this situation.

In the coming up storyline of Little Singer Kulfi Sikandar (Mohit Malik) will soon get his hands on Nimrat’s murder mystery which will come as a big shocker for him.Tevar has left the house giving Kulfi and Amyra’s responsibility to Sikandar while he regrets his love for Lovely who ruined his life and snatched his fatherly right.

Sikandar is already facing a challenging time that he goes in trauma when he comes to know about Nimrat’s accident with Lovely’s car.

Sikandar and Lovely’s major clash

Sikandar gets a big proof against Lovely from where he tracks down Lovely’s hand in Nimrat’s death.Where Sikandar loses his temper and bursts on Lovely, Lovely stands in hell shock wondering how Sikandar knew the truth.

Tevar gave Kulfi and Amyra’s responsibility to Sikandar while bidding adieu to everyone.But the story take worse shape when Sikandar gets his hand on Nimrat’s murder mystery.Sikandar loses his cool when he finds that Nimrat got hit by Lovely’s car and Lovely didn’t even rushed Nimrat to hospital.

Sikandar confronts evil Lovely

The unexpected truth revelations have left Sikandar stuck in trauma.Where he fails to track down both Tevar and Kulfi, Lovely’s murderer truth shocks him at hell.Let’s wait for the biggest twist to get unfold where Sikandar will confront Lovely over Nimrat’s death mystery.Sikandar learns Nimrat’s murder truth and on other hand Kulfi learns her father’s truth.

Sattu unveils to Kulfi that Sikandar is her father and Nimrat, Sikandar had their relationship, while here Sikandar learns a shocking truth that Nimrat was murdered by Lovely.Sikandar has seen what all Lovely had done to Tevar and Kulfi and now this new truth of Nimrat’s murder blew his mind.

Kulfi and Sikandar’s face off with truth

Kulfi and Sikandar both are in state of emotions and couldn’t understand what to do, where Kulfi is ready to hide this truth from all.Kulfi is making this big sacrifice for Amyra as she knows that Amyra will be affected badly after knowing this truth.

Will Sikandar ever forgive Lovely?Stay glued stay clued to for further updates of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala.

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