Sikander’s Life To Get In Danger In Little Singer Kulfi


In the upcoming episodes of Kulfi Bajewala serial, Sikander’s life will soon be in danger as Jimmy will plan to kill him at the Qawali concert.

So far in Kulfi story, Lovely confirmed that she is before Sikander’s property and also made him immobile. Kulfi is adamant to cure Sikander while Amyra has also realized her mother’s reality.

Now as per the latest spoilers of Little Singer Kulfi serial, Kulfi, Amyra and others will learn that Sikander is alright now and can move.

However, Sikander will ask them to hide the truth from Lovely as he wants to expose her. Later, Jimmy will organize a Qawali function and will plan to kill Sikander.

He will also announce his partnership with Lovely in SSG records according to the gossip updates of Kulfi serial.

Let’s see what happens next in the future story track of KKB serial.