Staying True 17 May 2023 Update On Wednesday

Nutan says, “When you came to know the truth, you came here, but you didn’t trust Sanjay, when he was shouting,” as stated in the Zee World Wednesday 17 May 2023 update. Paragi responds, “I suggested that to sort out,” expressing her happiness that her Sanjay stood by the truth, stating that she had given her badi maa a chance, but her badi maa left her with a severe wound. She claims that my error was offering badi mummy a chance.

She claims that I had lost my mother as a child, but Badi Mummy never meant anything to me. She apologizes to Sushma and claims that she is now in a position to become a mother. Sushma reviews the embarrassment. In response to your humiliation, Paragi says you can punish me. Sushma remembers, screams, and yells in pain.

Maa is her name by Paragi. Sanjay asserts that you are to blame for my mother’s condition and that this wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t believed your clever Tai ji. Paragi falls into his arms after losing his balance.

I’ll take care of her, as Paragi promises. Nutan tells her that we are no longer related and asks her to leave there. She says our family won’t acknowledge you in any condition. Ashi informs Paragi that we have struggled to smile today and asks him to depart from there. Once, Abhay requests Sanjay to listen to her.

He is scolded by Pramod. Sanjay is granted a chance by Paragi. She is asked to go by Sanjay. She is asked to leave by Pramod. I’m ready to drink the poison, Paragi says, because my badi mummy made the mistake.

She tells Sanjay to stop, “I have full right on my husband and house” in accordance with the Hindu marriage act. She asserts that I am entitled to remain here. She claims that you provide UPSC coaching to all applicants, but I must emphasize the facts. She says I’m truly heartbroken that I need to come here utilizing regulation.

Sanjay asks her to leave and says, “Don’t make it hard for me.” Nutan says this young lady isn’t trustable and says couldn’t say whether she will get us captured. She claims that you had previously gone to jail because of her. Paragi thinks I trust my adoration, you will acknowledge me one day.

Paragi was requested to leave his room by Sanjay. Paragi says a spouse can’t be approached to go from her significant other’s room. Sanjay says alright, I will go from here. He asks her for the keys after discovering that the door is locked.

She tells him that you need to sleep and tells him to sleep or he’ll get dark circles. Sanjay attempts to get the keys and falls on Paragi. He states that I will sleep in the restroom and have no interest in your game. Paragi tells you that you are fighting an old picture hero and commands him to act like a mature adult. He says this room and bed is mine, and requests that she go out and rest outside.

Paragi makes the miserable face. He says that’s fine; you can sleep here, but please don’t try to become my wife. She says I’m your better half, you have right to blow up and I have right to encourage you. He says you have no privileges and lays on the bed. Paragi believes that I will soon tear down this wall.

Paragi gets ready later in the day and apologizes to Sanjay, saying, “I promise that I will make everything fine.” She thinks he is looking adorable and falls on him inadvertently. He holds her after waking up.

According to him, I told you not to disturb me. Paragi apologizes. As she puts sindoor in her maang, he looks at her. She asks him to check his phone when she turns to him. She asks him to hold Maa’s hand and says, “I have kept the status,” “I will make first rasoi today.” She leaves the room. Sanjay is agitated.

Chanda enters the store and states, “I know you are upset with me and don’t want to see my face,” She says I came to educate you something and tells regarding chamber impact in the area.

She claims that individuals complained about their bahu and claimed that the cylinder was blasted. She claims that even Pathaks have issues with Paragi, and that even they have a cylinder at home. She claims that such individuals are the cause of the conspiracy. In a fit of rage, Parashar drops his slipper on her.

He says you are recounting to me modest story, with the goal that I bring back Paragi and you can have her profit. He says that the cylinder will explode at our house if you don’t back off. He exits. Kinkar and Atul arrive there. Atul says you were unable to persuade our blameless paragi. Chanda says he is irate because of you. She is asked to consider Paragi by Atul. Chanda insists that I take action.

Paragi lights the gas oven and makes desserts. She lets Workers know that she is making Makhana kheer today and requests that she bring the dry natural products. When Nutan gets there, he turns off the gas. She inquires, “Who gave you access to our kitchen?” Paragi says I took Sai nath ji’s endowments and making my first rasoi.

Nutan says your family has sent a mannerless young lady here, who contends with seniors. Paragi apologizes, but you are acting this way. She says I’m making kheer and on the off chance that you have it, will like it. Nutan gets angry. She lets child know that the young lady is obstinate and could do without anybody.

Baby says what to say and went shamelessly to Sanju’s room. She expresses how to stop her. Nutan says did you see, how this savvy young lady responded to me back infront of Worker and says she is neither apprehensive nor have any disgrace. She asserts that she has no idea what Sanju saw in her or what we must see.

Sanju carries Sushma to corridor. Pramod slips and the paper tumbles down from his hand. Sushma is scared when she sees the picture of her with her face covered in black in the newspaper. She gets terrified and insane.

She stomps on Paragi. Sanjay asks would you say you are fine? Sushma burns the newspaper when Paragi asks her to hold it. She says it was scaring you, but it can’t. Maa, you’ll win, she says. Sushma gives Sanjay a hug and cries. Paragi prays to Sainath and tells him that the trauma might have lessened today. He also asks Sainath to keep praying for them.

She’s heard Abhay. Paragi asks, “Why did you cry?” Abhay says everybody is mistreating you, I could do without it. He asserts that even big brother, who loves you so much but opposes you, does. Paragi says Sai nath ji steps through the examination, and causes the paper troublesome till you to address it. She says I will win as I have a caring brother by marriage.

He asserts that no UPSC girl would have traveled here. According to Paragi, this is my home; where would I have gone? She promises to persuade him that I am your big brother’s wife.

Atul informs Chanda that he sent Pathak’s house the news about the cylinder blast that was published in one newspaper. Chanda says you would have it distributed in all papers. He claims he can’t do this. According to Chanda, Paragi will return with her bags. Atul says this will occur. Paragi comes there holding her pack.

Atul inquires about your sudden appearance. Parashar says you had said that you will have strength. Kinkar croons, “Apne toh apne hote hai.” Paragi brings the newspaper, gas stove, and other items in the suitcase while crying. She informs Parashar that Atul obtained the false news from one newspaper. According to Parashar, our children have made a history of evil. Paragi cautions Chanda and her kids to avoid things like this, else their face can be darkened.

Paragi admonished Chanda and her children that their karma would settle their differences. She claims that I have left here some black ink samples. She leaves. Sanjay is informed by Paragi when she returns home that she is aware of his displeasure with her, but she urges him not to let his rage affect his preparation for the UPSC. She is asked not to give him any advice by Sanjay.

Paragi says I’m doing likewise, which you have done. She says you have persuaded me to clear the UPSC and opened the enclosure where I was locked. She asserts that husband and wife can differ, but friends cannot. She claims that you and I will be the two IAS officers in this house next year, fulfilling our dream. Sanjay picks up his UPSC book and tells you to think about yourself instead of telling me what to do.

He lies down to sleep. Later, when Paragi is studying, he gets up and looks at her. He tries to drift off. Paragi is going to tumble down from the seat. Holding her, Sanju gets up from the bed. Nutan checks them out. Paragi thanks him. He says he had returned her approval as his mom is resting calmly because of her, and she is in injury because of her.

Paragi discusses Sushma’s Ayurvedic treatment later with someone. She declares, “I will give Sai Baba chadawa for Papa and Maa.” Later, she overhears Nutan and Pramod discussing Sushma and Vinod’s anniversary today and how Paragi and her family prevented them from celebrating.

Paragi figures they will celebrate even this time and gets ready for the festivals alone. She envisions the relatives coming to her cheerfully. Then, she imagines Sanju having an affair with her. She watches as everyone returns home.

Sanju tells us that we planned this, and Abhay has decorated the academy for our anniversary. Sushma is asked by Vinod to forget about the past and make new memories. Sanju thinks you’re both cute.

They are in Paragi’s care. On the anniversary, Nutan and Vinod cut the cake. Sanju figures Maa couldn’t be blissful infront of you Paragi, I need to act this way with you due to your badi mummy. They give each other everything they want. Abhay is called by Paragi, but everyone else is dancing. Later, everybody goes home. Paragi believes that everyone appears to have returned and observed anniversary decorations at home.

Abhay says Bhabhi has done a good job decorating. Paragi says, “I made baked cake for you all and also cooked food for you all,” wishing them a happy anniversary. Nutan asks who requested that you do this, and says you can’t enter anybody’s hearts effectively. I didn’t know you were celebrating somewhere else, Paragi claims. Pramod inquires as to whether we require your consent.

Sushma informs Paragi that despite her efforts, she is still in pain as a result of the wounds her family inflicted on her. She leaves and asks her baby to deliver the food to the needy. Paragi seems down.

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