Staying True 22 May 2023 Update On Monday

In accordance with the Zee World Monday, May 22, 2023 update, Paragi will visit Parashar’s shop. Parashar apologizes to her and explains that I am the reason why your head is lowered in front of your stomach. Paragi responds that my one Papa assisted another. According to Parashar, I don’t want any assistance from your spiritual. Paragi says not dependably sasural is dangerous and says at times even mayka individuals make issues.

She says it isn’t our way of life that the young lady’s family will remain with their head low, and says Sanju said that we will do the progressions at home prior to changing the general public. She asks Parashar if the lecture is too long and if Sanjay is his son. Parashar says I’m getting desserts made for your outcomes. According to Paragi, I am contemplating my selection. Parashar claims that you will undoubtedly be chosen. Paragi says she will come rushing to him whenever chose.

Sushma and everybody see sorry on the paratha served in their plates. Surprisingly, everyone appears. Vinod asserts that it is a child’s right to make mistakes and an adult’s right to forgive. He requests that everybody roll the paratha and bite it. Everybody rolls the paratha and have it.

Paragi beams. Paragi hears from Sanjay that she has a good idea. Paragi asserts that I must exert effort, but your cuteness wins me over. Sanjay claims that the outcome of your efforts will be visible to everyone tomorrow. Sanju requests his paratha. Paragi shows I love you on the paratha. He eats it with a smile. Hasi forbids gay plays….

Laddoos are being made by Parashar. Chanda inquires if there is a significant order. She then, at that point, comprehends that tomorrow is Paragi’s outcome and that is the reason he is making it. He asserts that fate is bad and can change at any time. Chanda says your laddoo is getting little and large because of your verse. She believes that even if his children’s lives are destroyed, nothing can harm him. Parashar has the idea to bake Paragi a cake in the shape of a car.

Sanjay tells Paragi to go to sleep at night, that the results will be out tomorrow, and that a list is made. Paragi asserts that she cannot sleep when stressed. He inquires about the tension’s outcome. Paragi says giving lecture is simple. He tells her to go to sleep quietly. Paragi claims to be tense. He asks, “Should we leave?” She responds no. He then asks her to go to sleep. The lights go out. Paragi and Sanjay dance. Paragi thanks him. Says Sanjay, “I love you.”

Following day, Paragi requests that herself figure positive and figures you will get chosen soon. Sanjay says she will have uplifting tones and tells that they will go to straightforwardly focus. They leave.

Paragi states that I have your support, and the selection will now take place. Vinod performs an aarti for Paragi, gives her a blessing, and promises to pray that Sainath’s blessings will always be upon you. He blesses her. Paragi expresses gratitude to him and says, “Your words matter to me as much as today’s result.” She gives his blessing after touching his feet.

Abhay conveys his best wishes to her. Paragi says thank you Abhay. We will leave, according to Sanjay. Paragi folds her hands before Sushma, Nutan and others and goes. Abhay is requested by Vinod to keep the plate in the puja house. Sushma is assured by him that she will forget and move on.

How can you show her respect, Pramod inquires? Vinod believes that Paragi deserves it. Pramod puts the blame on Paragi for everything that happened to him. He says, “You sit in the shop and sell books, but I have to earn money that you give to charity, and I have to repay this big loan.” Vinod feels awful.

I apologize, Pramod says. Sushma follows Vinod. Nutan reprimands Pramod for his way of behaving with Vinod. She goes. Baby says that you said a lot. Since the papers changed and that girl went to check her result, Pramod claims I had to tell because MLA’s PA is harassing me.

Sanju tries to get the bike moving. Paragi inquires about its fate. Sanju says it will begin. He attempts to begin. He is asked to try by Paragi. Parashar calls her. Happy anniversary, Paragi! She is asked to go see the outcome by Parashar. He is asked by Paragi to give badi mummy a present. Parashar says do you believe that I will give her gift. Paragi says she is gaining from Sanju and Father, that they will pardon the people doing botch.

She declares that she will offer him sweets if the outcome is favorable. The bike is started by Sanju. They get on a bike and sit. When he takes a shortcut, his bike crashes when it comes into contact with some boxes. Time is shown by Paragi. Sanju is contemplating how they will get there.

Parashar asks Sainath to keep Paragi blessed because he believes it is Paragi’s time to get her results. Parashar receives a necklace box from the jeweler when he arrives there. He gets a ring after Parashar looks at him and says he doesn’t have any money to give him. The gem specialist requests that he reconsider. As soon as I get my money back, Parashar claims I will release it. The jeweler claims that this is the ideal present for your wife on their wedding anniversary.

Parashar says thanks to him. The jeweler walks away. Pramod arrives in a car and states, “You people have made the river flow in the opposite direction.” Parashar requests that he come. According to Pramod, you took out a substantial loan from us yesterday and went jewelry shopping today. Parashar claims that I bought this for my wife and gave away my ring. Pramod claims that I have watched a lot of dramas, but none like yours or your wife’s.

Paragi is informed by Sanju that his bike abruptly stopped. When Paragi looks at her phone, she says, “I’ll check on my phone.” He claims that I have forgotten it at home and that I will try from my phone.

Parashar requests that he sit and talk. Pramod claims that you have lost your wife’s cleverness and that whatever she does is in front of us; however, you have concealed your dishonesty and looted us.

Paragi and Sanjay ask motorists for their mobile phone numbers. Paragi and Sanjay are offered mobile phones by everyone on the road. As the song “Aashayein” plays, Sanjay thanks the person who gave him the phone. Other person likewise offers his telephone and perceives Paragi.

Pramod humiliates Parashar in front of everyone. He is to blame for plundering Pramod. He is urged by Parashar to avoid misunderstandings. According to Pramod, you took money from your father-in-law and spent it on your wife. He gets stares from everyone.

Sanjay is asked to look by Paragi. Sanjay examines the outcomes. Pramod asserts that he has also mortgaged his respect and is present for his spouse’s son. He calls him a slur and says that no one should live extravagantly on someone else’s money. He departs. The public is critical of Chanda and him.

When Parashar hears this, he cries and enters his shop. He keeps the adornments box and takes sweet in his grasp. Atul and Chanda arrive there. Chanda says that he is getting ready for his niece’s test results, so don’t worry about us. According to Atul, you are aware that Papa loves Paragi. He escapes as Chanda mocks him inside. Additionally, Atul enters. Heart attack strikes Parashar.

Sanjay lets Paragi know that outcome is transferring. He then says result came. Paragi inquires whether or not I passed. Sanjay says your name isn’t there in chose competitor list. Paragi is stunned. It is her creative mind. She asks Sanjay to inform her of her success or failure.

I’m checking, according to Sanju. He’s asked by Paragi to say. She is weeping as Sanju smiles and hugs her. He says with a grin that you are now an IAS officer. Aashayein tune plays… ..He jumps on the bloom truck and tosses blossoms on Paragi. He descends and gives her a hug. Paragi becomes sentimental. People on the road appreciate Paragi’s role as a role model for numerous girls. Sanju tells her that this is special and encourages her to enjoy it.

The crowd cheers and declares that Parashar’s daughter won the IAS exam. Sanju asserts that you have established your own identity, achieved your goal, and achieved this outcome as a result of your dedication, enthusiasm, and other efforts. He is proud of her and says, “Look at their happiness, Sainath made these strangers into our family.”

Parashar collapses to his death while holding his chest. Paragi is asked to eat laddoo by Sanjay. According to Paragi, I have promised Papa that I will take his sweets first. Sanju asks, “How do we proceed?” She inquires whether I require a bicycle to visit Papa.

She promises to go and asks him to give everyone candy. He declares, “I love you so much and am proud of you.” When Paragi sees him at the shop, he runs away from there joyfully.

She yells “Papa” and then falls. She calls to him while holding him and asking him to stand. She thinks that he is dead and gets stunned.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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