Staying True 23 May 2023 Update On Tuesday

Paragi asks Parashar to get up and says, “You have promised me to make me eat sweets with your hands.” This is consistent with the update that was shown on Zee World on Tuesday, May 23, 2023, for viewers in southern Africa. She holds him in her hands and commands him to stand.

She says I have come to you first and says your Parru became IAS. She gives him a hug and yells for him to get up. She asks him to get up and live the dream, claiming that it is not only my only dream but also ours. For Paragi’s success, Sanju gives sweets to everyone on the road.

Paragi sees a car made of sweets and sweets in his hand. She asks him to hold her hand and make her bondi laddoo. She eats the sweet that was in his hand and says that you can’t cheat with your daughter. She embraces him. Sanju comes there and finds Paragi embracing Parashar. He telephones Paragi. Paragi says Daddy broke his commitment and went. Sanju is stunned and drops the desserts box.

Nutan asserts that he is unaware of Paragi’s outcome. Yes, says Sushma. I’ll inquire, Pramod says. Vinod puts the banner of Paragi from the overhang, and says our Paragi have become IAS. He claims Sanju was certain, which is why he ordered this banner. He states, “I know Pramod will not keep the banner outside the institute,” but I will keep it outside the bookshop and throughout Bhopal.

Paragi cries. According to Sanju, we must inform everyone, starting with your Tai ji. How will I tell Badi Mummy, according to Paragi? She announces that today is her anniversary and displays Papa’s jewelry box. She claims that Papa always looks out for everyone. Sanju asks her to go and inform them that Papa left, but that his goodness is with us. He promises to handle everything.

Vinod requests that Abhay produce 25 to 30 posters in this size, stating that everyone will be aware that Paragi has been promoted to IAS, and requesting that he lavishly welcome her. Abhay says alright and goes. Vinod claims that I will not coerce anyone, but it would be beneficial if you all contributed to their happiness.

According to Baby, I have a strong suspicion that everything will alter. Sanju calls Vinod. Vinod informs him that the celebration has begun and requests that he bring Paragi home. He hears from Sanju about Parashar’s passing. Surprised are Vinod and others.

Atul tells Chanda that he checked online and found that Paragi has been promoted to IAS officer. That’s why, according to Chanda, your Papa hasn’t been over for breakfast. She informs Shiva that her spouse’s sister was promoted to IAS officer. Aditi claims that I visited on your anniversary. Chanda says he could do without me, I’m dead for him. When Paragi enters, she hands her the necklace box.

Chanda asks what is it, and asks where did your voice go, it appears to be your Dad taken care of with numerous laddoos that you were unable to talk. She inquires about your crying and asks if this is an IAS medal. She asks her to say, and when she opens the box, she finds the necklace and earrings in a pendant. She claims that I liked it for myself when we went to a jewelry store to look for rings for your wedding, but your father won’t buy it for me. She asks if you bought it for me once more.

According to Paragi, this is papa’s final present to you. Chanda inquires whether you will bring him with you to the government bungalow, claiming that your attitude has changed since you became IAS. She inquires as to whether he will leave me today itself. Paragi says Daddy… .has left us for eternity. Chanda is surprised.

Vinod and Sanju enter the room alongside hospital staff members who transport Parashar’s decomposing body to the floor. When Chanda and her family see his body, they are shocked. She sits down in a shocking manner after dropping the jewelry box. Paragi holds her.

Pramod advises Child that he had gone to Parashar’s shop in the first part of the day and had a contention with him. Baby is shocked and declares that your actions constitute drama. He claims that when he used our money to buy jewelry for his wife, I became enraged. Baby asks if this is why he died.

Pramod says I was feeling peculiar and that is the reason told this. Baby declares, “I hope no one will blame you for this.” There is also the Pathak family. Chanda weeps as she holds her mangalsutra on Parashar’s body. Paragi makes Chanda wear the chain and pendant.

Chanda cries. Papa, according to Paragi, has not left us and will always be with us. Chanda embraces her and weeps. Sushma comes to reassure Chanda and gives her water. Paragi takes the glass and makes Chanda drink. Vinod tells Atul, Kinkar, and Paragi that they must perform their final rites before sunset and that we must leave right away. Paragi observes.

Vinod let Kinkar and Atul know that they need to go for Parashar’s last rituals. Nutan requests that Paragi keep her Tawo ji’s beloved stuff close to him, for his goodbye. I’ll bring it because Chanda said there was something special to him. She brings something to him and says, “It was two things: you and your dream, which is now fulfilled, and the blue light car.

” Paragi cries seeing it. If Chanda stays with him, he will feel good, Chanda says. Your name is blue light car. Paragi cries and reviews Parashar’s adoration for her. She plays Mere Aasman hai Papa, reminiscing about their times together and keeping the car on Parashar’s dead body. Everyone is crying. Sushma is depressed.

Baby holds her back. I’ll keep my hand on Paragi’s head because, as Sushma informs me today, she has lost her father. Baby claims that her family, including Sanju and Bhai Saheb, is with her. Vinod examines Sanju. Sanju, Kinkar and Atul approach to give shoulder to the dead body. Vinod asserts that someone must step forward to provide the fourth shoulder. Vinod and Abhay are about to appear. Paragi holds it and says even girls have right to give shoulder to their dad’s last process.

After three days, Pandit ji informs the individual that pagdi rasam has been completed and that he or she can wear it and perform all housework. Atul will soon stand up. Chanda tells him to stop and that only Paragi can assume his responsibility after Parashar. She says to Paragi, who is holding her hand, “Your bade papa has done the duties for the house until today, and you must handle this house after him.

” Chanda’s change of heart catches Paragi off guard. According to the rasam, Chanda asks Vinod to tie a turban around Paragi. Vinod says I will tie the turban, yet before that, I need to finish a rasam.

He overlays his hands before Parashar’s photograph casing and comes to Paragi. He says, “I swear to become her father instead of her father in law,” as he ties a thread to his hand. He declares that I will not allow her to miss Parashar Bhai saheb and will treat her as my daughter rather than my wife’s daughter. I’m ready to tie the turban now that he says this kalawa needs to be tied to my hand. He attaches turban to Paragi’s head. Atul loses it and leaves. Kinkar is also upset.

Paragi raises her hand in front of Parashar’s picture frame and says, “Papa, you made me ready for IAS and wanted me to be responsible, as you have wanted to handle the house responsibility to me.” She then asks him to bless her so that she can carry out all of her duties. She says I’m prepared.

On the 13th day, Chanda tells Paragi that today is the 13th day of her Papa’s life and prays that God will grant his body peace. She asks Paragi to bring a sweet-filled steel box to her house. She inquires whether you received an appointment letter and when she must join. Paragi says in the morning tomorrow.

She is asked to participate in training by Chanda with Parashar in mind. Paragi agrees. Chanda recalls her words and asserts that new life or death can alter relationships. She says “Please” and asks Paragi to call her mother immediately. Paragi calls her mother out of emotion. Shiva, Atul, and Kinkar become enraged.

According to Atul, Maa treated Paragi like a child and made us strangers. Chanda requests that Paragi deal with herself during the preparation and don’t stress for them. I’ll be worried for you all because Paragi says that this will be the first time you stay without Papa. Sanju arrives at the location and declares, “I am here to care for badi mummy and all.” Paragi asks Shiva, Atul, and Kinkar to look after Chanda, the shop, and themselves.

Paragi agrees to help Chanda start her new life. Paragi reaches for her toes. Chanda orders her to leave. Paragi goes. Chanda asks that Paragi succeed. Kinkar becomes angry.

Sushma is asked if this is for Paragi by Nutan. According to Sushma, Paragi will attend training in Mussorie. Nutan asserts that Paragi has lost her Tai ji, that Vinod has pledged to assume her father’s responsibilities, and that we have become strangers as a result. Baby claims to be unaware of the kind of magic she uses on Vinod, Abhay, and Ashi. Nutan says in the wake of preparing, she will become IAS Lady and our Sanjay will not be anything, and says his head will be brought down.

Paragi comes there with Sanju. She then goes to her room and asks Sanju to give Maa the box. Sushma is informed by Sanju that this box was sent from Paragi’s house for the thirteenth day. He tells her that there are some sweets in it and asks her to ask Bua ji for it so she can forget her bitterness.

Nutan claims that you have been ignoring your core beliefs. Sanju suggests that it could be a side effect of your harsh words, which I try to forget every day.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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