Staying True 24 May 2023 Update On Wednesday

Paragi enters her class room in accordance with the Wednesday, May 24, 2023, update to Zee World. IAS official Mr. Batra comes to the homeroom. The two of them gets stunned seeing one another and reviews the pay off occurrence.

He lets students know that he don’t have confidence in presentation and their exhibition ought to represent themselves. He says that he could do without to rehash exactly the same thing so he will say only a single time. He declares to them that he has no regard for their religion, nationality, or family history.

He also doesn’t care about their gender because he thinks that boys and girls should have the same opportunities as each other, which they will here.

Paragi imagines that he discusses equivalent freedoms however she don’t feel that he trusts that young ladies and young men are equivalent. He lets them know that they are unique that is the reason they arrived at here in the wake of finishing troublesome tests.

He asserts that their previous accomplishments are irrelevant now, and that this new journey will be the most challenging. He says that he is not here to make them happy; rather, he is here to teach them, and he promises to teach them hard so that they can hate him as much as they want. He wishes them the best of luck.

Sanjay, on the other hand, calls Vinod to let him know that Paragi has left for orientation and is waiting outside. Vinod requests that he return once Paragi settles there well indeed. Sushma and Baby listen in on Vinod and Sanjay’s conversation. Baby informs Sushma that, as Nutan stated, Paragi’s training has begun, and Sanjay is outside acting as a watchman.

Students are informed by Mr. Batra that they will be given authority and responsibilities. He questions Paragi, but she doesn’t answer him, so he makes fun of her. He informs the trainees that he will meet them later for physical training, and he then departs.

Sushma hears from Pramod that Sanjay is wasting his time by not working on his project. He is informed by Vinod that he will handle the project until Sanjay returns, at which point he will depart. Sushma is informed by Pramod that this is not the solution to the issue. She tells him that it’s hard to understand Vinod. She hopes that Sanjay will gain a new identity through this project. He assures her that Sanjay will succeed.

Chanda asks Paragi to look after herself during a conversation. She is scolded by Atul for being kind to Paragi. She informs him that she has abused Paragi despite being blind up until this point. She says that she is confronting the outcomes of her bad behaviors.

Mr. Batra examines Paragi’s papers. Paragi illuminates Sanjay about Mr. Batra. She gives him a rose. Rumi appears there and makes fun of them. She hears from Paragi that it would have been ideal for them to share a room at that time, but that someone else will be staying with her.

Rumi tells her that she moved to her room. Paragi inquires as to whether it turns into an issue from now on. Rumi requests that she unwind and these things are normal in young ladies lodging and leaves from that point. Sanjay takes Paragi’s baggage and moves towards the inn. They are seen together by Mr. Batra.

Mr. Batra, an IAS officer, continues to instruct Paragi and her classmates. A military official shows how to hold weapons. Paragi says she can’t hold weapon as her hand. Batra claims that the weapon can be easily held by anyone who can hold her bag. Paragi chooses a weapon, but the officer pulls her over and tells her her time is up.

Paragi meets Sanju after class and tells her that she wants to learn how to drive a car because Mr. Batra talks about gender equality but doesn’t believe in it, so she wants to prove him wrong. He informs her that he has three hours to return to campus, so he will instruct her up until then.

Paragi’s taiji/auntie sees Sushma in market and attempts to address her. Sushma tells the driver to get in the car and leave. Sanju gets romantic as she teaches Paragi how to drive a car. A song called “Dil Ye Ziddi Hai” plays in the background.

She can drive in three hours. Sanju praises her, stating that it takes at least 10 days to learn to drive, but she learned it in just three hours thanks to her determination. She says when he is her motivation, how would she be able to. He carries her #1 frozen yogurt to celebrate. She informs him that it has already been 8:45 p.m. and that she will drive to campus before returning to his hostel.

Sushma gets back. Baby inquires as to why she seems tense. Sushma claims that she met Paragi’s taiji on the way back from the temple. Baby inquires if she misbehaved once more. Sushma responds that she felt as though Taiji wanted to apologise and is sorry for her behavior. Baby believes that bad people don’t change, that she lost her husband, and that her son doesn’t have a lot of money.

Because Paragi is now the family breadwinner, she might want to get into Paragi’s good graces. Pramod backs her and says Sushma is a decent human and can’t grasp individuals’ intrigues. Sushma suggests that he might be right. Pramod claims to have comprehended it, and she hopes Sanju does as well.

When Paragi sees Sanju depart, she drops him off at her camp and becomes emotional. After that, as she moves toward the gate, she notices a desperate man slipping from his cycle and rushes to assist him. Man expresses gratitude toward her for her assistance.

She then moves toward the gate after the guard locks it and announces that it is 9:05 p.m. Batra, who is jogging, sees her and opens the door. She offers her sincere apologies and declares that this is her sole error. He says she ought to make sense of it before chief tomorrow. On the other hand, Sushma tries to reconcile her differences with Vinod by serving him tea.

Vinod says she is supporting incorrectly and thus is off-base for her, however he is furious on her therefore yet will always remember what she is really going after. Director complains to Batra about Paragi. Chief inquiries Paragi. Paragi attempts to make sense of. According to Batra, women in his city can handle multiple tasks at home but cannot handle public service. According to Paragi, she second his thought.

Chief denies to stand by listening to her and says she will be educated about her discipline and in the event that she proceeds with her slip-up, a disciplinary move will be made on her and she will be precluded.

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