Staying True 25 May 2023 Update On Thursday

Remaining valid on zee world Thursday 25th May 2023 update, Paragi over video call illuminates Sanjay that Batra is upsetting her a ton. Sanjay claims that it was his error; she advised him not to give the driver any money, but he ignored her.

She believes that Batra has issues with girls and targets them, so she asks him not to blame himself because he just wanted her to get to the institute. According to her friend, so does she.

Sanjay proposes her to plan for the test entire evening and ensure she knows a larger number of replies than Batra’s inquiries. She says she will follow his actions. He says she ought to focus on her investigations and leave lay on him.

She asks him where he is sitting and says that even he should return tomorrow to work on his dream project. He claims that he went to the cafeteria for a coffee because he was bored in his hotel room. She cuts off the call, thinking that Batra asked her a question today and that she will answer him tomorrow.

Sushma is asked by Pramod when Sanjay will return tomorrow because he has an investor meeting tomorrow. She says he will arrive at home around 2 p.m. also, go to 3 p.m. meeting, sees him strained and asks reason. She says Sanjay needs to get investors to invest in the project, so this investor meeting is very important, but he shouldn’t be in Mussoorie because of Paragi.

Sanjay is questioned by Paragi as he heads toward class via video call to determine whether he left the hotel. He responds “yes” and is heading to the airport when he inquires about her preparation for Batra’s class. She declares that she will not permit Batra to complain and is prepared to follow his recommendations.

Batra pushes her from behind and her versatile tumbles down. He thinks about Sanjay’s face. She accepts his apology and grabs her phone. Class begins. Batra says he will give them a surprise test to see if they still remember what they’ve learned so far, and the results will be added to their final grade. Paragi believes that she will receive full marks.

Because she did not arrive at the campus on time last night, Batra demands that she leave the class. Paragi says that in the final evaluation, the marks from today’s test will be added, and she asks him to give her any other punishment. He rehashes to kindly leave and giving her telephone says she has a ton of time to video call her better half out of class. Paragi leaves mournful and thinks she has confronted many difficulties here and will even Batra’s difficulties.

Paragi meets Sanjay in cafeteria who inquires as to whether she is fine. She claims to be upset because he is leaving today. He says even he isn’t alright leaving her, he will missing her in Bhopal. She hopes he doesn’t go, but he needs to go because he is there. He hugs her and tells her to focus on her tests and follow what he has taught her. She moves around and gives him a heartfelt hug once more.

A song called Shiddat plays in the background. He inquires as to whether something occurred. She says no and smiles as she leaves. He hears other students talking about how Mrs. Paragi will lose marks because Batra didn’t do the right thing by firing her. He believes that’s the reason Paragi was tense. Pramod calls him and informs him that he will send him a car if he has left for the airport. Sanjay says he can’t come as Paragi needs him here.

Pramod claims that investors wish to meet him prior to making an investment. Sanjay says he will have a video call with financial backers, so he and dad ought to deal with actual gathering. Pramod blows up and tells Sushma that Sanjay will be annihilated due to Paragi. Sushma wonders, “Will Paragi sacrifice for her son this time?” each time her son makes a sacrifice for her.

Batra steps through driving exam of understudies and calls Paragi. As Sanjay observes from the outside, he believes that he has postponed his trip to Bhopal and will inform her when he will meet her in the evening; at this point, she ought to concentrate on driving. Paragi strolls towards call anxiously and sees Sanjay’s impression. Sanjay stows away.

She is asked to begin the test by Batra. She gets into vehicle. Batra sits close to her and attempts to mistakes her for various orders. Sanjay is aware that Batra intends to mislead Paragi. Paragi comes to a stop just as he was about to smash the car into a wall. Batra without saying anything calls next understudy.

Paragi halts him and declares, “Maybe he will give negative scores for what she will say now, but it would be an insult to her as a woman;” she says she demonstrated that a wedded lady can do performing multiple tasks, be it dealing with home, youngsters, spouse, or lofty common help test; She leaves while reciting Jai Hind.

Batra believes that women are always misunderstood, but he will disprove her. After test, her companion commends her that Batra was stepping through exam, however looked as though it was his test. Batra, according to Paragi, is their elder and ought to be within his limits. A friend claims that Batra will cause trouble even during tomorrow’s drill test.

Paragi asserts that she will not miss any more tests and believes she must finish them tomorrow at all costs.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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