Staying True 26 May 2023 Update On Friday

Sanjay waits for Paragi at a roadside tea stall, as per the Zee World Friday 26 May 2023 update. Paragi arrives running and makes an apology for being late. He gives her water and tea and says that she doesn’t have to explain herself much because he isn’t Batra. She wonders why he didn’t return to Bhopal because his family wouldn’t understand. He says that since she is his wife and it is his responsibility to support her, why won’t they understand?

She requests that he rehash it. He says it again and tells her to focus on her training instead of worrying about her family. She says he want not stress as she will go to pooja tomorrow and says she will go now as she interfered with 10 minutes break. Batra stops his car when he sees them.

The two of them get strained. Batra leaves. Sanjay suggests that they determine whether Batra is single because he is always envious of couples. He gives her a hug and lets her go.

Vinod tells Sushma that Paragi has gone for IAS and common help preparing there and no ordinary educational costs that she requested that Paragi go to pooja. Sushma claims that she will be performing pooja for Sanjay, and that it is essential for a wife to participate. She is incorrect, says Vinod.

Sushma says that the relationship should be followed by both parties; however, Sanjay is the only one who is doing so, and he left his business meeting for Sanjay. Vinod thinks why just young ladies need to go through the delimaa and stuck among obligation and family, Parag is caught in a tough spot.

Chandna calls a protection specialist who gives her better half’s protection guarantee papers worth 25 lakhs. She says she will sign them when her daughter Paragi arrives, but she thinks she should keep it from Atul and Kinker because she doesn’t want them to waste insurance money like they did when they mortgaged a house and wasted money.

Paragi has equal rights to the money, and she won’t let her brothers take that away from her. Shiva, Atul’s wife, gets him to act before his mother transfers all of Paragi’s property and money to her and makes them a beggar.

When Batra returns, the main gate’s guards are missing. Paragi opens the door for him because she remembers that he kicked her out when he opened it last night. She thinks let him give her assignments and she will finish every one of them.

When Sanjay meets Vinod and his family at the temple, he informs them that he has missed them. Sushma thinks her child is blissful seeing them. If Sanjay is busy serving Paragi here, Pramod mocks him. Vinod cautions him to act at sanctuary. Sushma inquires as to whether his significant other will go to pooja.

Students are assigned a second task by Batra, and they form teams of two. Paragi inquires as to for what reason is she not given an accomplice. Batra claims that he is her partner, and they all engage in rivalry. Paragi claims that he paired a girl with a boy and a boy with a girl, but he paired her with a boy, which is unfair.

Batra asserts that bombs, terrorists, and machine guns do not have genders, so Paragi should not be bothered. Paragi asserts that he is correct; even IAS officers are simply IAS officers and are not gender specific.

Batra says let us meet in a ground for the undertaking shortly. Paragi’s companion lauds her. Because the pooja will begin in an hour, Paragi is anxious and hopes that Sanjay will handle the situation there.

Pramod accepts Sanjay’s apology for missing the business meeting. Pramod asserts that he is now the wife’s slave.

Sanjay asks when a spouse inconveniences his significant other, he is a beast, yet when he upholds his better half, he is a slave; They should abandon their primitive ways of thinking and consider equality while they are standing in a sacred Mahadev and Parvati temple. Pramod stands irritated.

Batra evaluates each student and assigns Paragi a thought-provoking task. He requests that she limit loads to her options and feet, hold a paint weapon, and shoot him threefold shortly and assuming he shoot her threefold before that, she loses and its imprints will be viewed as in end of the year test.

According to a friend, Batra gave them a simple task and more time. Paragi says she comprehend his expectation of setting up her for the hardest circumstance. Vinod lets Sushma know that she gave a decent childhood to her child, yet her reasoning has changed and consequently ought to quit driving her new reasoning on her child.

Baby informs Sushma that they traveled from Bhopal to Mussoorie, but that her bahu, who lives in Mussoorie, was unable to accompany them. Sushma says that she wants to find out if her bahu will show up in thirty minutes.

Paragi figures she will follow through with responsibility quickly and will go to pooja subsequent to looking for exceptional authorizations and implores god to help her.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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