Staying True 27 May 2023 Update On Saturday

In accordance with the Zee World Saturday 27th May 2023 update, Paragi checks the time and assumes that there is still one hour left for pooja, that she will complete the task in five minutes, and that she will arrive at the temple on time.

Batra sees Paragi checking time more than once and naturally suspects she should need to head off to some place, so he will postpone her assignment. He asks the other students to begin the task and states that she will complete it last. Paragi gets anxious and considers how she will respond to Sushma.

Sushma in sanctuary thinks pooja time has begun, however Paragi didn’t arrive at on time. Panditji says pooja is deferred for 30 minutes as other couple is performing pooja. Mohan says they need to regard sanctuary rules.

Sanjay messages that pooja is deferred for 30 minutes. When Paragi checks time, she relaxes and sees that Batra is putting off her work, so she won’t. Batra asks Parag to head the task because he thinks that Parag’s time to go somewhere is up. At first, Paragi takes two shots, but as the time nears its end, he becomes tense.

She shoots Batra three times when she sees him through a mirror, winning the job. She tells Batra that girls have responsibilities from a young age and are able to solve problems, and she leaves the task venue by asking Rumi for a pass so she can leave campus.

Chandna keeps protection papers in cabinet figuring she will appropriate the cash among all her 3 kids similarly. Shiva peeps into her room and asks Atul what will he do now. Atul claims that mom had taken papa’s insurance papers and told him that she had the first right to husband’s money and that she would use her own strategy against her.

When Rumigives her exit pass, Paragi gets ready for pooja and tries to leave campus. Batra stops her and says she has another assignment left. Paragi claims to have completed her task. Batra declares that she must prepare a brunch for her team, serve them, and demonstrate her team spirit—even team spirit will be taken into account in the final evaluation.

Paragi believes that she has 12 minutes left for pooja, that she can serve brunch in 7 minutes, and that she can get to the temple in 5 minutes. In the hope that he will damage her ego, Batra and his students wait for her. She comes in holding a dish. Batra inquires about her quick preparations. She describes the nutritious sattu porridge, onion, and chilli that farmers consume throughout the day while working in the fields. Rumi helps her serve it. Paragi insults Batra that she gave him entire onion to show his machoman power and break it with a punch.

Sushma claims that Paragi failed her task because she did not arrive on time. Child insults Sanjay and requests that he start pooja.

Paragi joins Sanjay shortly before the pooja begins. According to Mohan, she demonstrated that no one can dampen her determination.

While Paragi performs pooja with Sanjay, Batra, on the other hand, lets his rage out and considers taking her revenge.

Sanjay and Paragi complete the pooja and receive the elder’s blessing. Pramod and Child glare. Sanjay is grateful to Bholenathji for assisting him and his wife in performing pooja. Sushma asks Bholenathji to give her son some good conscience, allowing him to understand his responsibilities and move on in life like Paragi is doing.

According to Paragi, Maa is correct; he ought to concentrate on his work. Pramod remarks she is to canny to hold Sanjay and going about as constraining him to go with family. Sanjay informs his family that he will drop Paragi off at the academy and return to the airport later. Pramod inquires as to whether he fails to catch plane.

Paragi requests that Sanjay go with family as she can go without anyone else. Vinod requests that Sanjay drop Paragi and afterward arrive at air terminal. Sanjay expresses his gratitude to Paragi for keeping his dignity and arriving at the temple on time. Together, they pray. Sanjay declares that he will separate after dropping her outside the temple. She walks out holding his hand and declares that they will reunite in a few days.

When Shiva steals the keys with a magnet, Chandana is busy reading holy scripture while putting the keys to the cupboard aside. Paragi wallks towards camp reasoning everybody probably arrived at the air terminal at this point. Sanjay strolls to her. He inquires as to for what reason didn’t he go as everybody should be hanging tight for him at air terminal. He says her affection didn’t let him go. He lifts and sentiments her with Haan Simple Paas Tum Raho, Jaane Ki Baat Na Karo.. tune. She then laughs when she realizes it was just her imagination.

Chandna’s file is taken by Shiva and Anshul. Paragi gets back to her camp. Batra stops his car and tells her that he has two good and bad news for her. The good news is that he is leaving because his tenure as a guest lecturer is over, and the bad news is that they will meet soon in the real world to finish many tasks together.

Paragi hopes she will never see his face again and believes she is preparing for real challenges. Paragi finishes her training after three months, earning the title of best student. Clapping is given to her by everyone. She chants Jai Hind as she swears allegiance to the nation and swears to serve it selflessly. She was just Paragi Pathak three months ago and is now IAS Paragi Pathak, who will return to her family, she said with tears in her eyes.

Sanjay celebrates hearing the news and kissing Paragi’s pic invites her sack. He prepares briskly to meet her. A song called “Deewana Dil Deewana” plays in the background. Paragi additionally envisions Rumi as Sanjay and embraces her. Sushma and Pramod look on in disbelief as Sanjay dances around the house. As Paragi heads home in the taxi, she imagines Sanjay riding a bike and wonders when she will arrive. Child and Pramod vent out their dissatisfaction knocking about Paragi to the surprise of no one.

When Paragi gets home, she hands Sanjay her trophy and declares that he won. He embraces her inwardly. She says she missed him a ton, he was her help and this prize has a place with him. Saluting her, Sanjay gives her a forehead kiss.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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