Staying True 28 May 2023 Update On Sunday

Remaining valid on zee world Sunday 28th may 2023 update, Chandana cheerfully examines with her significant other’s photograph that their little girl Paragi has turned into an IAS official and is posted in Bhopal as SDM, so she is setting up her number one great. Atul observed her hiding and informed Shiva that Paragi’s three months of training were a silence before the storm, which will soon arrive. Shiva tells Atul that Chandna flipped her side unexpectedly early and when she learns about their protection trick, she will make Paragi as top of the house.

Sanjay drives his car toward home with Paragi. Because she is eager to meet her family, Paragi asks him to drive quickly. He asks her to walk home from the stopped car at the beginning of the lane because he thinks she will be surprised by her welcome. She strolls toward home when neighbors laurel and welcome her.

She is greeted by Vinod, who plays the drum for her. Chandna strolls in next playing drum holding her better half’s photograph. When he sees that, Paragi gets emotional. A song called Kehta Ye Pal Khud Se Nikal plays in the background. She touches Vinod’s feet and shows her mother her trophy. She is asked by Vinod to get her mother’s blessing first. Paragi says that Chandna has fulfilled papa’s dream as he touches her feet. She receives congratulations and best wishes from her neighbors.

Paragi inquires whether Maa or Sushma did not arrive. He gestures no. She declares that she will meet Maa even if she is absent. Next, Sanjay plays the drum. Chandna requests that Paragi proceed to give her prize to her MIL. Vinod says Chandna made such countless game plans and arranged feast for Paragi. Chandna says she will pack food and send it to her home, Paragi ought to initially go to her MIL and take her gifts. Paragi dashes for the house.

When Paragi gets home, he says, “She completed her training and became an IAS officer.” He then touches Sushma’s feet. Sushma compliments her and attempts to leave. Paragi says she got congrats from neighbors and needs favors from darlings. Sushma says she came here as a bahu, however presently has become IAS official and ought to pay attention to her recommendation.

She promotes the moral principle that a woman’s work should not interfere with her home; She is neither happy nor sad about her appointment as IAS, but Sanjay’s life shouldn’t be negatively impacted by her work. Paragi says she really want not stress as she will make an honest effort and won’t acknowledge rout. Sushma trusts she does so or probably it would be terrible for her. When Paragi hears that, she looks sad.

They are heard by Vinod and Sanjay. Sushma is confronted by Vinod. Sanjay stops him and tells him that they’ve been trying to change Maa for three months and shouldn’t upset Paragi because she just came home. He is asked by Vinod to focus on Paragi and let him take care of Sushma. Paragi goes into her room and sees another rack. He keeps her prize on the rack.

She inquires about how he knew she would win. She says he believes his wife to be the best. She claims that she married him, moved into his home, and now considers it her world. When Pramod’s son enters, he becomes enamored with her and is about to kiss her. Sanjay lashes out. Brother says Tauji is calling to talk about the party tonight. Sanjay rekindles his romance. He is pushed by Paragi, who runs away timidly.

Sanjay wakes up the following morning and does not find Paragi in bed; believes papa’s party lasted all night and he was unable to communicate with Paragi property. He recollects its valentine’s day and peruses Paragi’s note to prepare soon and get into stopping region. He assumes he needed to amaze her, however she is astonishing him.

He gets ready and walks to the parking area, where he finds #Sangi written between a flower and a heart. Paragi says she wants to say I love you because she remembers their first Valentine’s Day. He also says he loves you. A vehicle drives in stops on bloom heart.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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