Staying True 30 May 20223 Update On Tuesday

Remaining valid on zee world Tuesday 30th May 2023 update, Paragi prepares, strolls close to vehicle, takes Vinod’s endowments, and simply welcomes Sushma, Pramod, and Child. Due to frequent jams at the front door, the driver asks her to sit in the back. Sanjay opens the door for her and tells her that he was afraid of his wife because of her swag. He asks her to come back soon because he wants to take her out tonight.

She enthusiastically accepts and drives away. Sanjay is so proud of his wife that he believes it. Paragi gets close to home experience vehicle ride and says she is fortunate to have such a decent spouse. Driver says anyway free disapproved of a spouse is, he won’t ever open a vehicle entryway for his better half. Paragi claims that her husband is special.

Vinod calls Sanjay into his study room and tells him that despite his upbringing and good heart, they live in a society where everyone thinks differently. Sanjay claims that he was confused.

Vinod claims that he is pleased to see his son honor his wife by opening the car door for her, but society will attempt to poison his mind and label him a joru ka ghulam; He should not attempt to respond to them but rather demonstrate to them how to transform themselves. Sanjay expresses his gratitude to him and promises to always heed his counsel. Vinod says his recommendation will constantly accompany him, yet he can’t meddle a lot of between a couple;

By pointing his aunt and mother in the wrong direction, Sanjay demonstrated bravery, and he should never hesitate to distinguish between right and wrong. Sanjay asserts that there is a fine line between right and wrong, and he frequently requires papa’s assistance. Vinod claims to be extremely happy for his son.

Paragi arrives at DM’s office. She receives a standing ovation from the guards. She enters office checking every thing out.

Her subordinate illuminates her that DM will reach in at some point, she can assume responsibility for her lodge till then. When Paragi reaches her cabin, she smiles as she examines her nameplate.

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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