Staying True 6 May 2023 Update On Saturday

In keeping with the update that was made to Zee World on Saturday, May 6, 2023, the episode begins with Chanda asking Paragi (Rumi) to make Gulshan wear the ring. Chanda is halted by Parashar. Samdhi ji’s mother inquires about Gulshan’s situation. Parashar says he wants to sing a song with her today and is very happy. He sings the song while sitting and playing the harmonium. Chanda considers his current situation. The mother of Gulshan requests that her husband learn something from Samdhi ji.

Sanju received this test for this milkman’s daughter, Pramod informs his wife. According to his wife, she cannot compete with Sanju. Rumi is held in Gulshan’s hand. Rumi disarms herself. She yells and gets up as she tries to move on after he touches her waist and shoulder. Gulshan holds her hand. Everybody stands up. Rumi figures what will happen now. Chanda pulls out her sehra as she looks at Rumi. It shocks everyone to see Rumi taking Paragi’s place. Parashar says you are here? Rumi, says Aditi.

Chanda inquires where Paragi is. Shiva believes that real drama will now occur. Chanda lets Parashar know that now she comprehends, why he was singing tune for Samdhan ji. She inquires where Paragi is. Exam writing is Paragi. Mayank requests that Parashar tell where could Paragi be?

Gulshan claims that I know where she is. He promises to go there, get her back, and get her to commit to me. Chanda claims that even I will accompany you. Rumi believes that Paragi won’t be able to finish her exam if Tai ji goes there. She calls Sanjay. Sanjay inquires as to whether all is great. Rumi informs Tai ji and Gulshan that they left to bring Paragi back, and she requests that he take action to stop them.

Gulshan declares that he must instruct Paragi today. On the bike, Chanda is behind him. He speeds up and crashes into the truck. He yells at the driver of the truck. The truck driver reveals that Sanjay is his owner. He messages Sanjay that he has halted them. Sanjay believes that he will remove all of her problems. Chanda walks up to Paragi and takes his hand. Paragi states that there is only one more question. Chanda is stopped by the professor. Chanda reprimands him and takes steps to slap him. Chanda is informed by Sanjay that she can understand.

She tells him to get out of her way. According to Pramod, this is the best coaching institute, not a market. Chanda claims that you owe 5 lakhs in fees. He claims to be my Chachu, Sanjay. Chanda ridicules Pramod and claims that you caused our daughter to write the exam and provoked her. She declares that she will begin tandav here if he does not depart from her path. She affronts Pramod further. Pramod asserts that you are unable to comprehend anything due to your low IQ. She says I am well-versed. Pramod declares that anyone may be taken.

Chanda claims that you wanted her to take a fictitious exam. He claims that we did not kidnap anyone and is offering your daughter the opportunity to receive a free scholarship at Sanju’s insistence. He asks Sanju to wait until he will be slammed. Chanda asks Paragi to accompany her as she yells at Sanju. There, Gulshan arrives. Paragi says last inquiry is remaining. Gulshan holds Paragi’s hand and expresses accompany me. Paragi responds no. She is then taken there by Gulshan and Chanda. Pramod tears up her response sheet. He proceeds after throwing it to the ground. Sanjay examines Paragi’s ripped response sheet. Paragi is pushed to the ground when Chanda brings her home. She inquires, “How dare you do this?

” Gulshan’s mother makes fun of their upbringing while announcing that she has sent her kundali to be examined. She comes from the picture frame and asks if your deceased father will apologize. Chanda says you have consistently destroyed our regard, however I will make you regard them. She requests that Paragi overlay her hands and apologize to everybody. Gulshan’s mom says this young lady is so difficult. Paragi is asked to apologize by Aditi.

Chanda offers them her apologies. What are you doing, Parashar? Chanda chides him. Paragi straightens her shoulders and responds, “I’m sorry I went to write the exam in secret; I have no other choice.” She says I’m sorry, but I don’t feel sorry for writing the test. She says UPSC is my fantasy and the present test was the most vital move towards my fantasy.

She says that I have to take all of these steps in my life, so I’m apologizing to you all right now. She asserts that UPSC is my dream and that I will endure all insults and humiliation to obtain it; she acknowledges that she may also receive your slaps, but she is unable to avoid UPSC.

Gulshan’s mother asks who will allow him to study in our home, and she says that I was in charge of the house and that even your sister will be in charge. She claims that you will not become an officer and that only men and not women work outside at our location. Paragi wipes her tears and says Aunt ji I realize that it had not occurred in your times, and says in the present times, it does work out and says somebody allowed me to clear UPSC. Who asks Gulshan’s mother? Paragi says Gulshan ji.

Paragi letting Gulshan’s mother know that someone let her study for the UPSC. Who asks Gulshan’s mother? Paragi thanks Gulshan by mentioning his name. Gulshan is asked by his mother what she is saying. Paragi reiterates her gratitude to Gulshan for supporting her dream, describing you as a wonderful person, and she thanks him repeatedly. She claims that she will receive the scholarship if I receive one. Gulshan thinks what befell her, assuming that she is upto something.

Pramod advises the representative to distribute the outcomes alongside the competitors photographs and says media eyes are on this test. Sanjay shows Paragi’s paper when he arrives there. Pramod inquires if he has forgotten his insult and claims that you brought it and taped it. Paragi is offered a chance by Sanjay.

She is extremely fortunate that he is supporting her, Paragi says. Romi says Gulshan ji is supporting Paragi, it is great. Parashar acclaims Gulshan. Sanjay tries to persuade Paragi by telling him that he will get the chance. Paragi, says Gulshan. Paragi claims that you instructed me to keep it a secret, but I believe I will not conceal it. Parashar says I was unable to get great husband to be like you for Paragi. Rumi claims that I now adore Jija ji.

Pramod is asked by Sanjay to let Paragi study. Pramod inquires if you can see anyone else but that girl. Sanjay claims that she has left her ring ceremony and arrived here to take the test, so you can’t see her efforts. He says she has shown fortitude, we will show genuineness. He tells him that she has the same talent as me and asks him to check her paper once. Pramod takes her paper and goes. Sanjay says I realize that you have composed this test with such a lot of trouble and I will assist you with accomplishing it.

The visitor acclaims Gulshan for his viewpoints. We’ll carry out the engagement, Asul promises. Paragi gives Gulshan a look. Chanda asks Shiva to bring the plate and takes Paragi and Gulshan to sit on the chair. The rings come from Shiva. Paragi is asked to force Chanda to wear the ring. Parashar’s words and Paragi’s dream come back to her. Gulshan raises his hand with a grin. He is made to wear the ring by Paragi. Everyone applauds.

Sanjay is pleased to arrive there and witness Paragi’s engagement to Gulshan. Gulshan makes her wear ring. Paragi takes a gander at Sanjay who is weepy eyes. A sad song, “Sochliya tu khwab hai mera,” plays, shocking him, and he leaves. Paragi is staring at Gulshan. Paragi believes that I got engaged to Gulshan to avoid the marriage of my sister, but I will follow my dreams. Leave for Gulshan’s family.

Gulshan has not returned home. Shiva inquires whether he can leave without meeting Paragi. Paragi is told by Gulshan that she is very clever, even though she appears innocent. According to him, you got what you wanted. She claims that you have begun the game by combining exam and engagement times. She claims that you have chosen an UPSC candidate who is prepared for the theory and viva examinations. She informs Gulshan that she will be married to Gulshan Dubey.

He tells her to forget her dreams and says you couldn’t write your test completely. He claims that I am not UPSC but your dream. There, Sanjay introduces the sweets box. He congratulates Gulshan before forcing laddoo down his throat. He also wants Paragi to eat it. Sanjay responds “yes” to Paragi’s question and displays the scholarship certificate. Paragi grins seeing it. Sanjay tells Paragi that she has the highest scholarship test score, and he tells her to hold a pen instead of this ring.

He requests that she toss ring at Gulshan’s face and requests that she conclude what she needs to do. He asks her once more to remove the ring from her finger and tells her that her childhood goals of passing the UPSC exam will not be fulfilled by marriage. He asks her if she believes this man will fulfill her dream and encourages her to end their engagement and focus on her goal. Paragi asserts that because my family has selected Gulshan ji for me, I cannot accomplish this, but I am capable of balancing my home and dreams. She asserts that I will completely manage my education and marriage.

Sanjay goes to his bicycle. Paragi says gulshan ji realizes that I won’t wed, until I complete my schooling. Do you believe Sanjay will permit you to study? Gulshan tells him to contact me with your coaching schedule. Sanjay says bye, sees Gulshan holding Paragi effectively in the mirror taken by somebody and blows up. In his rage, he breaks the mirror and hurts his hand.

He then apologizes and pays the money for the broken mirror. He wears his protective cap and goes. Paragi wonders why he is concerned; what is the cause? I’ll find out.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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